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QSLs Received / Re: Mustang Radio QSL
« on: March 23, 2014, 1815 UTC »
Received eQSL's for both evenings here! Broadcast was 300 watts into an inverted v. Very pleased to get these.....THANKS HERMAN!!! I enjoyed the programs very much and look forward to future broadcasts!

I believe that we should take what we can get in regards to shortwave broadcasters! I was really pleased with the courteous reply from Andy in regards to my report to Horizon. It was prompt and he seemed truly enthusiastic about his endeavor. I treasure the QSL regardless of the alleged retransmission of an internet based stream via a home brew shortwave transmitter possibly located in the British Isles or Ireland.
Horizon and Atlantic FM are both part of "922Media". (The link is http://www.922media.es/page2.html)
 If someone wants to send a snail mail report or inquiry to Islas Canarias, here is the address....maybe that might settle the matter, but for me I'm happy with Horizon FM just being on the shortwave band!
Horizon FM
Apartado De Correos 150
38626 Valle San Lorenzo

0215 UTC with Mission Impossible loop and either peskies or something else co-channel. 6925 very weak here.
Signal really picked up around 0225 UTC....fairly good copy now! Thanks for the show Renegade..you had us wondering for awhile!
0248 UTC Op giving shoutouts to RCCI, Markokpik, maybe others....fades make copy tough....signal still above noise level  here.

Hearing music here at S3 at 0045 UTC tune in. Another tune at 0048 sounds like a slow polka or maybe Dutch music?
0054 UTC Man announcer with talkover and Powerliner ID...thanks Chris L for the confirmation on the ID!
Music and announcer just above the noise level...would be really nice except for the static crashes...program of Dutch pop tunes...sent them an email. Announcer likes to chat on the radio between songs!
0117 UTC "White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane!!! Is this the same station I tuned into? This was followed by "God Only Knows"-Beach Boys
Eric Burdon, Hollies, and Kinks....the static crashes from the local storm are making my ears bleed! Thanks for the show tonight Powerliner....I assume that is still you, as I can hear you talking but can't make out what you're saying.

Solid S9+ here during checks with Radio Metallica Worldwide ID at 0021, lots of echo effects and stuff....slick!
Off at 0028 UTC

Just got done sending a reception report to Mustang a little while ago and now he's booming in again here at S8 tune in around2317 UTC with instrumental tune and shoutout to EE, into Radar Love, then Pinball Wizard, Walk This Way, Share the Land. Two nights in a row we get a show from the Netherlands! Thanks Mustang!!!
Thanks for the shoutout!
2350 UTC "Never Been Any Reason"-Head East.....GREAT TUNE!
Tunes by Queen, Rush, Traffic....and some more shoutouts to Evil Elvis!!!
0008 UTC S8 here above the noise with David Bowie-"Space Oddity"...long time no hear!
Hey Mustang...thanks for another shoutout!!! I'm still here listening...
Off at 0038 UTC...come back soon Mustang!!!Great reception tonight here.

An interesting xmsn heard here at S3 from 1127-1152 UTC with brief snippets of songs, some only a few seconds and some a minute or more! Either someone was testing or this was the abbreviated form of the broadcast! No operator talk at any time that I could hear. Reception details as follows:
1127 UTC "Magnet & Steel"-Walter Egan
1128 UTC "Amos Moses"-Jerry Reed
1131 UTC "Fox On the Run"-Sweet
1132 UTC "Hot Rod Lincoln"-Commander Cody
1134 UTC "Michelle" (cover version?)
1135 UTC "I Love You More Today(Than Yesterday)-Spiral Staircase
1136 UTC Monkey Love?
1137 UTC Unid song
1138 UTC Unid song
1139 UTC "Hollywood Swinging"-Kool & the Gang
1143 UTC Unid song
1144 UTC "Color Him Father"-The Winstons
1146 UTC "Smile A Little Smile For Me"-Flying Machine
1149 UTC Unid song
1150 UTC "Toast and Marmelade For Tea"-Tin Tin
1151 UTC Unid song
1152 UTC Unid song
{That was the last fragment of music that I could hear...possibly signed off at this time. THANKS FOR THE EARLY SATURDAY MORNING SHOW!!! It was a good musical exercise to ID most of these songs that I grew up listening to! I would be happy to receive a QSL for this if you are so inclined. Signal was a solid S3 above the noise here with almost no fading and no interference. Regards!}

PS:Audio Quality of the music was very clean....dead air between musical snippets...

