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2238 UTC Unid pop tune-OM singer (S9 peaks with light fading and light noise)
2241 UTC Sounds like another song from the Grease soundtrack
2243 UTC "Greased Lightning"
2254 UTC "Rock N Roll Is Here to Stay
2258 UTC "Hound Dog"
2309 UTC OM with ID and chat
2322 UTC "Grease"-Frankie Valli
2326 UTC OM with ID and shoutouts...will be changing to AM...all comments on fidelity are welcome
2327 UTC Pause, then in AM with "Don't Let Him Go"-REO Speedwagon
2331 UTC "Keep On Loving You"-REO Speedwagon
(Signal so far is peaking at S8 with moderate noise during the fades)
2333 UTC OM says switching back to LSB...(got it, but on 6930.7ish LSB)
2336 UTC Moved to 6930 LSB
2341 UTC "Take It On the Run"-REO Speedwagon
2345 UTC OM chatting about the audio, then OFF

Thanks for the tunes and the testing! Here's the last 18 minutes of the broadcast starting in AM:

Sorry about my bad tuning when you were on 6930.7ish LSB and 6930 LSB!

0319 UTC On with Bram talking, then music
0321 UTC Instrumental music, then Bram with mail program...mention of Bag Balm...QSL of Monique the Mail Woman
0326 UTC Brief snippet of "There's a Moon Out Tonight"-Capris
0329 UTC A bit of gibberish, then cartoon music, followed by Bram with "The station thats lifts and separates
0330 UTC Top 10 List...New Nickname for Bill Clinton
0333 UTC "Actual Stuff"..."The Flushing Report"...story about Mr Rogers
(So far reception has been excellent!)
0340 UTC "Radio Azteca...Montezuma's Revenge, followed by a surf music tune
0341 UTC Radio Azteca storytime...story about a sheep
0343 UTC Bram reading a letter and answering the Gerbil question
0345 UTC OFF mid sentence

2210 UTC Live rock music (Mostly solid above a low noise level here...S3 peaks and light fading)
2216 UTC Signal hitting S6 peaks now...nice guitar solo!
2226 UTC MR140 SSTV, followed by more live rock music

2244 UTC Martin 1 SSTV, followed by what sounds like live Little Feat

0247 UTC "Green Grass & High Tides"-Outlaws (S7 peaks and mostly solid above the noise)
(My all time favorite air guitar song!)
0256 UTC OM with ID, followed by a Robot 36 SSTV (Forgot to turn on the app!)
(Some yahoo playing a kids toy piano over the C&W song)

Sounds like 2 stations on now, or Outhouse and the jammer....what a mess.

0313 UTC "I Want My MTV"-unid mix version
0314 UTC The kids toy jammer is here now
0316 UTC "Midnight At the Oasis"-Maria Muldaur
0318 UTC Not hearing anything now
0320 UTC Moved to 6950 USB and the jammer followed
0321 UTC 6955 USB now and a warbly jamming noise here too
Bouncing around....0336 UTC Now on 6925 USB

0137 UTC "This Time"-Bryan Adams (S9+ and solid above the heavy noise...excellent audio)
0139 UTC "U Can't Touch This"-MC Hammer
0144 UTC YL with ID and pin fall, followed by "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time"-Delfonics
0147 UTC "We May Never Pass This Way Again"-Seals & Croft
0151 UTC YL with ID, followed by "This Old Heart of Mine"-Rod Stewart
0155 UTC "Rock This Town"-Stray Cats
0159 UTC "This Guys In Love With You"-Herb Alpert
0203 UTC "This One's For You"-Barry Manilow
0206 UTC "This Is It"-Kenny Loggins
0210 UTC "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"-Eurythmics (Signal down to S8 now)
0214 UTC YL with ID and email addy, followed by unid pop tune (Signal back up to S9+)
0221 UTC "If This Is It"-Huey Lewis & the News
0228 UTC (Some kind of warbly sounding jamming sound in the background of the unid pop song)
0232 UTC "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith
0240 UTC "Take This Job and Shove It"-Johnny Paycheck (Sudden off, then back on again)

0003 UTC S7 peaks amidst heavy storm static crashes...sounds like a live Pink Floyd song

T-storms threatening just to the north of me...time to unplug!

