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2349 UTC OM with ID and unid music, followed by a recorded cell phone call
2355 UTC OM with ID..."This is Sprint Contel"...followed by another recorded cell phone call
2359 UTC OM with "C-E-L-L Phone Radio", followed by a recording of a YL and OM talking, then OM with "All Cell phone calls all the time"
0001 UTC OM answering question about why they play call phone calls on pirate radio
0009 UTC OM DJ with ID and Wellsville mail drop, followed by a Tom Lehrer sounding tune on piano
0018 UTC ID and address for QSL's, followed by a version of "Hey Joe"
0019 UTC OFF

Now that was a real brain scramble! Thanks NAPRS!

This topic has been moved to North American Shortwave Pirate.

edit by Ray : probably was Grasscutter Radio

This topic has been moved to North American Shortwave Pirate.


edit by Ray : it happened to be Good Times Radio, from North America

North American Shortwave Pirate / MOVED: UNID 6931 USB 2307
« on: March 19, 2023, 2311 UTC »
This topic has been moved to [European Pirates and Private Stations].


2259 UTC OM with ID, into "Bad Moon Rising"-CCR
(Off and on...technical difficulties)
2304 UTC OM with ID, then OFF
2306 UTC QSY to 6919.7 AM with "Bad Moon Rising"
2309 UTC OM DJ with lots of "fookin slohbs"  :) , followed by "Don't Fear the Reaper"-BOC
2314 UTC OM with ID, into "Paranoid"-Black Sabbath
2321 UTC "Casey Jones"-Grateful Dead
2326 UTC OM DJ with lots of "fookins and yeah mans", into "Tube Snake Boogie"-ZZ Top
2330 UTC "The Joker"-Steve Miller Band
2341 UTC OM DJ, into "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"-Bob Dylan
2346 UTC "Life's Been Good"-Joe Walsh
2350 UTC OM DJ with ID and "73's you fookin slohbs", then OFF

2252 UTC "Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor (S9 +10 peaks here with light selective fading and excellent audio)
2256 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins

1922 UTC Tuned in to a story narrated by a British accented OM about a bear. I believe this was one of the Paddington Bear children's stories "A Bear In Hot Water" by Michael Bond.  :)
1924 UTC OFF after ID by OM

1541 UTC Solid above the noise here with S7 peaks and sounding really good with jazz/rock/fusion tune

0346 UTC Grunge metal tune at S6 peaks with excellent audio (Low noise floor!)
0347 UTC Sycko with chat about songs played and ID, into some Rap metal tune-OM rappers
0350 UTC Sycko chat..."It's getting close"..."Do it", into another metal tune-OM singer
0355 UTC Sycko Radio ID's progressively slower, into an unid rock tune
0400 UTC YL with ID and email address, into "Awake"-Godsmack
0406 UTC Unid metal tune
0410 UTC  Robot 36 SSTV

Thanks for the late night tunes Sycko! Not really familiar with the genre....time for sleep....

2356 UTC Testing 1,2,3
0000 UTC Wolverine op moving to 4015 USB
0002 UTC Old time 1930's sounding tune-OM singer
(Signal is much better here on 4015 USB)
0005 UTC Unid old time song
0008 UTC Unid "Fox Trot" song..."Funny What Love Can Do" lyrics-OM singer
0011 UTC Unid "Fox Trot" song-OM singer
0014 UTC Unid song-YL singer (Lyrics...fun out of life)
0018 UTC "Have a Little Fun"-YL singer
(I will post songs as I am able to ID them...LOL!)
0020 UTC Unid blues song-OM singer (Lyrics "But Having Fun")
0022 UTC "Fun Fun Fun"-Beach Boys
0025 UTC "Hot Fun In the Summertime"-Sly & Family Stone
0028 UTC "Ain't No Fun to Me"-Al Green?
0031 UTC "You Make Loving Fun"-Fleetwood Mac
0034 UTC "It's Fun Time"-Joe Cocker?
0037 UTC "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"-Cyndi Lauper
0041 UTC "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"-Wang Chung
0045 UTC "Fun Day"-Stevie Wonder
0054 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV (Forgot to turn on the app! Damn....got most of it though

Caught the tail end of the SSTV at 2220 UTC just before I tuned over to KIPM on 6945...please come back for a rebroadcast!