QSLs Received / Re: Smash Radio QSL
« on: March 22, 2014, 0017 UTC »
Got mine just minutes after yours! Thank you very much indeed DJ Meltdown! Hope to hear you again soon!

Tuned in at 2218 UTC to an S3+ signal here with Rock and Pop tunes with man announcer between. Still light here.
Signal better than Horizon FM which is on 6245 KHZ tonight.
2230 UTC "Suspicious Minds"-Elvis Presley
Thanks for the ID DimBulb!!! New one for me here!
2236 UTC "Heart of Glass"-Blondie(Op talkover briefly during song)
Signal getting better as sunset approaches...brief burst of Utility QRM
2242 UTC "Radar Love"-Golden Earring
{Heard shoutouts to Evil Elvis and Jon M so far...}
Been listening all this time...signal not as good as early...the noise crept in but still above the noise...awesome show Mustang!!! Good taste in music....
0025 UTC "What's Going On"...signal has settled down again Mustang! Loud and clear!
0040 UTC Off after a few "bye bye's" during dance tune

Hard rock music here at 2348 UTC at S5 through a high noise floor. Off at 2350 UTC?
Back on at 2358 UTC with "Let It Ride"-BTO
0001 UTC ID...The Crystal Ship
{Either the relay is having xmtr problems, or the prop is really crummy tonight! I have an S3 band noise level here}
0006 UTC "You Got Another Thing Coming"-Judas Priest
0012 UTC...signal now S9 and much clearer!
Appreciate the show tonight Poet!(Tip of the hat to the relay too!)
0016 UTC ID's aplenty...
0020 UTC "Do It Again"-Becker & Fagen & Company

Got that here now...thought it was Liquid with frequency drift! 0034 UTC

Can hear music weakly at threshold level at 0024 UTC.

Hearing music now at 2348 UTC with fairly solid S6 and what sounds like wierdness, into Thrash punk tune at 2352 UTC.
{I posted this as UNID and 2 others also posted, so I removed mine and reposted here!}
Other than the ID's, PO Box address, and the punk music, I can't make heads nor tails of this madness....excellent! Nice audio too...
I've had this at 6925.1 since 2348 UTC
Off at 0016 UTC after ID
{Thanks for a cerebral lift tonight Pseudo Radio! Been a bad day I needed the chaos to straighten out a bad case of optirectumitis!}

Rock solid S8 here on 6925.1 KHZ at 2237 UTC tune-in with esoteric mix of tunes and long chats between songs. Very professional sounding relayed by?
2237 UTC Unusual sounding percussion/slow rap song
2241 UTC chat about the UK, Laser Hot Hits, man smuggling radio recordings out of North Korea on USB sticks
2246 UTC Song-"Rhododendron" from North Korea
2250 UTC Op Id'd last song and more chat with ID
2301 UTC ID..."This is Radio Underground International" and mention of Philadelphia and relay
2306 UTC Song...sounded like some kind of unusual Folk song from some unknown country!
2312 UTC Op with chat about the UK free radio scene...mentioned Radio Merlin and other stuff{I'm getting increasing pescadores QRM now, but RUI still S8 with very little fading and well above band noise.
2324 UTC with email address for QSL radioundergroundsw@gmail.com
2328 UTC signed off

Hi Frans!! Deep fades here but peaking at S6 here at 1631 UTC tune-in with a Johnny Cash sounding tune, ID at 1633, into techno dance music with your voiceover and a shoutout to dsnyder...nice clean audio but the fades are deep. Nice to hear you during the day! Will listen in for awhile before it's time for Corned Beef & Cabbage with the family!
1641 UTC with Pop tune and voiceovers
1645 UTC Guitar Folk tune...thanks for the shoutout!!!
1648 UTC mention of 21460 into an older tune by lady singer
1652 UTC Signal powering in now...S9!!! "In Heaven There is no Beer"
(Signal has settled down now to S5 peaks with periodic deep fades...great audio with the voice and the music...1701 UTC signal dropped down to just above the noise floor, but quite audible during the instrumental tune}
1703 UTC Signal dropped down a bit, but it's nice to hear some Rock & Roll after the Burt Kaempfert tunes!
1706 UTC Signal dropped some more...popping in and out of the noise floor now. If I didn't know any better, I would guess you are changing the power output!
THANKS FOR THE SHOW FRANS!!! Time for Skipmuck to enjoy the yearly Irish traditional dinner with the family....Cheers!

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