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1617 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins (S9 with light fading...sounding good Good Times Radio!)
1620 UTC OM wishing everybody a Happy Memorial Day from Good Times Radio, followed by "Hooked On a Feeling"-Blue Swede
1623 UTC "Saturday In the Park"-Chicago
1627 UTC "Feeling Stronger Every Day"-Chicago
1631 UTC OFF

Thanks for the holiday Ooga Chaka fix Good Times Radio!

1104 UTC OM speaking with music...S7 here with moderate fading and a bit of a buzzing electrical sound
1107 UTC Batman theme song and later in the song a vocalist (different song?)
1113 UTC A rather odd song of indeterminate genre
1115 UTC OFF after the last bit of music
1117 UTC Back on again with some distorted audio (OM with unid song)
1120 UTC OM talking..."All Batman Show", then OFF again
1122 UTC Batman theme again...still distorted
1124 UTC Carrier with a hum and very weak audio
1126 UTC OFF again

Thanks for the eye opener to go with the coffee! I wish you the best of luck finding the problem!

0032 UTC Air raid sirens just above the noise floor
0034 UTC Sounds like a WW2 era song
0036 UTC OM DJ, followed by another WW2 era song
0041 UTC Sirens again
0042 UTC OM followed by Scottie2 SSTV
(Looks like the old Civil Defense logo)

0055 UTC Outhouse Radio ID, followed by "Roll Over Beethoven"-Chuck Berry
0103 UTC "Blue Suede Shoes"
0109 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

Thanks for bringing back the memories of growing up in the late 50's/early 60's!

0015 UTC Signal is right at or just barely above the noise here...hard to tell the genre of music
0026 UTC Song playing now has vocals-OM singer
0028 UTC Either faded deeper into the noise, or QRT'd?

QSLs Received / Radio Clandestine via TRI eQSL 28 MAY 2023
« on: May 28, 2023, 1443 UTC »
Thanks TRI! I didn't think my weak posting was deserving of such a fine eQSL, but I'll take it!  :)

1415 UTC Unid rock song just above the noise here
1424 UTC RF Burns with ID...somewhere off the North American coast
1431 UTC OFF

Thanks for the morning eye opener!

0309 UTC "Dream Weaver"-Gary Wright (S9 with excellent audio on 6960 USB)
0320 UTC Kenneth with DJ chat
0324 UTC Kenneth with a "Good Night", followed by unid instrumental music
0330 UTC OFF

0153 UTC Sounds like a rockabilly tune-OM singer (S6 peaks amidst a high noise level...audio is excellent)
0159 UTC OM with an ID that I didn't catch, followed by a Doo Wop song-OM singer
0204 UTC OM with "Automated Voice Identification Radio" ID

0259 UTC OM with ID, followed by an instrumental song that has long defied attempts at IDing  :-\ followed by repeated ID's, then OFF at 0303 UTC

Kicking back and loving the old rock n roll!  :)
Thanks for the rockabilly roundup!

0114 UTC "The Killing Moon"-Echo & The Bunnymen (Solid S9+ here with excellent audio)
0118 UTC OM with "WTF" ID
0152 UTC Off after what I guess is the official WTF Interval Signal  8)

0000 UTC S9+10 here with unid 20's skiffle song
0009 UTC "California Sun"-" Rivieras? Doesn't sound like them...
0011 UTC "California Girls"-Beach Boys (S9+20!)
0014 UTC "California Dreamin"-Mamas & Papas
0017 UTC "I Got to Get to California"-Marvin Gaye
0019 UTC "Coming in to Los Angeles"Arlo Guthrie
0022 UTC "Going to California"-Led Zeppelin
0026 UTC "California"-Joni Mitchell
0030 UTC "Heartattack and Vine"-Tom Waits
0035 UTC "I Love LA"-Randy Newman
(Next song with lyrics "Down In LA")?
0043 UTC Lyrics "Back In LA"
0048 UTC "California"-Tom Petty
0051 UTC "I Remember California"-R.E.M.

0247 UTC Unid R&B tune just above the noise
0253 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer

0313 UTC "Whip It"-Devo
0316 UTC "Tom Sawyer"-Rush
0321 UTC "Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)-Neil Young & Crazy Horse  8)
0329 UTC PD50 SSTV

0335 UTC "Fat Bottom Girls"-Unid cover version

0356 UTC I hear peskies on the frequency

0405 UTC Signal is mostly in the noise now

0140 UTC "Lady Willpower"-Gary Puckett & Union Gap (S9+ peaks with moderate fading and excellent audio)
0200 UTC "Lady"-Styx
0206 UTC "Foxy Lady"-Jimi Hendrix
0210 UTC "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
0220 UTC "Lay Lady Lay"-Bob Dylan
0228 UTC "Lady Marmalade"-Labelle
0235 UTC "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)"-Aerosmith

0137 UTC Unid indie rock tune (S9 peaks with light fading and solid above the noise)
0138 UTC Unid indie pop tune-OM vocals
0150 UTC Thanks for the shoutout DJDW! I was at an early holiday get together and was indeed late for the party!
0151 UTC OFF

0133 UTC "Treat Her Like A Lady"-Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
(Signal varying widely with S8 peaks, moderate fading, and high noise level)

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