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QSLs Received / WRKO/Shortwave eQSL 29 JUN 2023
« on: June 30, 2023, 1451 UTC »
Thank you for the show...loved the countdown tunes! Also thanks for the always appreciated eQSL!

2324 UTC An odd ambient jazzy piano composition (S8 peaks with light noise)
2335 UTC Segue into another ambient piano composition
2349 UTC Segue into another ambient piano composition
0003 UTC Another ambient piano composition with a baroque jazz feel to it
0019 UTC OFF

Thanks for something different on the funny bands!

Found this about Tom Fahy on the last.fm site: 'Tom Fahy' is an assemblage of musicians headed by pseudonymous author and composer Tom Fahy. Core members include Aestrid Byrne, Jiang Dan, Rachael Eisley, Zhang Li, Liu Kaige, and Emer Mulholland, while other players, including Alvaro Macaya, Thomas Byrne, Vicente Labarca, and Marco Falabella, are drafted for the requirements of particular pieces.

0257 UTC S9 Carrier with light peskie QRM on LSB and a bit of flutter fading
0258 UTC Music followed by OM DJ with WRKO ID, then "Which Way You Going Billy"-The Poppy Family
0302 UTC OM with Advertisement for The First Edition's LP with "Somethings Burning"
0303 UTC "You Make Me Real"-Doors
0307 UTC "Green Tambourine"-Lemon Pipers
0310 UTC WRKO Weather
0315 UTC "Everything Is Beautiful"-Ray Stevens
0319 UTC Coca Cola commercial, followed by "My Baby Loves Lovin"-White Plains
0323 UTC "Cinnamon Girl"-The Gentrys
0326 UTC "Woodstock"-CSNY (#25)
0330 UTC OM DJ with "Solid Gold Weekend", followed by "I Want To Hold Your Hand"-Beatles
0339 UTC "Make Me Smile"-Chicago
0348 UTC "Hush"-Deep Purple
0352 UTC "You're listening to Bobby Mitchell-WRKO"
0354 UTC "American Woman"-Guess Who
0400 UTC "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"-Dusty Springfield
0403 UTC "Schlitz Malt Liquor" commercial..."The Bull"
0405 UTC "I'm Your Vehicle"-Ides of March
0415 UTC "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes"-Edison Lighthouse
0421 UTC "Easy Come Easy Go"-Bobby Sherman
0424 UTC "Color Me Father"-Winstons
0427 UTC "Reflections Of My Life"-Marmalade
0430 UTC "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"-Simon & Garfunkel
0435 UTC "Shiloh"-Neil Diamond
(Signal is still solid above the noise!)
0441 UTC Advertisement, followed by "I Can't See Nobody"-Bee Gees
0446 UTC "Up the Ladder to the Roof"-Supremes
0449 UTC "Somethings Burning"-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0452 UTC "Little Green Bag"-George Baker Selection
0456 UTC "Rag Doll"-Four Seasons
0459 UTC "House of the Rising Sun"-Frijid Pink
0502 UTC "Come and Get It"-Badfinger (#5)
0504 UTC "Instant Karma"-John Lennon
0507 UTC "Cinnamon Girl"-Gentrys
0510 UTC "Tequila"-The Champs
0512 UTC "ABC"-Jackson 5
0515 UTC "Spirit In the Sky"-Norman Greenbaum
(Signal is just above the noise now)
0519 UTC "Let It Be"-Beatles
0523 UTC OFF

Thank you for the memory adventure!

QSLs Received / Re: WAPE June 27 - eQSL
« on: June 29, 2023, 0123 UTC »
Also received here...love the graphics! Thanks WAPE!

2254 UTC OM talking, mention of Brooklyn Bridge and New York...discussion on Nicola Tesla
2257 UTC OM talking about UFO's and mention of Roswell...mention of Tesla conducting experiments
2259 UTC In 1946 there were a lot of UFO sightings...George Wood?
(So far the signal has been a steady S9 with some static crashes, light fading, and peskies yakking on LSB)
2304 UTC Electronic music with man talking over it (Peskies are breaking through during the fades)
2306 UTC OFF

Thanks for the info show! I wish reception had been a little better...
Here's my recording:

0153 UTC Fading in and out of the heavy static crashes with unid tune
0205 UTC Signal faded up a bit to S7 and over the noise...rock tune

0020 UTC Unid indie pop song-OM singer
0023 UTC Unid pop song-YL singer
0030 UTC "Cold Heart"-Dua Lipa & Elton John
(Nice S8 peaks with light fading and light noise...nice audio)
0113 UTC "Alive"-Pearl Jam  8)
0130 UTC "Kryptonite"-3 Doors Down
0133 UTC Static crashes are getting worse, but signal still solid over the noise
0148 UTC OM said something about the Great Lakes, then OFF

Thanks for the nice mix of tunes whoever!

