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0048 UTC Mostly above the noise here with unid music-OM singer. Light fading and audio sounds nice on the peaks.
0050 UTC YL speaking now, but nada on the copy, then OFF

0020 UTC Unid rock tune solid above the noise with excellent USB audio
0109 UTC Thunder Chicken live on the microphone! Thanks for the entertainment OM...The audio is sounding really fine this evening!
0120 UTC OM with "Remember now...more rock and less talk" followed by TCR closing announcment and OFF

Thanks for the tunes TCR!

2306 UTC Zeke on the microphone yelling at the co-channel QRMer

QSLs Received / Radio Clandestine relay via TRI eQSL
« on: March 10, 2023, 2230 UTC »
Thanks for the fast QSL! Radio Clandestine was my favorite pirate of the 1980'! Much appreciated!

2210 UTC Just signed on with R F Burns with ID's, into "Happy Jack"-The Who
2214 UTC Unid song
S9 signal well above the noise with light fading and excellent audio
2218 UTC "Eighteen"-Alice Cooper
2221 UTC R F Burns chat, into faux advertisements "Unisex Stereos" and "Canned Leftovers"
2225 UTC Radio Clandestine ID, into unid song
2228 UTC "Fat Bottom Girls"-Queen
(Also received a warp speed eQSL!)
2231 UTC "Her Strut"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
2235 UTC R F Burns DJ chat, followed by some kind of dog related skit and a song about Dog Doo?
2242 UTC R F Burns, into unid song...sounds like Iggy Pop & Stooges?
2247 UTC "Radio Radio"-Elvis Costello
(Getting some QRM now on 6925....peskies or possibly another station?)
2256 UTC OFF

Thanks for bringing back some great memories of pirate radio in the 1980's! RIP R F Burns....

QSLs Received / Re: NAPRS BBC Top 20 eQSL 9 Mar 2023
« on: March 10, 2023, 1733 UTC »
Also received mine for this blast from the past...great tunes! THANK YOU NAPRS!

Here also at 0216 UTC fading in and out of the noise....very nice audio!
0220 UTC Different song now...don't recognize it....
0223 UTC OM then YL with spoken word.
0249 UTC OFF

Tuned in at 0151 UTC to one song ending and then an unid indie rock tune with OM singers and a long lead guitar section
0200 UTC Zeke on the microphone, then OFF?

0114 UTC Tuned in to "Hells Bells"-AC/DC
0116 UTC Crusher on the microphone with shoutouts
0118 UTC More AC/DC
0122 UTC Crusher chatting with "Nuttin on Shortwave" ID and shoutouts! "Beaming to New England from Milwaukee"
0124 UTC "Honey What Do You Do For Money"-AC/DC
0131 UTC Crusher is in a Beautiful Saloon in Milwaukee
0133 UTC I think Crusher said this is one for me?
0137 UTC "Nuttin On Shortwave", into "Back In Black-AC/DC
0141 UTC ID...beaming to New England...don't know where the other bums are..."Thirsty Thursday"
0143 UTC Short bit of Radio Botswana cowbells! Followed by some funky music

Thanks for the show Crusher!

0035 UTC On sudden with a British accented OM then music
0037 UTC OM ID'd the last song as by Cliff Richard, followed by "The First of May"-Bee Gees
0040 UTC OM with "First time in the Top 20", followed by a song by Cilla Black
0043 UTC OM with "Number 3", into unid song OM singer
0047 UTC OM with "BBC World Service", followed by "If I Can Dream"-Elvis Presley
0050 UTC OM chat, into unid tune-YL singer
0054 UTC OM with "That was Sandy Shaw", followed by a rundown of the Top 20
0055 UTC "Where Do You Go to My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt
0100 UTC OM chat, into "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-Marvin Gaye
0104 UTC OM with ID for BBC, short bit of previous song, then OFF

Thanks for the 1969 British countdown relayer! Classic year for great tunes!
Here's my recording of the show:

0109 UTC Unid funky R&B tune solid above the noise (Lyrics about "Ride the white pony")
0114 UTC Pigs Knuckles on the microphone, into "Cisco Kid"-War
0119 UTC PK with DJ chat, into "Hold On, I'm Coming"-Sam & Dave
0122 UTC PK chat including ID, into "Green Onions"-Booker T & MG's
0124 UTC PK, then "Psycho Killer"-Talking Heads
(Sounding good PK!)
0130 UTC PK with DJ chat..."I'm not really a pirate...I poked myself in the eye", into "Barroom Blitz"-The Sweet
0134 UTC PK chat, into "Seminole Wind"-John Anderson
0139 UTC PK with shoutouts to the posters on the HFU...thanks PK!
0140 UTC "Mighty Quinn"-Manfred Mann (A tip of the hat to myteaquinn!)
0143 UTC PK chat, into "Papa's on the House Top"-Leeroy Carr
0146 UTC PK chat, into "Nickel Song"-Melanie
0150 UTC PK chat, into "Take the Skinheads Bowling"-Camper Van Beethoven
0153 UTC PK chat, into "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"-Tokens
0156 UTC PK chat, into "Banana Boat"-Harry Belafonte
0159 UTC PK chat "running the audio right into the USB"...'A pirates life is tough" (Can't find the song!)
0200 UTC A song I've heard but don't recall the name...
0203 UTC PK chat, into "Fly Me to the Moon"-Frank Sinatra
0206 UTC PK chat, into "They're Coming to Take Me Away"-Napolean XIV
0208 UTC PK chat..."Pigs Knuckles signing off, over and out"

Thanks for the Wednesday night entertainment PK!

2250 UTC "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"-Rolling Stones (S9 peaks with light selective fading....very nice audio)
2257 UTC "Killer Queen"-Queen
2300 UTC YL with "India Oscar November...This is ION Radio", then OFF

0056 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer (Solid above the noise with good bottom end on the audio)
0059 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
0134 UTC The Underdog Theme song...maybe not? Per Asylum chat, the song was "Ride of the Valkyries"

0034 UTC Sounded like Led Zeppelin, but the music is battling it out with high noise, followed by Easypal and SSTV...no luck decoding the SSTV
0039 UTC OM....and chickens? Maybe Thunder Chicken Radio?
0040 UTC OFF
(Audio did not sound like TCR....)

0000 UTC Ice cream truck music, with children talking and dogs barking
0003 UTC OM with "Radio Ice Cream" ID, the YL with same over unid music
(Thanks CT-Yankee! Date and time fixed.....)
0011 UTC "Round and Round"-Ratt?
0013 UTC "Highway to Hell"-AC/DC
0028 UTC OM with ID and postal QSL from Belfast NY mail drop, into "Ice Cream Man"-Van Helen
0030 UTC OFF

Thanks for a second scoop of Radio Ice Cream!

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