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1649 UTC Unid free form horn and bass guitar jazz music (S7 with moderate fading and high noise level)
1652 UTC Signal peaking now at S9
1653 UTC Different song...jazz...vocals on this one
I was listening in AM but seems to have changed to USB...
1701 UTC Signal dropped down to S5 and even with the noise...instrumental jazz

0038 UTC "Get A Job"-Silhouettes (S9+10 peaks with excellent audio!)
0041 UTC OM DJ chat, then "I Found A Job"-The Heartbeats
0043 UTC KRAP ID followed by shoutouts to HFU posters
0044 UTC "Who Wrote the Book of Love"-Monotones
0046 UTC KRAP DJ with shoutout to me...THANKS!, followed by "That's What Love Is Made Of"-Miracles
0050 UTC DJ chat, followed by an unid song-OM singer
0052 UTC DJ chat with more shoutouts to the HFU and the next song came from Mad Magazine
0053 UTC "Nose Job"?-The Delwoods"
0055 UTC DJ chat...followed by a faux beer ad then episode of "Chickenman", the "White Winged Warrior"
0059 UTC Signal dropped down a little bit...moderate fading now
0101 UTC DJ chat with "last song"...."I Like It"-Gerry & Pacemakers (Signal back up to S9+)
0103 UTC OFF

Thanks for the songs of my early youth!  8)

0234 UTC Traces of unid music in the S7 static crash wall of noise here  :(
0235 UTC OM speaking now but no chance on copy
0247 UTC Signal coming up a bit...sounds like YL's singing with peskies yakking over the music
0305 UTC A nice S8 peak here, but I don't recognize the tune playing
0311 UTC Mr Sycko chatting
0322 UTC A clear "Sycko Radio" ID  :) Followed by a funky techno dance tune
0351 UTC "Sycko Radio 6950"..."gonna get the hell outta here"
0353 UTC Still hearing some music in the noise
0359 UTC "Star Spangled Banner"  8) then OFF (No carrier detected)

Thanks for the broadcast!

2047 UTC I have a carrier here with some traces of music...modulation is low
2052 UTC Bit of a fade-up and definitely music. Possibly OM singer? Can't make out the tune
2057 UTC Another fade-up..."Hey You"-Pink Floyd (S6 noise floor making for tough copy!)
2059 UTC Best fade up yet! Unid Pink Floyd tune
2102 UTC Another very nice fade up...
2104 UTC "Mother"-Pink Floyd (Solid S7)...deep fade at 2107 UTC
2112 UTC Fade-up but can't ID the song...so far all the tunes are off "The Wall"
2118 UTC Another weak fade-up
2124 UTC Only weak traces of audio during the fade-ups
2127 UTC Nice fade-up...unid song-OM singer
2135 UTC Still traces of music, but the S6 noise level is really bad
2138 UTC Nice fade-up...doesn't sound like Pink Floyd, but it might be ?
2141 UTC Somebody said something over the music briefly...not sure if same op
2145 UTC Strong fade-up...sounds like The Who
2149 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast! I did not hear an ID...anybody want to claim this one?  8)

2006 UTC Unid Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits tune (Signal is fading in and out of the noise)
On 12025 USB now
2016 UTC Another Mark Knopfler tune (Signal solid above the noise with S8 peaks and excellent audio)
2030 UTC OM DJ chatting, followed by more Mark Knopfler
2035 UTC Martin 1 SSTV (A little slow turning on the app here!)

2113 UTC Signal dropped down to just above the noise floor  :(
2114 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

2118 UTC Music right at the noise floor...different artist now
2121 UTC Signal back up a bit

Thanks for the mellow afternoon of Mark Knopfler tunes!

0305 UTC Weak music in the high noise level...no ID on the song
0308 UTC OM with Two Dog Radio ID I think...followed by an unid song...electronica?
0313 UTC Signal up a bit with some drum music/electronica

0245 UTC S7 here with unid music amidst the high noise level..excellent audio at peaks...some fades into the noise
(Mostly at or below the noise floor)
0255 UTC Faded up a bit now...no clue what song is playing
0336 UTC OM talking now
0339 UTC Mr Sycko said something about the carrier...(hearing talk intermittently)..."Oh Well"

QSLs Received / All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #11 eQSL
« on: July 30, 2023, 0235 UTC »
Thanks yet again for the whole Azteca catalog AARS! Looking forward to complete the set! It is appreciated  :)

0000 UTC Testing 1,2,3...followed by OM with ID and then unid 1920's music
0011 UTC "Hey Good Lookin"-Hank Williams
0014 UTC "Stop, Look, and Listen"-Patsy Cline
0021 UTC "I'm Looking Through You"-Beatles
0024 UTC "Look Through Any Window"-Hollies
0026 UTC "Look Out Cleveland"-The Band
0029 UTC "Look Into the Sun"-Jethro Tull
0033 UTC "Lookin Out My Back Door"-CCR
0036 UTC "Look At You Look At Me"-Dave Mason
0046 UTC "Looking For the Heart of Saturday"-Tom Waits
0050 UTC "You Gotta Look Sharp"-Joe Jackson
0057 UTC "Look At Little Sister"-Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

