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QSLs Received / BBC Top 20 1969 rebroadcast eQSL
« on: March 24, 2024, 0217 UTC »
Thank you very much BBC guy! Great tunes from a great time to be a teenager!  :)

2356 UTC "Testing 1, 2, 3, Can anybody here me" Interval Signal (S9+ peaks with heavy noise this evening)
0000 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by "Last Night on the Back Porch"-?
0003 UTC "Happy Days and Lonely Nights"-YL singer
0006 UTC Unid big band song-OM singer (Lyrics "Good Night Sweet Dreams")
0009 UTC Unid big band song-?
0012 UTC Unid big band song-OM singer (Lyrics "Blues In the Night")
0015 UTC Unid big band song-YL singer (Lyrics "Night and Day")
0018 UTC "Rock Me All Night Long"-OM singer
0021 UTC Unid song-B.B. King
0023 UTC "In the Still of the Night"-Five Satins
0026 UTC "Another Saturday Night"-Sam Cooke
0029 UTC "Here Comes the Night"-Them (A young Van Morrison!)
0032 UTC "Let's Spend the Night Together"-Rolling Stones
0035 UTC "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"-Band
0039 UTC "Wild Night"-Van Morrison
0042 UTC "Such a Night"-Doctor John
0045 UTC "Spirit in the Night"-Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
0050 UTC "The Heart of Saturday Night"-Tom Waits
0054 UTC "Night By Night"-Steely Dan  8)
0057 UTC "Because the Night"-Patty Smith Group
0101 UTC "Just Another Night"-Mick Jagger
0106 UTC "Touch the Night"-Neil Young  8)
0110 UTC "Night In My Veins"-Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders
0114 UTC "The Whole Night Sky"-Bruce Cockburn

Peskies / Re: UNID 6970 USB 2306 UTC 23 MAR 2024
« on: March 23, 2024, 2354 UTC »
These are peskies  :)

1930 UTC Hearing "Turn Turn Turn"-Byrds directly here fading in and out of the noise...S3 peaks and excellent audio
1933 UTC "Bad Moon Rising"-Creedence Clearwater Revival
1936 UTC "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison (Signal jumped up to S5!)
1939 UTC "Mr Tambourine Man"-Byrds (OM said something over the music)
1941 UTC OM with ID and frequencies given, followed by "Blowing In the Wind"-Bob Dylan
1944 UTC "Sultans of Swing"-Dire Straits
1950 UTC "Hold the Line"-Toto
1954 UTC "More Than a Feeling"-Boston
1958 UTC "Radar Love"-Golden Earring
2002 UTC "Fox on the Run"-Sweet (Signal jumped up to S7!)
2005 UTC "Eins Zwei, Drei, Fier"?-I do not know the artist
2011 UTC OM DJ speaking...Radio Piepzender Nederlands...gave email and postal address...frequencies
2013 UTC A song I do not recognize-OM singer
2019 UTC Unid pop song-YL singer
2024 UTC "Don't You Forget About Me"-Simple Minds
2029 UTC "Still the Same"-Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (Henri speaking over the song)
2032 UTC "We Don't Need Another Hero"-Tina Turner (Thunderdome)

Thank you for the broadcast Henri! My first solid logging of your station directly here across the pond!  :)
Here's my direct recording from 1930-2015 UTC:

I would love to receive a Radio Piepzender eQSL if the operator sees my posting here!  8)

0108 UTC "First of May"-Bee Gees (S9+ peaks with light fading)
0112 UTC OM DJ with British accent, followed by Unid song
0116 UTC OM DJ..."BBC Top 25", followed by "If I Can Dream"-Elvis Presley
0119 UTC OM DJ..."Hit Parade"
0124 UTC "Where Do You Go to My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt
0129 UTC "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-Marvin Gaye
0132 UTC OM with ID
0142 UTC "The Windmills of Your Mind"-Noel Harrison
0149 UTC "The Way It Used to Be"-Engelbert Humperdinck
0203 UTC "I Can Hear Music"-Beach Boys
0215 UTC "Games People Play"-Joe South
0233 UTC Pause, then OM starting another Top 20 with "Get Ready"-Temptations
0244 UTC "Sorry Suzanne"-Hollies
0256 UTC OM DJ chat..."our new number one" "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-Marvin Gaye
0304 UTC Another show (or repeat), followed by "Bad Bad Old Days"-Foundations
0311 UTC "Pinball Wizard"-Who
0314 UTC "Goodbye"-Mary Hopkin
0327 UTC "Israelites"-Desmond Dekker & the Aces
0334 UTC OFF

