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2357 UTC "Testing 1,2,3 can anybody hear me"
0000 UTC OM with "Wolverine Radio", followed by 30's music
(The usual S9+ signal here)
0009 UTC "Lover Man"-Billie Holiday
0012 UTC "A Lover's Question"-Clyde McPhatter
0017 UTC "Sweet Lover"-Aretha Franklin
0020 UTC "Plastic Fantastic Lover"-Jefferson Airplane
0023 UTC "Imaginary Lover"-Atlanta Rhythm Section
0028 UTC "Lover's Rock"-Clash
0032 UTC "I Need A Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy"-John Mellencamp Pat Benatar
0040 UTC "Easy Lover"-Phil Collins
0045 UTC "Part Time Lover"-Stevie Wonder

2150 UTC Song ending, followed by OM DJ with chat and ID, then "I Think We're Alone Now"-Paul Revere & Raiders
2153 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Black Is Black"-Los Bravos
2157 UTC OM with old yahoo.com email address, followed by a story about acorn wars
2213 UTC "Secret Agent Man"-Johnny Rivers
2216 UTC DJ Paul Starr says closing down, followed by a cowboy sounding song
2218 UTC Different OM chatting now..."Hope you enjoyed that old Paul Starr show"
2219 UTC Unid songs
2221 UTC A young kid DJing now..."Ultraman Show"
2224 UTC "Boys"-Beatles
2228 UTC Young DJ with ID and email address
2232 UTC "The Word"-Beatles
2300 UTC "Helter Skelter"-Beatles
2306 UTC Back to Paul Starr now, then an old movie theme
2314 UTC Paul Starr with "Have a goodnight", then "It's a Pirate's Life"
2316 UTC "Star Spangled Banner" Instrumental version  8)
2317 UTC Laughter  ;D followed by NAPRS ID and email address naprs@protonmail.com then ScottieDX SSTV

Thank you for the older MAC show NAPRS! Heard them back in 2014 when Paul Starr was doing his Jimmy Stewart shows and playing 78 RPMS, then he disappeared later on that year. Good stuff!
Here's my recording of the show:

2008 UTC "Nowhere Man"-Beatles (S7 peaks with light to moderate fading and moderate noise)
2010 UTC OM speaking, but in a fade...OM interviewing Trump about the boxes of classified documents
2011 UTC Parody version of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" (Donald in the John With Boxes)  ;D
2014 UTC OM with ? political witch hunt ?, followed by Nowhere Man again
2016 UTC OFF

Now that was different! LMAO   8)

I'd greatly appreciate a Top Secret Classified eQSL!
Here's my recording of the show:

Thanks again for the weekly dose of Radio Azteca and the always appreciated eQSL!

0330 UTC Bram Stoker with mailbag program (S9 here with light fading and excellent audio)

0307 UTC I have some music in the noise, but nada on IDing the song
0309 UTC Faded up to S7 and mostly above the noise
0314 UTC Faded into the noise
0318 UTC Nice fade up...hearing Mr Sycko chatting, but tough on the copy

0231 UTC Horn Fanfare Interval Signal and drum beats (S9 with light fades and solid above the noise!)
0233 UTC Bram Stoker with program #16...Wellsville postal address, followed by mailbag program
0238 UTC Nursery Rhyme "Mary's Knobs"  :D
0241 UTC Music...Emiliano Zamboni with editorial comment..."what a QSL whore is"
0244 UTC Music..."Animal Stories"..."Big stud giraffe"...imported one from Dallas...story about horse and road apples
0252 UTC OM with ID...Radio Azteca, the home of Bram Stoker..."You might be a DXer"
0255 UTC Surf music...Top 10 List...why Bob Grove is nuts
0258 UTC "Scarfman" interview
0305 UTC ID, then "Dixie"...Dr Radio...Glenn Hauser was used as a utility weight...difference between a genealogist and a gynecologist
0310 UTC Horn Fanfare IS then program #17
0314 UTC Mail program followed by a song with an OM with a strange voice
0321 UTC New Book for DXer's...Psychic guide to World Band Radio
0323 UTC moments in Zamboni history, mention of "Pee Wee Herman Palm Sunday special", then DX program
0328 UTC Interception of cordless phone calls and baby monitors..."Actual Stuff"
0333 UTC Top 10 reasons not to let your ? date a dxer
0335 UTC Moments in Emiliano history?
0338 UTC What does it mean when a canary dies?
0340 UTC Horn fanfare IS, then program #18
0342 UTC We now have 14 different QSL's
0344 UTC Mail Bag program
0349 UTC Top 10 list "You might be a DXer"
0351 UTC DX program #152,932..."Kristen Kaye, the untold story"..."Cordless phone and baby monitor pirates"
0355 UTC Music, followed by Bram....what do you have when you have 2 balls in your hand...how do some men become Roe vs Wade?
0358 UTC Top 10 things you can do to piss off a serious DXer
0401 UTC Ask Dr Radio...what is the difference between Madonna and the Panama Canal
0405 UTC "Actual Stuff"
0409 UTC Todays inspirational message
0410 UTC Bram Stoker bringing program #18 to a close, IS, then OM with AARS ID
0411 UTC allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com, then OFF

0125 UTC Music right at the noise floor here...not enough to ID the tune
0143 UTC SSTV, but no luck on the decode (Just had an M-4.9 flare a little earlier)

0032 UTC Jazz version of the Buckingham's "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" (S9 and sounding good!)
0036 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone! Thanks for the shoutout! "Thirsty Thursday"
0038 UTC Another song by the Crusaders
0044 UTC "Spooky"-Classics IV
0047 UTC Yeah Man chatting...YM says he's well lubed already  8)
0049 UTC "Light My Fire"-Jose Feliciano
0052 UTC "The Look of Love"-Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
0056 UTC "I'd Like To Get To Know You"-Spanky & Our Gang
0101 UTC "Classical Gas"-Mason Williams

0451 UTC Unid free form jazz music with peaks to S8 amidst moderate static crashes...excellent audio!
0453 UTC Hearing Bud chatting but tough copy in the noise
0456 UTC Unid jazz tune
0503 UTC Faded deep or OFF...carrier gone!

Thanks for the early morning jazz Bud!

Keep an ear out for the name "Bennie Dingo". He was out to sea with Radio Caroline in that era. They had a host of American DJ's. I used to relay some of Bennie's later stuff Stateside.

I was surprised to find Bennie Dingo's website still gracing the internet! Here's the link:

Thanks for an old show I've never heard of TRI!  8)

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