2326 UTC Song ended, then OM DJ chat, followed by OM singer...presumed to be Tony Bennett per other posts
(S6 peaks at the same level as static crashes)
2340 UTC Still tough copy here...OM DJ chat now
2352 UTC Signal up a bit but barely above the static crashes
2359 UTC OFF? No audio now

RIP Tony Bennett
Thank you for the tribute show PK!

0215 UTC Signed on suddenly with "Whiter Shade of Pale"-Procol Harum (S8 peaks with light fades and moderate noise)
0219 UTC "White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane
0222 UTC "Time of the Season"-Zombies
0225 UTC "You're Love Is Taking Me Higher"-Jackie Wilson
0229 UTC "Unchained Melody"-Righteous
0232 UTC Unid soul tune
0235 UTC "Good Luck Charm"-Elvis Presley
0238 UTC "I Wish It Would Rain"-Temptations
(I'm hearing a sound after a song ends and again before a new song starts...playing vinyl maybe?)
0241 UTC Unid pop tune
0243 UTC Unid pop tune
0245 UTC Unid pop tune (Voices sound like Phil & Don)
0248 UTC "To Sir With Love"-Lulu
0251 UTC "I Fall to Pieces"-Patsy Cline
0254 UTC Unid pop tune
0256 UTC "You Really Got Me"-Kinks
0258 UTC "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"-Buckinghams
0301 UTC Unid pop tune-Elvis Presley
0304 UTC "I Love You"-The People
0309 UTC "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"-Dusty Springfield
0312 UTC I forgot the name of this one by Dionne Warwick
0316 UTC Unid instrumental pop tune
0318 UTC Unid soul tune
0321 UTC Unid pop tune
0324 UTC Spoken word skit about brew....then OM with "You are listening to 77 Lima Juliett Sierra...all vinyl all night"
0325 UTC "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison
0328 UTC "Desiderata"-?
0332 UTC "Let the Good Times Roll"-Ray Charles?
0335 UTC Spoken word skit, followed by Unid pop tune
0338 UTC OM with 77LJS all vinyl all night, followed by "There's No Living Without Your Loving"-Peter & Gordon
0341 UTC OFF

Thank you for the vinyl show 77LJS! I miss those days!  8)
Here's my recording of the show:

0113 UTC Tuned in to the "Hully Gully" in progress...S9 with light fading and light noise during fades
0116 UTC "You're listening to the Yeah Man"..."Thirsty Thursday", followed by shoutouts to the previous posters
0117 UTC "La Bamba"-Richie Valens
0119 UTC "Mashed Potato Time"-Dee Dee Sharp
0121 UTC Yeah Man chatting, into a song I forgot the name of
0124 UTC Unid instrumental tune...surf or racing music
0126 UTC Yeah Man chatting..."that was Bongo Rock" followed by shoutouts (Thanks!)
0128 UTC "Surfin Safari"-Beach Boys
0131 UTC "You Belong To Me"-Duprees
0133 UTC "Cry Like A Baby"-Boxtops
0136 UTC "I Think We're Alone Now"-Tommy James & Shondells
0138 UTC "Last Train to Clarksville"-Monkees
0142 UTC "Sloop John B"-Beach Boys
0145 UTC (The flute jammer is on the frequency...heard here while Yeah Man was looking for a track to play)
0146 UTC "Spinning Wheel"-Blood, Sweat, and Tears
0149 UTC "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In"-Fifth Dimension
0154 UTC "Cry Like a Baby"-Boxtops (cut short as it was played before)
0156 UTC "Joy To the World"-Three Dog Night
0200 UTC Yeah Man with shoutout to Shortwave_listener, followed by "American Woman"-Guess Who
0204 UTC "Mama Told Me Not to Come"-Three Dog Night

Thanks for the tunes Yeah Man!

