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0148 UTC Unid folk song-OM singer "All I Can Do Is Love You" lyrics
0150 UTC "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army mix version with unid song with lyrics
(Signal is S9 but the static crashes are huge tonight)
0156 UTC Dogs howling, then OFF (Static crashes are a solid S7!)

0122 UTC Spoken word skit by OM (Signal is S8 amidst considerable static crashes, but good copy!)
0124 UTC Bram giving the latest (at the time) rumors and DXer dirt
0126 UTC "Albatross"-Fleetwood Mac
0130 UTC "Doctor Radio"
0134 UTC Azteca fanfare IS, then OM with "All Azteca relay service" ID and email address
0136 UTC Program Number 3 now
0200 UTC OM with All Azteca Relay Service ID...all Azteca all the time...email address allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com
0202 UTC OFF

0015 UTC Signed on just after ION Radio QRT'd. "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army and CW ID over the song
(S8 with light fading amidst the noise...excellent audio)
0018 UTC OM with "This is WDOG" over dogs barking, into "Hound Dog"-Elvis Presley
0020 UTC "Dog Food"-Iggy Pop
0022 UTC OM with ID and "dog themed radio show", into "Fall Dog Bombs the Moon"-David Bowie
0025 UTC OM with ID "WDOG shortwave", followed by "The Bitch Is Back"-Elton John
0029 UTC "Walking the Dog"-Aerosmith
0032 UTC DJ chat, followed by a song I forgot the name of-YL singer
0036 UTC DJ chat "you are the radio animal", into an Unid song-OM singer
0039 UTC "Black Dog"-Led Zeppelin
0043 UTC DJ chat "We're on this side of the Mississippi.....KDOG", followed by "Hey Bulldog"-Beatles
0046 UTC "Diamond Dogs"-David Bowie
0052 UTC Unid song "I Want A Dog"-YL singer
0055 UTC "Sick As A Dog"-Aerosmith
Kicking back and enjoying the show for a bit...I'm all posted out!
0115 UTC "I'm Like A Dog Without a Bone"-OM singer
0117 UTC "Bitch"-Rolling Stones

2330 UTC Music box melody (S9+ with excellent audio)
2332 UTC OM with "This is ION Radio", followed by unid India sounding tune
2338 UTC OM with ID, then a live OM with "Here's a song called Plush", followed by "Plush"-Stone Temple Pilots, then "Down By the Seaside"-Led Zeppelin
2347 UTC "Ship of Fools"-Robert Plant
2352 UTC YL with ID over "Who Are You", followed by an unid song with a bass drum beat-OM singer
0000 UTC "I Wish"-Stevie Wonder
0004 UTC I forgot the name of this one and also who did it
0011 UTC Ditto on this one  :(
0013 UTC YL with ID and email address...signing off
0014 UTC OFF

Thanks for the great playlist ION! Great signal here too!  :)

2327 UTC Soviet Anthem followed by DJDW and an indie rock tune-YL singer

2224 UTC Unid rock song-OM singers (S8 peaks with light fading and excellent audio...good song too!)
2227 UTC Unid jingle, then another Unid electronica sounding rock song-OM singer
2238 UTC YL with ID of sorts...mention of WTF Worldwide..."now worries, all is well"
2243 UTC OM with ID "WTF", followed by "Killing Moon"-Echo and the Bunnymen
2248 UTC WTF Worldwide singing jingle, followed by unid song-OM singer
2251 UTC Sound effects intro to an electronica darkwave rock song
2255 UTC YL with ID as AI darkwave generated program for WTF Worldwide..."work will not set you free", followed by an OM giving frequencies, into electronica darkwave rock music
2310 UTC YL with spoken word, including "Please relax and let AI do the work for you"
2314 UTC Radio Sweden IS and ID's over the music..."no worries all is well"...also over the song was the Radio Prague IS a few times, then another IS (Mayak?)
2320 UTC YL with WTF ID over the music
2322 UTC Radio Australia times and frequencies closing announcement, followed by Waltzing Matilda IS
2323 UTC OM with WTF ID, OM with Radio Australia ID, followed by the Kookaburra bid chirping and lastly an unid IS and ID
2325 UTC OFF

Really cool program with some great tunes that I need to look into...thanks WTF! That was awesome!  8)

QSLs Received / Re: Voice of OZ #8 - eQSL
« on: May 07, 2023, 1836 UTC »
Also received the same here! Thank you very much Howard E. Lyon, Voice of Oz, and the relayer!  :)

This entire thread belongs in the Group W forum, along with this related thread:

I'm not the one to play moral gatekeeper here....just the facts  ???

Listened to this for a bit...sounded like a few bars of carnival music as an Interval Signal followed by ID's as GoatF***er Radio. Ended with "Dancing With Mr. D"-Rolling Stones (didn't write down the time). OFF at 0233 UTC

Here's a recording of the IS/ID from 0220-0230 UTC...Rated R for profanity  ;D

0237 UTC Blues song-OM singer...sounds familiar
0243 UTC Leeroy on the microphone...."lets get on with this", into another slow blues tune

0256 UTC "Cold Shot"-Stevie Ray Vaughan
0325 UTC OM with "LeeRoy's House of Blues", followed by Scottie 2 SSTV

0337 UTC The static crashes are getting really bad now  :(
0349 UTC Signal up to S7 peaks now and well above the noise  :)
0352 UTC OM with ID and "you don't catch it, you don't see it", followed by Scottie 2 SSTV

0401 UTC "I'm A Man"-Bo Diddly? Request by Pigmeat

QSLs Received / WKFC eQSL 5 MAY 2023
« on: May 07, 2023, 0212 UTC »
Thank you very much WKFC! Great show and a finger licking good eQSL!

0203 UTC Zeke on the microphone with a profane rant against a co-channel jammer

Here's my recording from 0203-0213 UTC...Rated R for profanity  :-X

2352 UTC Unid Indie rock tune ending, followed by jingle ID, then funky indie tune-OM singer. Solid S8 here and sounding good!
0003 UTC Thanks for the shoutout DJDW! I'll take you up on the Waffle House! All we have around here is a place called "Wingz & Wafflez".
0111 UTC The jammer noted in recent weeks has started his childish nonsense again with siren like sound effects and stupid comments.

(Good evening McRadioface!)

2127 UTC Sounds like Leonard Nimoy narrating a story about Bigfoot. Signal is just above the noise but solid with S5 peaks
2133 UTC Off or faded out?

I recall this episode of "In Search Of" TV show from the late 1970's.

0155 UTC "9 to 5"-Sheena Easton (S9+ and sounding great as usual!)
0158 UTC "Mambo #5"-Lou Bega
0201 UTC "Hawaii Five-O"-Ventures
0203 UTC "Love Shack"-B-52's
0211 UTC "I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles)"-The Proclaimers
0220 UTC "57 Channels(And Nothin On)"-Bruce Springsteen
0222 UTC "I Can't Drive 55"-Sammy Hagar
0229 UTC SSTV(Forgot to turn on the app!)

High Fives to you tonight Ballsmacker!

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