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Sorry for the late posting! I had a major Windows update and it took a couple of hours to get things in working order! I did the old handwritten notes routine like the old days, as follows:
2235 UTC Unid piano music (Interval Signal?)
2237 UTC OM with ID and date...mention of "Live from ? station" and Prophecies of ? religion...American Apocalyptic Prophecy. OM synth DJ said "one of you may answer the call...it may even be Pigmeat"  8)
Then talk of What did Jesus mean to say to us...what did Jesus want to say to us...the word of Jesus is overlaid with human ballast...man made dogma...the church...spiritual tyranny over men
2255 UTC OM with ID, date, and "we are all behind enemy lines" followed by the piano music IS
2257 UTC OFF
The narrator seems to have been discussing the teachings of Jesus vs the dogma of organized religion. Signal was S7 with moderate noise, light fading, but pretty much 100% copy.

Thanks for the spiritual discourse 77LJS! Always an interesting broadcast!

QSLs Received / Radio Illuminati eQSL 27 AUG 2022
« on: June 13, 2023, 2020 UTC »
Thanks again Radio Illuminati! Each and every QSL is graciously appreciated!  :)

QSLs Received / KRAP eQSL 12 JUN 2023
« on: June 13, 2023, 1509 UTC »
Very pleased to have received this fine eQSL! Thank you KRAP and I look forward to any future shows you might send our way!  :)

Also received the same here! It is good to see you still kicking Dr Detroit and Radio Illuminati...I miss your always enjoyable shows! THANKS!  8)

0109 UTC OM with ID....NAPRS with relay of WSKY from 1992
0110 UTC Different OM now, with ID of WSKY and Wellsville postal address, then bongo music
0113 UTC Carrier seems to be a solid S9+ here, so assuming audio drop outs were in the original recording
0114 UTC "I Saw Her Standing There"-Beatles, then OM DJ chat
0115 UTC "Hey Little Woman"-Bobby Sherman
0117 UTC OM DJ chat and singing and other madness
0122 UTC "Send Me A Postcard"-Shocking Blue
0124 UTC "This Diamond Ring"-Gary Lewis & Playboys
0126 UTC OM DJ chatting and others in the studio(including a YL)..."Mailbag Program"
0131 UTC Reading a letter from Mike in the Air Force
0136 UTC Postal address given in Wellsville NY...3 stamps for QSL
0143 UTC "Turn Turn Turn"-Byrds
0146 UTC Fast talking OM DJ now, then show ended

Thanks for the relay of the old one! Another one I missed back in the day!
Here's a link to my recording of the show:

0103 UTC OM DJ with mention of Fred Flintstone and KRAP ID, followed by "Same Old Song & Dance"-Aerosmith
(S8 peaks here with moderate selective fading,light noise, and superb audio)
0107 UTC OM DJ with mention of Free Radio Network and HF Underground...shoutout to me (THANKS!)
0108 UTC "Scratch My Back"-Diamond Reo (S9+ peaks now and light fading)
0112 UTC OM DJ chatting...mention of SDR's and reading my profile! Mention of the next song..."nice Hammond organ"
0113 UTC Unid song by "Greta Van Fleet
0119 UTC OM DJ chatting about the last song..."all original songs"..."short playlist tonight"
0120 UTC "The Candy Song"-Masters of Reality
0123 UTC OM DJ chatting about the rain...very noisy out there, followed by "Bad Motor Scooter"-Montrose
0127 UTC OM DJ chatting..."6955 KRAP", followed by an Unid song by "Airborne"
0132 UTC OM DJ chatting...ID and email address for requests ROKFRED@proton.me
0133 UTC "Take It Like A Man"-Bachman-Turner Overdrive
0136 UTC OM DJ chatting...mention of Little Richard pounding on the keys on the last song, then email address again for QSL's, then bye bye
0137 UTC Unid song by Blackfoot
0141 UTC OFF

Thank you for the awesome broadcast KRAP! You rock OM!

0040 UTC "Mean Evil Woman"-ELO (S7 with moderate fading, slight het from Indy Radio on 6931 AM. Otherwise solid signal with very good audio-slightly muffled)
0043 UTC "Fly Like An Eagle"-Steve Miller Band then switch to a cover version...
0048 UTC "Abracadabra"-Steve Miller Band
0053 UTC "Jet Airliner"-Steve Miller Band (Signal up to S9 peaks now and sounding good!)
0057 UTC "Let It Ride"-Bachman-Turner Overdrive
0101 UTC I forgot the name of this one

0220 UTC Music came on after WAVE QRT'd (Solid S9 here and sounding really good!)
0233 UTC YL with "Whiskey Alpha Victor Echo"
0317 UTC YL with closing ID, short bit of music, then OFF

Thanks for the Bowie tunes WAVE! I have not heard much off Earthlings, so this is all new to me!  8)
Didn't realize there were so many mixes of "Little Wonder"

0157 UTC Unid ambient music...very pleasant to listen to! S9 with very light fading, well above the noise, and excellent AM audio!
0201 UTC YL with "Whiskey Alpha Victor Echo", followed by more chill out music...YL spoke over the music at 0205 UTC
0210 UTC OM with a whispered "Ride the Wave", followed by more unid ambient music
0214 UTC YL with spoken word, then more music
(I don't have access to Shazam, therefore no chance of IDing the tunes...sorry!)
0218 UTC YL chat..."I hope you will join us again...ride the WAVE", then OFF

Thanks for the show WAVE!

2357 UTC Testing 1, 2, 3 can anybody hear me Interval Signal
0000 UTC "Wolverine Radio" ID, followed by "Ace In the Hole"-OM singer
0006 UTC "Kings Highway"-Tom Petty
0013 UTC "Queen of the Highway"-Doors
0019 UTC "Hit the Road Jack"-Ray Charles
0021 UTC "Jumpin Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones
0027 UTC "Ten Men Working"-Neil Young & Bluenotes
0034 UTC "Love Potion #9"-Searchers
0036 UTC "Cloud Nine"-Temptations
0043 UTC "Eight Miles High"-Byrds
(Struck out on 7)
0055 UTC "Six More Miles to the Graveyard"-Hank Williams
0102 UTC "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue"-?
0104 UTC "Five O'Clock World"-Vogues
0114 UTC "Three Little Birds"-Bob Marley & Wailers
0117 UTC "Two Trains"-Little Feat
0120 UTC "Two Lights In the Nightime"-Bonnie Raitt

Thanks Wolverine! You had me stumped on a lot of these!  8)

2234 UTC OM DJ with "WMR" and "Weekend Music Radio" ID, followed by unid song
(Signal is at or just above the noise floor with choppy fading and S5 peaks)
2242 UTC "1999"-Prince
(Signal getting stronger...S7 peaks and solid above the noise)
2252 UTC "Dancing On the Ceiling"-Lionel Ritchie

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