0242 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then drums
0244 UTC Bram talking...program #31 (Signal mostly above the static crashes)
0246 UTC Punk rock tune, followed by Bram reading listeners letters...letter from Lee Silvi...Greg from Connecticut...letter from Bill Finn...Ron Hunsicker...Scott McArdle
0253 UTC Disco music..."go to the closet and get those bell bottoms out"
0254 UTC Latest "Actual Stuff"
0256 UTC Flushing Report..public urinals in Amsterdam...annual rotten sneakers contest
0258 UTC Bram talking...construction of a sex toy...120 volt outlet and set the house on fire
0259 UTC ZZ Top music-"Legs", then Radio Azteca Story Time
0302 UTC DX program...dxers suffer from debilitating issues...relayaphobia-the fear of being relayed
0305 UTC Latin American music...followed by Top 10 list...Top 10 DXer rock songs...#1 "John Couger Filipkowsi"
0310 UTC Static making for tough copy...Massachusetts overpopulated with beavers...guinea pigs released into Central Park
0313 UTC "Time to bring program #31 to a close..."
0314 UTC Radio Azteca IS then AARS ID
0315 UTC Radio Azteca IS then drums
0316 UTC Bram with program #32...postal address to BBS communications Belfast NY 14711
0318 UTC Bram reading listener letters...a pirate radio will listen to just about anything...Baltimore MD listener..." Radio Azteca QSL review committee...Rusty A Ortega...listener from Trenton NJ...gerbil story an urban folk legend" Have over 60 different QSL's...mention of John Couger Filipkowski...we did not hear from George Zeller or Gene Scott
0327 UTC "This is Radio Azteca, more fun than a prostate exam"
0328 UTC "Actual Stuff"...Police Blotters...why do they call them blotters...Japan Times...puffing...used a bicycle pump...police haven't located all his parts...a whole new meaning for the term "breaking wind"
0334 UTC Spanish guitar music, then Radio Azteca Story Time...alien walk up to a gas pump and "take me to your leader"...blasts the gas pump with a laser gun
0337 UTC Flute music followed by DX program
0340 UTC "The station that puts the X back in DXing"
0341 UTC Top 10 List...Top 10 James Bond DX movies...List log and let die...license to transmit...the verification signer who loves me...the man with the golden watkins johnson
0343 UTC Drums, then "time to bring program 32 to a close"
0346 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then AARS ID
0347 UTC IS again, then Bram with program #33
0350 UTC "Get a Job" snippet followed by Bram reading listener letters...Lee Silvi has more Radio Azteca QSL's...putting Gerbils on postage stamps...One Helen launched a thousand ships...Ron Hunsicker letter...
0356 UTC ZZ Top music followed by Top 10 List...Top 10 least useful DX accessories
0359 UTC "Karma Chamaleon" followed by "Ask Doctor Radio"...What is the difference between QSL whore and a QSL hound?
0403 UTC "The station that smells like an armpit on fire", followed by "Story Time"...moose call...the zipper is stuck
0405 UTC "Actual Stuff"/Flushing Report...an enema every 20 minutes...50% of men who fall overboard on a boat have there zippers open...gave elephant 22 doses of laxatives...olive oil enema...severe constipation can kill an elephant
0410 UTC Pop music tune, then Bram...bloopers
0413 UTC Program 33 to a close...
0415 UTC Recorded bit of craziness...it's a hell of a way to sign off...
0417 UTC IS then AARS ID, then OFF at 0418 UTC

Thanks again AARS!

0058 UTC "Wildfire" IS
0100 UTC YL with sign on announcement, followed by "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know-OM singer
(Signal S9+ and sounding great!)
0105 UTC "I Love You More Than Yesterday"-Spiral Starecase
0108 UTC "More More More"-Andrea True
0111 UTC "One More Night"-Phil Collins
(0121 UTC Signal has dropped a little bit to S9...bit of flutter to the audio now..."More Love" cover version)
0127 UTC "I Love You More Than I Can Say"-OM singer
0132 UTC "Don't Come Around Here No More"-Tom Petty (Back up to S9+!)
0136 UTC "Give Me Just A Little More Time"-Chairman of the Board
0139 UTC "More Than a Feeling"-Boston

