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0209 UTC Mr Sycko with ID, into what sounds like "The Confessor"-Joe Walsh?
0216 UTC "Moving In Stereo"-The Cars
(S7 peaks here with moderate fading amidst a lot of noise...excellent audio)
0221 UTC Signal at noise level now with "Life of Illusion"-Joe Walsh
0229 UTC "Lonely Is the Night"-Billy Squier (Signal back up to nice level)
0235 UTC I have the carrier but no audio
0240 UTC I am hearing music right at the noise floor

0125 UTC Unid rock song (S8 peaks amidst moderate noise and occasional ute blasts)
0127 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer sounds like David Bowie or maybe Iggy Pop?
0132 UTC Piano IS? Followed by "What's the Frequency Kenneth"-R.E.M.
0138 UTC OFF

Hmmm....maybe WTF?  :-\

The carrier was North American based per chat info...sorry for the mistaken Euro identity!

0044 UTC Hearing PK chatting now, but tough copy with all the T-storm crashes
0045 UTC "Low Rider"-War (S7 peaks with a bit of fading...excellent audio)
0048 UTC PK chatting...thanks for the shoutout!
0049 UTC "The Mighty Quinn"-Manfred Mann  8)
0052 UTC "Heart of Glass"-Blondie

0019 UTC Thrash metal music-OM singer (S7 peaks amidst the noise)

You can see their signal on my daily annotated waterfall of the 43 mb: https://radiohobbyist.org/waterfalls/23-24May2023.png

Sign on 2300 UTC, off at 0130 UTC.  Sweeping audio tones very clearly heard around 2336 UTC, played for some time. You can see this on the waterfall also.  Later, just a dead carrier, with a good signal level. No obvious audio.

Is this something that Zeppelin Radio is known to do? Also, the carrier frequency as almost exactly 6950, I see Zeppelin was noted with an offset frequency of 6954.9. Are we sure this was from Europe?

I was hoping that someone across the pond might have some knowledge to confirm there was a European based station on 6950 AM...I did detect what I thought was some undermodulated music on this, but it was only a few very weak and brief fade-ups.

0153 UTC OM narrating...talking about freedom...."search for truth regarding moral values"...
0155 UTC "Genesis of evil"...
0159 UTC "Theory of hygiene"
0200 UTC Mention of using data to analyze evil
(0206 UTC Signal dropped down to the noise floor...poor copy from here on)

I believe the narrator is referring to this book: Łobaczewski, Andrzej, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (Grande Prairie: Red Pill Press, 2006, ISBN 978-1-897244-25-8)

Suspect a Zeppelin.

I am hearing weak music on 6954.9 AM, which earlier today was posted in the Euro forum as Zeppelin.

0030 UTC I have a weak, but solid carrier across the pond...a few traces of threshold music. No luck on IDing the song during the short fade ups. Pretty sure this is European origin.
0045 UTC S6 peaks here now...very low modulation on the signal...imaginary level  :-\
0132 UTC Just checked back and it QRT'd sometime between 0123 and 0131 UTC.
Another mystery!

2328 UTC Unid 80's sounding tune, then OFF at 2329 UTC
2331 UTC Back on again with electronic music, pause, then on again/off again, etc
S8 here with light fading and light noise...sounds good!
0038 UTC "Another One Bites the Dust"-Queen
0041 UTC OFF

0300 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer (S6 peaks and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
0305 UTC OM speaking over instrumental music...tough copy
0306 UTC "Lunatic Fringe"-Tom Cochrane
0310 UTC OM giving a phone number..."The Mothership"
0311 UTC PD50 SSTV (A new one for me!), then OFF

Here's my recording:

0116 UTC Sycko chatting about Zeke jamming him on 6950

The 6974.9 carrier is a ute from Europe, this seemed to be a very brief test by a North American pirate.

Maybe it was Zeke before he slammed Sycko on 6950 USB

0029 UTC I have a weak carrier on 6974.9 AM...no detectable audio

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