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QSLs Received / All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #9 eQSL
« on: July 16, 2023, 2335 UTC »
Thanks AARS! I'm trying to collect the whole set and it is appreciated!  :)

QSLs Received / Re: Station QRP eQSL
« on: July 16, 2023, 1826 UTC »
Also received the same here for my posting and brief recording! Thank you very much for the great eQSL stationqrp! Amazing that you made it across the pond directly here on 8 watts!  8)

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 via MRI eQSL 15/16 JUL 2023
« on: July 16, 2023, 1822 UTC »
Also received the same graphically awesome eQSL here! Thanks Radio 48 and MRI!  8)

0519 UTC "The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia"-Vickie Lawrence?
(Signal is fading in and out of the noise...excellent audio)
0526 UTC Unid rap song

0439 UTC Unid ambient music (S7 peaks and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
Signal is coming in really well here...seems a bit strong to be a Euro
0445 UTC OM speaking now...tough copy...followed by unid music
I guess it is a Euro per Shortwave_listener...thanks!

edit by Ray :
from UNID to Laser Hot Hits
(was on 6275 overnight)

0305 UTC Tuned in to Bram reading listener letters (Signal good on S9 peaks with deep fades into the noise)
Somebody wrote in for a program schedule...mention of Radio Animal and other names
0310 UTC OM with mention of Radio Duplicado
0311 UTC Drums, followed by Top 10 list..."The Top 10 DXer's Daydreams"
0314 UTC Bram telling a story about pigs and artificial insemination
0317 UTC "Actual Stuff"
0320 UTC Bram talking about Cantilever Bra and the Gerbil story
0324 UTC Flute and drum music
0324 UTC Deep voiced OM with Radio Azteca ID
0325 UTC "Ask Dr Radio"..."There's nothing more dangerous than a hot woman"
0329 UTC Bram with screwed up blurbs
0331 UTC Bram says 5th Anniversary show
0332 UTC Frog noises, then Azteca IS
0333 UTC OM with NAPRS ID and email for Re-activation QSL
0334 UTC Drums, then Bram with program #26...thanks to the Azteca relayers
0337 UTC Mail program...mention of Moms Mabley...more on the Gerbil story
0346 UTC "Actual Stuff"..."We are not making these up"..."sex crazed Dentist"..."cockfighting"
0349 UTC "The Flushing Report"...Goniometers...Ventilation Tables
0355 UTC Deep voiced OM with da de da Radio Azteca ID, followed by Latin American music
0356 UTC "Top Ten List"...Top Ten Joke Punchlines
0359 UTC Bram talking about a famous sperm
0400 UTC Ragtime piano, followed by Bram...Ask Dr Radio...gerbil story is disgusting reply
0403 UTC "We don't have a clue most of the time"
0404 UTC Bram with mention of program #26
0405 UTC Frog noises, then Azteca IS
0406 UTC "Program # 27"..."who has the most Radio Azteca QSL's"
0408 UTC Answering letters now..."Monique the mail woman"..."Do they sell walls at WalMart?"
0414 UTC "Radio Azteca, more fun than an autopsy"
0415 UTC Bram reading a story..."the price of Gerbils has skyrocketed"..."Gerbil World"..."Route 32 across from Walmart"
0420 UTC Theme from Peter Gunn, followed by Bram with Top 10 List..."Top 10 signs you're dealing with an unreliable radio repair shop"
0423 UTC "Radio Azteca Story Time"...a brave decided he needed a squaw...checking for bees
0425 UTC "Actual Stuff"...gave out a long web address in html..."man struck by lightning faces battery charge"...
0429 UTC "This has been the Flushing Report"
0430 UTC Music, then "Ask Doctor Radio"..."a lot of weird people in Michigan"...what radio stations can you hear in hell
0433 UTC "You get more than 144 in a gross with us"
0434 UTC "This has been Radio Azteca show #27, ID, then off

Thanks for the latest installment AARS!

0152 UTC Unid bluesy rock tune
0155 UTC YL with MRI ID followed by a Jimi Hendrix sounding mix tune
(S9 signal in wideband sideband)
0201 UTC OM with ID "Mix Radio International", followed by "Been Down So Long"-Doors Alternate version?
0206 UTC Singing Jingle, followed by Unid crooner tune-OM singer
0208 UTC Radio 48 jingle, followed by "C.B. Savage"-Rod Hart
0212 UTC Radio 48 jingle, followed by an unid parody song
0214 UTC "Don't Fool Around With Love"-OM singers
0225 UTC "If That Ain't Country"-David Allen Coe
0234 UTC Radio 48 jingle, followed by a Psycho Killer mix
0238 UTC "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison
0250 UTC "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand"-Beatles
0256 UTC YL with "Thank you for listening to Radio Mix International", followed by OM talking...George Carlin
0303 UTC Mix Radio & Radio 48 jingle ID

