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0218 UTC "Back In the Saddle"-Aerosmith (S9+ and sounding good!)
0221 UTC OM said "If it's way too loud, your way too old", followed by "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith
(0224 UTC Big drop in signal down to S5)  :(
0232 UTC "Toys In the Attic"-Aerosmith (Just above the noise floor)
0234 UTC "Sick As a Dog"-Aerosmith
0239 UTC OM DJ chat, followed by "Sweet Emotion"-Aerosmith
0247 UTC "Dream On"-Aerosmith
0255 UTC "Last Child"-Aerosmith
0314 UTC Hearing the WTF theme instrumental right at the noise floor
0316 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Aerosmith!  8)

0059 UTC Unid 30's sounding tune...S9 +10!
(So far I'm striking out on these early songs!)
0114 UTC "Who Put the Devil In Evelyn's Eyes"-Mill Brothers  :)
0117 UTC "The One Who Really Loves You"-Mary Wells
0119 UTC "I'm the One Who Loves You"-?
0124 UTC "Who's Making Love"-Johnny Taylor
0128 UTC "Who Do You Love"-Grateful Dead?
0130 UTC "Who'll Stop the Rain"-CCR
0133 UTC "Who Are You"-The Who
0136 UTC "Who's Crying Now"-Journey
0141 UTC "Who Can It Be Now"-Men At Work
0144 UTC "Who Wears These Shoes?"-Elton John
0149 UTC "Who Says You Can't Go Home"-Bon Jovi?
0154 UTC "Look Who's Dancin"-Ziggy Marley

Thanks for the tunes!

0002 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singers (S9 peaks with light fading)

2348 UTC "Ruby Ruby"-Dion (Peaks to just above the moderate noise level...occasional peskie QRM
2354 UTC OFF
0004 UTC Unid rock tune...noise and fading making for tough copy
0005 UTC "Hey You"-BTO
0010 UTC "Face the Face"-Pete Townshend
0014 UTC A rock song I do not recognize-OM singer
0021 UTC OM DJ chatting, but no luck on the copy, followed by a song I forgot the name of...Joe Jackson?
0025 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Owner of a Lonely Heart"-Yes
0029 UTC OM DJ chat, followed by "Little Things"-Bobby Goldsboro
0032 UTC "Urgent"-Foreigner
0036 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Don't Stand So Close to Me"-The Police
0039 UTC OM DJ chat (followed by some local QRM wiping out the signal)
0049 UTC Local QRM is gone, but I don't know this song...
0051 UTC OM with ID, followed by another song I don't know
0054 UTC OM DJ chat, then Unid pop tune

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker Radio eQSL 10 FEB 2024
« on: February 10, 2024, 1607 UTC »
Also received the same here...THANK YOU! A tip of the hat to you Ballsmacker Radio!  8)

0159 UTC Interval Signal (It sounds different!)
0200 UTC YL with opening announcement..."4 years and running" CONGRATULATIONS!
0201 UTC YL with regular ID, followed by "Sympathy For the Devil"-Rolling Stones
(Signal is a S9+ with some light fades and the usual excellent audio)
0207 UTC "409"-Beach Boys
0209 UTC "Who Loves You"-Franki Valli & The Four Seasons
0214 UTC "Something About You"-Level 42
0217 UTC "I Feel For You"-Chaka Khan
0222 UTC "Beechwood 4-5789"-The Marvelettes
0225 UTC "25 or Six to Four"-Chicago
0230 UTC "I Fought the Law"-Bobby Fuller Four
0232 UTC "This One's For You"-Barry Manilow (Signal has dropped down to S8 peaks)
0236 UTC "What's Up"-4 Non Blondes
0240 UTC "I'll Tumble 4 Ya"-Culture Club
0243 UTC "Positively 4th Street"-Bob Dylan (Signal down to S7 with moderate fading)
0247 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, followed by "Stars on 45"-Stars on 45
0252 UTC "Workin For a Livin"-Huey Lewis & The News
0254 UTC A rap song I do not recognize-OM singer
0258 UTC YL with 4th year announcement, followed by "Four Sticks"-Led Zeppelin
0303 UTC "Working For the Weekend"-Loverboy
0307 UTC "When I'm 64"-Beatles
0309 UTC YL with ID and email address, followed by "Too Late For Goodbye"-Julian Lennon
0313 UTC A pop tune-OM singer I do not recognize
0316 UTC "Clap For the Wolfman"-Guess Who
0320 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, followed by "Fool For the City"-Foghat
(Still punching through at S7 here!)
0325 UTC "Standing On the Corner"-The Four Lads
0327 UTC "Reach Out (I'll Be There)"-Four Tops
0331 UTC I forgot the name of this one...(Signal has dropped down to just above the noise)
0334 UTC I do not recognize this song, or the next one...
0342 UTC An odd sounding Scottie 2 SSTV, then YL with ID and IS
0344 UTC OFF

Thanks FOR the nice playlist this evening and congratulations on year number 4! Hope to hear you FOR the next FOUR!