2247 UTC Unid classical music (S9 peaks with light fading and noise...excellent USB audio)
2249 UTC Possibly same musical composition with choral vocals in unid language
2256 UTC OM with ID and date...special evening prepared for you...Russian music...discussion on an artist...information from the Russian government is suspect (Spoken word by OM is solid above the noise
2301 UTC Static crashes quite loud during the silent pause, followed by another Russian classical composition (Solid above the noise)
2359 UTC OM DJ talking about the Soviet artist Shostakovich?, followed by 77LJS closing announcements
0002 UTC OFF

Thank you for the Russian classical show....that was different!
Here's my recording from 2247-0002 UTC:

QSLs Received / All Azteca Radio Service Marathon #10 eQSL
« on: July 28, 2023, 0249 UTC »
Thanks once again AARS! Always appreciated! 30 shows so far and Bram keeps upping the ante on what is Gross but Tasteful!  :)

0122 UTC Bram reading listeners letters (S8 peaks with light fading and high noise level)
0128 UTC Bram and another OM laughing
0129 UTC Top Ten List...Nicknames for Bill Clinton
0131 UTC Different OM with ID, followed by music and "Actual Stuff"..."Flushing Report"...died from 10-1/2 hours of liposuction surgery...childs letter to Mister Rogers asking him if he was real and pooped
0139 UTC Music, followed by ID then "Sheba" and a man/sheep story
0142 UTC "Gerbil World"...pictures of missing Gerbils on milk cartons
0145 UTC Jack Boggins of WLIS, followed by Bram and music
0146 UTC "Ask Doctor Radio"..."Rush Limbaugh Theme song (Pretenders)
0149 UTC QSL's and postal address...show # 28
0150 UTC Radio Azteca IS, followed by OM with AARS ID...marathon #10, shows 28, 29, and 30
0151 UTC Bram with program #29
0152 UTC Music, then drums, followed by Bram reading listener letters...mention of Monique the mail woman
0159 UTC Music, followed by Bram with "Radio Azteca-Montezumas Revenge", then music with YL singer
0200 UTC Top 10 List (Static crashes are getting really loud)
0203 UTC Music, followed by "Actual Stuff" and the "Flushing Report"..."women nursing in public can not be charged with indecent exposure"...talking about WEWN
0212 UTC Cartoon music...Flushing Report....talk about gerbils...animal husbandry
0218 UTC "Radio Azteca-You can check out any time you like but you can never leave", followed by rock music
0219 UTC "Radio Azteca Story Time"...Heaven is full...tell us how you died
0221 UTC Music
0222 UTC Bram with closing for program #29
0223 UTC Spoken word good bye skit
0224 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then AARS Marathon ID
0226 UTC Bram with program #30...QSL postal address...more fun than a milking machine
0228 UTC Jazzy music...Radio Azteca mail program...Bram reading letters
0234 UTC Music followed by other OM with ID "Always looking for hot tips"
0235 UTC "Top 10 List"..."Lots of Free time" was number 1
0237 UTC Bram with "Actual Stuff"..man trying to siphon gas from a mobile home...man trying to rob a bank...
0242 UTC Other OM DJ with "It's time to be frightened", then back to Bram with the "Flushing Report"
0245 UTC "You have been listening to the Flushing Report (Followed by sounds of a flushing toilet)
0246 UTC Music followed by "Radio Azteca Story Time"...Good Witch and a little brown squirrel...I don't do private parts, you'll have to go see the wizard"
0249 UTC "Radio Azteca-more fun than an autopsy", followed by "The Heat is On"
0250 UTC "Ask Doctor Radio"...pirate radio is a waste of time...what do I tell them?
0252 UTC Boogie Oogie song, followed by Bram...more Gerbil stories
0254 UTC "We're pretty disgusted with this ourselves"
0255 UTC Top 10 list...reading some more letters...(struggling with some of the reading-bloopers?)
0258 UTC "The program's almost over...where the hell ya been"
0259 UTC QSL address...this has been program #30
0300 UTC Music and spoken word goodnight skit
0301 UTC OM with email address for AARS QSL allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com Then OFF

Thanks for the repeat on this one AARS!

0015 UTC Unid folk/rock tune ending, followed by another folk/rock tune-OM singer...Lou Reed?
(Solid above the noise at S9 with very light fading)
0020 UTC "Some Kinda Love"-Velvet Underground
(Superb sounding USB audio!)
0025 UTC "Pale Blue Eyes"-VU
(High noise level noted between the songs)
0030 UTC OM with ID...Thanks for the shoutout!
0031 UTC "Beginning to See the Light"-VU
0035 UTC "I'm Set Free"-VU
0039 UTC "That's the Story Of My Life"-VU
0041 UTC "The Murder Mystery"-VU (Haven't heard this one since the UMASS days in the mid-70's...bizarre! Look up the lyrics  ??? )
0050 UTC "After Hours"-VU
0052 UTC OM with ID, date, and "remember my friend...do not go gently ?, then OFF

Thanks for the VU tunes off an album I haven't heard in a few decades! Here's how nice the audio sounded:

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