2357 UTC Testing 1, 2, 3 can anybody hear me (S9 + amidst a very noisy band)
0000 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio" ID, followed by a very old sounding recording-YL singer
0004 UTC Old time bluesy folk song-OM singer
0007 UTC Bluegrass tune-YL singer
0009 UTC "Let's Call a Heart a Heart"-Billie Holiday segue into "What's This Thing Called Love"-Ella Fitzgerald? Looked it up online and the YL singing with Tommy Dorsey is "Connie Haines"
0015 UTC "Someday You'll Call My Name"-Hank Williams
0017 UTC "Call On Me"-OM singer I forgot the name of
0020 UTC "Call Me Lightning"-The Who
0022 UTC "Bombay Calling"-It's A Beautiful Day (One of the few LP's I held onto when I downsized the vinyl)
0026 UTC "Call Me"-Al Green
0030 UTC Unid song by what sounds like early Tom Waits
0034 UTC "Call Me"-Blondie
0037 UTC "London Calling"-The Clash
0041 UTC "A Little Thing Called Love"-Neil Young
0044 UTC "Are You Ready For a Thing Called Love"-Bonnie Raitt
0048 UTC Unid song by Joe Cocker
0051 UTC "Waiting For Your Call"-BB King

Thanks once again Wolverine!

I also had a weak carrier on 15068.8 AM from 2032-2046 UTC, with 3 brief fade-ups of music.
Here's a short recording of the best of the 3 fade-ups at 2035 UTC:

2145 UTC A familiar 90's grunge tune I forgot the name of...possibly by Rage Against the Machine (S6 peaks amidst high noise with deep fading)
2148 UTC OM speaking, but too noisy to copy
2150 UTC Deep fade...no signal at all now

0058 UTC Wildfire Interval Signal (S9+ peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
0100 UTC YL with ID, followed by "Heat of the Night"-Bryan Adams
0105 UTC "Hot Rod Lincoln"-Commander Cody & Lost Planet Airmen
0108 UTC "Some Like It Hot"-Power Station
0112 UTC "Hot Fun In the Summertime"-Sly & Family Stone
0115 UTC "She Was Hot"-Rolling Stones
0120 UTC "Heat Wave"-Martha & Vandellas
0123 UTC "Hot For Teacher"-Van Halen
0127 UTC "Going Up the Country"-Canned Heat
0130 UTC "The Kid Is Hot Tonite"-Loverboy
0134 UTC "Hot Blooded"-Foreigner
0137 UTC "Hot Child In the City"-Nick Gilder
0140 UTC Unid song with "Hot Hot Hot" lyrics (Static crashes are getting loud)
0145 UTC "Every 1's a Winner"-Hot Chocolate
0155 UTC "Heat of the Moment"-Asia
0159 UTC "Hot Stuff"-Donna Summer
0203 UTC "Boogie Nights"-Heatwave
0206 UTC "Hot Legs"-Rod Stewart
0213 UTC "Too Hot"-Kool & The Gang
0220 UTC "The Heat Is On"-Glenn Frey
0227 UTC "Under the Bridge"-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Thanks for the hot tunes on this warm summer night!

0005 UTC Unid looped audio...OM mumbling something followed by a YL saying "Shut Up"
0009 UTC Unid song...90's sounding pop tune
0013 UTC YL with ID...WAPE WAVE Radio Whiskey Alpha Papa Victor Echo, followed by an unid pop song
0018 UTC OM with a whispered "WAVE Radio", followed by another unid pop song
0023 UTC Different song now
0027 UTC YL with "Welcome to WAVE Radio"...Ride the WAVE", followed by another unid pop tune
0035 UTC OFF

Thanks for the introduction to Stereolab, a band I've heard of but never heard! Here's my recording from 0010-0035 UTC:

0032 UTC Tuned in to some funky jazz music (S9 peaks and above the very high noise level this evening)
0034 UTC Funky jazz tune with OM rapping
0046 UTC OM with ID "Aurora Borealis Radio", followed by some harder edged jazz rock fusion
0053 UTC Unid jazz rock fusion tune
0103 UTC OM with ID, followed by more funky jazz fusion
0114 UTC OM with ID, then back to previous song
0130 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entertainment!

0131 UTC Tuned in to "Turn Up the Radio"-Autograph (S7 peaks with high noise and deep fading)
0136 UTC OM DJ chat, but no luck on the copy

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