0207 UTC Unid song just above the noise...Van Morrison? Tough reception tonight with the snap crackle pop
0217 UTC Possibly an OM speaking? Sounds like blues music now

QSLs Received / MAC Shortwave rebroadcast via NAPRS eQSL
« on: June 26, 2023, 0128 UTC »
Thanks once again for your rebroadcasting these gems from the past NAPRS! Thanks for the eQSL too!  8)

0102 UTC Unid song-OM singer, followed by OM DJ with WANK ID
0107 UTC Audio clip of John Lennon talking about a new song followed by Unid song-YL singer (It's For You lyrics)
0109 UTC OM DJ chat with ID, followed by "From A Window"-Billy J Kramer & Dakotas
(Sounds like songs written by Lennon & McCartney performed by other artists)
0111 UTC Unid song-OM singers with lyrics "One and One Is Two"
0114 UTC "Nobody I Know"-Peter & Gordon (This one made the US charts when I was a kid!)
0117 UTC "Bad to Me"-Billy J Kramer (This one was a hit here also)
0119 UTC No clue on this one
(So far the signal has been S8 peaks with light fading and moderate to heavy static...excellent audio)
0121 UTC Spoken word bit with unid DJ, followed by "That Means A Lot"-PJ Proby
0124 UTC WANK DJ chat...songs the Beatles wrote but didn't perform, followed by "A World Without Love"-Peter & Gordon (Another hit on this side of the pond)
0127 UTC "I'll Keep You Satisfied"-Billy J Kramer
0129 UTC "Hello Little Girl"-Fourmost, followed by one I am again clueless on-YL singer
0133 UTC OM DJ with "You're listening to WANK", followed by "I'll Be On My Way"-Billy J Kramer & Dakotas
0135 UTC "I'm In Love"-Fourmost?
0137 UTC WANK DJ chat, followed by "Woman"-Peter & Gordon (Also a hit here)
0140 UTC "Love of the Loved"-Cilla Black
0142 UTC "Come and Get It"-Badfinger
0144 UTC "I Don't Want to See You Again"-Peter & Gordon
0146 UTC "Goodbye"-Mary Hopkins
0148 UTC "Sour Milk Sea"-?
0152 UTC OM with ID "WANK-The Anchor", followed by one I am again clueless on
0155 UTC Unid song with lyrics "Ain't That Cute Baby"-YL singer
0159 UTC OM DJ with "WANK and that's the show", followed by unid music
0201 UTC A song by an OM singer I've heard before on WANK programs but don't recall the name!
0203 UTC OFF

Thank for the great show WANK! Great production and a tip a da hat to you for this one!  :)
Here's my recording of the show...would love to get a studio copy of this!

0054 UTC Hearing music directly across the pond...presumed to be Laser, but tough copy with the static crashes
0056 UTC OM speaking now, but no luck on the copy
0058 UTC I heard what might have been the laser audio clip over the song?

1740 UTC I have a weak carrier with some traces of audio...very low level
1745 UTC Nice fade-up to just above the noise floor with rap/R&B music-OM singer, then faded back into the noise
1752 UTC Weak carrier, but no audio making it through the noise since 1747 UTC
1754 UTC Another nice fade-up...rap song-OM singer...back in the noise by 1756 UTC
1758 UTC Music again at the noise floor
1812 UTC Some weak music again

Here's a 1 minute audio clip of the fade up at 1745 UTC

Thanks for the broadcast! Too bad the prop is lousy this afternoon...

0332 UTC "A Hard Days Night"-Beatles (S8 peaks and sounding good!)
0035 UTC "The Seeker"-The Who
0038 UTC "I Can't Explain"-The Who
0040 UTC Paul Starr chatting about the FRN
0042 UTC "Secret Agent Man"-Johnny Rivers

0225 UTC Unid progressive rock tune (S6 peaks and just above the noise floor)
0229 UTC OM with ID...Outhouse Radio? Sounded like LeeRoy, but the snap, crackle, pop is bad this evening
0243 UTC OM said something, followed by a Scottie 2 SSTV

0322 UTC "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You"-Sugarloaf
0325 UTC Scottie 2 SSTVs

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