2317 UTC Tuned in to "Sultans of Swing" in progress
2318 UTC "Slip Sliding Away"-Paul Simon
(Signal is barely moving the S-meter, but solid above the low noise floor)
2323 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV

2325 UTC "Hot Child In the City"-Nick Gilder
2328 UTC "Miss You"-Rolling Stones
2332 UTC "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions"-Queen
2337 UTC "What's Your Name"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
2341 UTC "Life's Been Good"-Joe Walsh (OM with "Damn Skippy" over the music)
2345 UTC OM DJ with ID, followed by "Running On Empty"-Jackson Browne
(Noise level is getting worse)

2222 UTC Eerie sounding electronica music with a rock beat...S9 with no fading and excellent audio
2325 UTC Alan Maxwell speaking now about radio programs
2239 UTC Alan talking about "secrets should be respected"...dangerous ideas in these shows...secret society should remain a mystery...I know many other operators around the globe"...they are my buddies, brothers of the sacred radio brotherhood"...are pirates regular people...inner secrets of the Illuminati...ancient rituals to confuse the uninitiated"
2232 UTC I find myself very much at home with my fellow brothers....the sacred pirate radio brotherhood...free radio operators and listeners in solidarity around the world"
2234 UTC YL speaking now....a little more light, a little more freedom...
2235 UTC As a member of the Illuminati I am familiar with the questions from the dark abyss...how many shadowy things are left for us to illuminate...light of the inner circle...it is there where science really begins....it is there when the facts run out...we know we have questions about the universe...our cleverness has limits....why does anything exist?
(The speech is over a music bed of ambient music)
2238 UTC Unid looped phrase spoken repeatedly over the music
2240 UTC I'm Alan Maxwell and you're listening to KIPM...(a bit of echo to Alan's voice over the music)
2241 UTC Speech continues..."all the radio spectrum is controlled....proposition that radio is good and TV is evil....the magic of radio"
2244 UTC Strange disembodied voices over the music...
2246 UTC Alan with "Take the listeners on a voyage...great enthusiasm, great devotion", followed by more spectral voices over the music
2250 UTC British accented OM speaking now (over different ambient music than previously)
2251 UTC Alan speaking now....I consider myself a radio idol, but I am no different than you...are you the next radio operator?...hidden treasure....they have to leave a little bit of blood behind them....a treasure more valuable than I could ever share...(voices again)
2254 UTC Eerie choral singers with electronic organ accompaniment
2255 UTC Alan speaking again...so many I've known and shared time with...lost in rock formations (Neil Young's Thrasher lyrics!  8)....)
2257 UTC My thoughts, my creations will go on...I don't want to live in the hearts of my countryman, I'd rather live in my apartment"...(voices now)...
2259 UTC "An underwater welder....opportunity to broadcast...modified industrial underwater welding equipment...one night...something unexplainable happened...changed my life forever....there is a doorway and on the other side, memories....embrace of Illuminati Prima Materia...I am Alan Maxwell the underwater welder"
2301 UTC British accented OM speaking
2302 UTC Alan Maxwell speaking..."there are no secrets...in the depths of the devil...(loud ambient cacophony of sounds now)
2304 UTC Ambient music continues..."You've been listening to Voice of the Illuminati with Alan Maxwell"...Join me here again...another voyage...this show is almost over, our work is almost complete...time will no longer be a dark spot..."
2306 UTC Different ambient music with voices
2308 UTC OM with British accent speaking...followed by ambient music with singing and spoken word
2310 UTC Whispering voices over eerie spectral sounds
2312 Reception reports via postal mail to PO Box 109 Blue Ridge Summit PA 17214 address. KIPM will not be sending eQSL's at this time
2313 UTC OFF

Wow! That was quite an aural adventure! Nuff said.... 8)

QSLs Received / Hobby Broadcasting Radio Show #4 via TRI eQSL
« on: March 18, 2023, 2040 UTC »
Thanks TRI, for the relay and the eQSL! Always appreciated!  8)

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