Thank you for the great tunes! 1969 was a good year to be 14 years old!  :)

0055 UTC "One"-Three Dog Night in progress at tune-in (S8 peaks with light fading and noise)
0057 UTC "Black and White"-Three Dog Night
0100 UTC WDOG without the "G", given twice, followed by "Mama Told Me Not to Come"-Three Dog Night
0104 UTC "Old Fashoned Love Song"-Three Dog Night

0035 UTC Tuned in to the end of "Light My Fire"-Doors, followed by Yeah Man and "Million Dollar Weekend" ID, into "Mustang Sally"-Wilson Pickett
0039 UTC "Million Dollar Weekend" jingle, followed by YM, then "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
(S8 peaks here with light fading and noise)
0046 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone...thanks for the shoutout! Have a beer for me! Followed by "Spill the Wine"-Eric Burdon and War
0051 UTC YM with "6850 tonight", into "Satisfaction"-Rolling Stones

2331 UTC Putting in a listenable signal here directly across the pond...unid pop song in Russian
2333 UTC Same song repeated

Here's my direct recording from 2331-2337 UTC:

Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0027 UTC 21 MAR 2024
« on: March 21, 2024, 0028 UTC »
0027 UTC Music fading in and out of the noise here with some peskie QRM also

2333 UTC "Power of Love"-cover version. S7 peaks with moderate fading and noise...band is quite noisy this evening!
2336 UTC Unid song-OM singer, then OFF
2343 UTC Back on with Unid song-OM singer (Signal is fading in and out of the high noise level)
2344 UTC "We're Not Gonna Take It"-cover version? Segue into another song
2349 UTC Somebody speaking, but mostly buried in the noise :( followed by "I Want to Know What Love Is"-Unid cover version
2354 UTC "Desperado"-Unid cover version. (The singer on all these songs sounds like the same artist)
2358 UTC S5 peaks now and about level with the noise...some OTHR too
0004 UTC Back up to above the noise, but I don't know the tune...
0005 UTC "Don't You Forget About Me"-same artist as other songs?
0009 UTC "Ain't No Sunshine"-cover
0013 UTC "Me and Mrs Jones"-cover
0024 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Unid artist tunes Unid station!  :)

2319 UTC Tuned in to a classical piano tune (S9+ with light fading and light noise...excellent audio)
2321 UTC Short pause, then a classical orchestral tune
2324 UTC Different orchestral tune
2328 UTC OM with ID "You're tuned to the real WNEC...Not Entirely Classical on the shortwave"
2355 UTC OM with ID and email address for reports shortwavemaildrop@gmail.com
2356 UTC OFF

Think I'll just kick back and chill to the music...
Thanks for the Not Entirely Classical program WNEC and Cloudsplitter!

0033 UTC Unid pop song-YL singers in progress at tune in. (S7 peaks with moderate fading and noise and excellent audio at peaks...occasional bursts of ute QRM)
0035 UTC Unid pop song-OM singer
0041 UTC "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"-Tears for Fears
0045 UTC "Too Hot"-Kool and the Gang
0050 UTC "Hold Me Now"-Thompson Twins
0055 UTC "You Sexy Thing"-Hot Chocolate
0058 UTC "Smooth Operator"-Sade
0102 UTC Unid song-YL singer
0106 UTC "Sledgehammer"-Peter Gabriel
0111 UTC "Easy Like Sunday Morning"-Commodores
0115 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Monday evening tunes! I believe the M6.7 solar flare earlier today made for rough reception! Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / Boat Anchor Radio eQSL 17 MAR 2024
« on: March 17, 2024, 2002 UTC »
Thank you for another cool eQSL for my carrier and threshold audio post! One of these days, I'll get lucky and ID a song!  :)

1953 UTC Strong CW here giving 5 digit alphanumeric groups

2004 UTC OFF

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