0003 UTC Piano & Bass guitar instrumental jazz music in progress at tune in (S8 peaks with moderate noise and light fading)
0005 UTC Pause, then another Piano & Bass tune
0010 UTC OM with 77 Lima Juliett Sierra...18th of July...broadcasting from the elephant cage, followed by a story
0014 UTC Piano music
0015 UTC OM continues the story....talking about Industrial Espionage...Washington Apparatus, then piano music
(Talking about a man who turned over his Engineering Patents to the Soviet Embassy in San Francisco...other men also)
0026 UTC OM with ID, then back to discussion of the Soviet Apparatus
0033 UTC Noise level is getting worse
0040 UTC Music and then OM talking about Alger Hiss and the underground
0048 UTC OM ID'd some musical selections
0055 UTC OM with ID and back to the story
0114 UTC OFF

Thanks for the music and history 77LJS!

QSLs Received / Re: Late Night Lunatics 17 July eQSL
« on: July 17, 2023, 1838 UTC »
Also received this unexpected eQSL here! Now we have a station name and email address for this mystery station! Thank you very much Late Night Lunatics! It is appreciated!  :)

0336 UTC Unid funky sounding tune (S6 peaks with light fading and high noise level)
0340 UTC Unid funky blues song-OM singer
0345 UTC "Walking the Dog"-OM singer
0348 UTC OM with ID "Outhouse Radio, then PD 50 SSTV

0349 UTC "Barefootin"-OM singer
0352 UTC Unid blues/rock tune-YL singer
0400 UTC "Boom Boom Boom Boom"-OM singer
(Noise is getting really bad)
0405 UTC "The Thrill Is Gone"-BB King
0423 UTC "Superfly"-Curtis Mayfield
0427 UTC OM with ID, then PD 50 SSTV

0431 UTC "Chain Gang"-Sam Cooke
0434 UTC "Shake, Rattle, and Roll"-OM singer

Time to hit the sack here...thanks for the blues tunes OHR!

0016 UTC OM talking with mention of WDOG and staying away from devil worship music like the Beatles
0017 UTC Unid 60's sounding pop tune-OM singers
(S9 peaks with light fading and light noise...excellent audio)
0019 UTC OM DJ chat, followed by "Ship of Fools"-World Party
0028 UTC OM with a slow ID
0031 UTC OM DJ with mention of "The brain of Professor T. E. Magnetron", followed by an unid cover of the old Randy & The Rainbow's "Denise"
0034 UTC "This is WDOG Shortwave, followed by an unid rock tune
0045 UTC Unid cover of "Dear Prudence"?
0103 UTC WDOG singing jingle followed by a cacophony of dogs howling, followed by a mix version of "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army?
0109 UTC OM mumbling something followed by "Shut Up" looped audio
0110 UTC OFF

Kicking back and enjoying the show! Good tunes and great signal!
Thanks for the entertainment WDOG!

Thanks SRR and also a tip of the hat to the Radio Ronin op!

2338 UTC Tuned in to "Kashmir"-Led Zeppelin in progress (S9+ with moderate fading and light noise...sounds good!)
Some peskies heard but not loud
2343 UTC "Bridge of Sighs"-Robin Trower
2349 UTC "Smooth"-Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas
2355 UTC CW followed by an unid rock tune
0006 UTC "Something In the Air"-Thunderclap Newman
(Just noticed the peskie in the background is talking in English...)
0010 UTC OM with ID "Radio Ronin Shortwave", then email address and postal address for QSL. Mention of our service members and "Thank God we got them out of Iraq"
0011 UTC OFF

Thanks for the old one SRR! Interestingly, the peskies in English disappeared when the show ended, so I'm assuming this was an off air recording.

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