0111 UTC Unid Grateful Dead song (S6 peaks amidst the noise...excellent USB audio)
0116 UTC "Sundown"-Gordon Lightfoot
0119 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0125 UTC "Tush"-ZZ Top (Signal is solid above the noise now at S7)
0128 UTC Unid bluesy jazz tune-YL singer
0130 UTC "Jet Airliner"-Unid cover by YL singers
0134 UTC "Love Shack"-B-52's
0140 UTC "Tequila"-The Champs
0142 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0146 UTC Unid song-OM singer (This one sounds familiar)
0150 UTC "Bring It On Home"-Led Zeppelin
0154 UTC Unid anthem
0155 UTC Radio Canada International Interval Signal repeated, then OFF

Thank you for another nice mix of tunes!

2359 UTC "I'll Be Around"-Spinners (S7 carrier but low signal amidst moderate noise, fading, and QRM from peskies on 6919)
0002 UTC "Missing You"-John Waite (Signal at peaks is just above the noise & peskies)
0006 UTC "City of New Orleans"-Arlo Guthrie
THANK YOU FOR THE ID, Molvania Poacher! I could not hear it....
0012 UTC A bit of a fade up..."You're Out of Touch"-Hall & Oates
0015 UTC Unid song (The peskies are annoyingly loud!)
0024 UTC "Take Me to the River"-Talking Heads (I'm listening on USB to get away from the peskies on 6919L))
0032 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV (I had to start it manually)

Thanks for the test and the tunes WWBR! Always a treat to hear your shows!  :)

0157 UTC "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child"-Mojo Nixon
0159 UTC OFF
0201 UTC Back on again with "You Can't Kill Me"-Mojo Nixon
0207 UTC OFF again

Thanks for the quick blast of Mojo Nixon! Here's my recording of the blast!

Just found out now that Mojo Nixon died yesterday, the 7th. RIP Neill McMillan, you were unique and a force to be reckoned with!

0053 UTC Tuned in to an unid electronica song (S9 here with excellent sounding USB audio)
0055 UTC YL with ID...WAVE Radio...Whiskey Alpha Victor Echo, followed by spacey ambient instrumental music
0012 UTC YL DJ chat...My name is Vera (I guess it's Sarah per other posts!)...ride the WAVE, then back to the ethereal ambient music
0020 UTC OM and YL with a whispered ID "W-A-V-E Radio...WAVE Radio"
0130 UTC Music still going strong! (This genre would go well with a Carlos Castaneda novel!)
0140 UTC YL with ID, music, then OFF at 0141 UTC

Thank you for an evening or pleasant space music WAVE! Here's my recording of the show:

2223 UTC Hearing some spacey ambient music...difficult to tune with my old NRD-515. S9 peaks with light fading
2226 UTC OM speaking now...mention of PDQ Bach
2227 UTC Unid PDQ music, cut short...OM says tape on backwards LOL! PDQ echo sonata for two unfriendly groups of instruments
2230 UTC Got it right now!
2243 UTC OM with "At the sound of the tone, the time will be exactly eight twenty three
2244 UTC Those of you who looked out the window, there is no weather today...weatherman strike....forecast will be for scattered weather
2247 UTC Unid dirge like classical piano music
2251 UTC OM with ID...You've been listening to Radio Time Machine, coming to you from beyond time and space", followed by Unid spaghetti western instrumental
2254 UTC Radio Time Machine comes to via the mighty transmitters of Cloudsplitter Radio, followed by some more ambient space music similar to when I first tuned in
2301 UTC Professor ? with another Report From ? (More PDQ Bach...mention of Herbert Harry Hoover-Heaver)
2309 UTC OM vocals on the classical music consisting of "Hey" repeated
2310 UTC Time for "What's My Melodic Line"
2315 UTC OM in opera voice with singing WWOM jingle
2317 UTC PDQ Bach time again
2321 UTC What's happening in home economics
2324 UTC I may very well be back next week...followed by the program theme song by PDQ Bach
2325 UTC OM with ID... shortwavetimemachine@gmail.com
2328 UTC OFF

Thanks for a truly baroque program! If it ain't baroquen, don't fix it! I need some fresh air...LMAO!  8)
Here's my recording from 2226-2238 UTC:

QSLs Received / Re: Cloudsplitter Radio - Toby Keith Tribute eQSL
« on: February 08, 2024, 2157 UTC »
Also received this iconic eQSL! Thank you for the fine tribute to Toby Keith and your awesome QSL policy! It is appreciated!  :)

0200 UTC "Cisco Kid"-War (Low voiced OM said something at the beginning of the song, but I didn't catch it)
Signal is S7 with moderate fading and high noise level, especially during fades. Excellent AM audio
0204 UTC Unid song-OM singer (Sounds like a jazzy version of the Laugh-In TV program
0206 UTC "Kung-Fu Fighting"-Not sure if the original
(Signal jumped up to S8 and solid above the noise at peaks)
0211 UTC "Hot Fun In the Summertime"-Sly & The Family Stone
0213 UTC OM with ID..."Captain Morgan Shortwave"  :) ,followed by "Lime In the Coconut"-Harry Nilsson?
0217 UTC "Summer"-War
0223 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Spill the Wine"-Eric Burden & War
0228 UTC "Gimme Dat Thing"-Pipkens? (Signal dropped down to just above the noise)
0231 UTC Start of a song by War, then OFF

Good to hear you again Cap'n! Thank you for the broadcast...good tunes!  8)
Here's my recording of the show:

2200 UTC OM speaking about the Gaza hostages and living in Israel (S7 amidst moderate noise)
2221 UTC OM with ID
2253 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

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