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0049 UTC S9 carrier with music at very low modulation..."Got To Get You Into My Life"-Beatles cover? Strong peskie QRM
0054 UTC "Return to Sender"-Elvis Presley cover?
0056 UTC OM DJ (sounds like a commercial relay), followed by a 60's sounding pop song "We Are the Power Station"?
0059 UTC OM DJ, followed by "You Can't Hurry Love"-Supremes
0101 UTC Modulation jumped up to awesome level!
0102 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Here, There, and Everywhere"-Beatles or cover?
0104 UTC OM mentioned the last song moved up from 44 to 42, followed by an Unid 60's pop song
0106 UTC OM DJ followed by "Eleanor Rigby"-Beatles
0109 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Just Like A Woman" cover version
0111 UTC OM DJ, followed by "I'm Your Puppet"-?
0120 UTC OM DJ mentioned "Caroline", followed by "Sookie Sookie"-cover version
(Is this Emperor Rosko from the Radio Caroline days or with Radio Luxembourg, or maybe BBC Radio 1?)
After some research, it seems that in 1966 Emperor Rosko was a DJ on Radio Caroline, along with his parrot Alfie! As you can hear the bird whistling at times, then that would confirm this is a an aircheck of Radio Caroline in 1966.
0136 UTC "Radio Caroline" jingle!  8)
(Emperor Rosko did not join BBC Radio 1 until some time in 1967)
0144 UTC Heard a "Caroline South" ID!
0153 UTC OFF

THANKS TRI! I actually heard Radio Caroline in the 1980's during their reincarnation, so to speak, but never heard a show from the 60's before the Marine Offences act. Cool!

Here's a link to my recording...the modulation kicks in nicely around the 10-11 minute mark:

0136 UTC Techno beat music then OM saying something about artificial intelligence, then back to the techno
(Signal is fading in and out with S6 peaks...nice clean audio)
0142 UTC Different techno music? OM speaking over the music...tough copy
0148 UTC Sycko Radio ID? Followed by vocal techno music (Nice S8 fade up for a minute or so)
0152 UTC Deep fade into the noise or OFF? ...something still there in the noise
0200 UTC Pop tune during solid fade-up
0201 UTC Mr Sycko chatting...."we got everything going on here"
0207 UTC Mr Sycko with shoutouts? Followed by a Pirate sounding tune
0213 UTC "For Your Love"-Yardbirds  8)
0215 UTC "Strange Brew"-Cream
0218 UTC Mr Sycko with "Oh Yeah", followed by "Suzi Q"-CCR
0223 UTC ID, followed by "Bad to the Bone"-George Thorogood
0226 UTC Deep fade into the noise again
0231 UTC Faded up nicely...."Can't You Hear Me Knockin"-Rolling Stones (Just in time for the classic Mick Taylor lead guitar solo!)
0236 UTC "Ooh That Smell"-Lynyrd Skynyrd (Bit of a fade near the end)
0243 UTC "Rebel Rebel"-David Bowie
0247 UTC Music right at the noise floor
0250 UTC Back up again with "Crossroads"-Cream
0255 UTC Mr Sycko on the microphone, but no luck with the copy, then big fade again
0259 UTC Back up a bit....think I heard something about "2 watts" (WOW!), followed by "Psychotic Reaction"-Count Five
0302 UTC ID followed by "The Wizard"-Black Sabbath
0307 UTC Noise level is getting really bad now  :( (I can still detect the carrier but I think it's time to call it a night here)

Thank you for the Monday evening tunes SYC! Good to hear songs I know from the old days...Take care of that rig...it's precious!  8)

QSLs Received / Nu-Ska Radio First Time On Air eQSLs 19 JUN 2023
« on: June 19, 2023, 2242 UTC »
Thank you for the new station and the fast eQSL! Good tunes...Look forward to hearing some more!  8)
Also received one from TRI! Now that is really cool! And very much appreciated TRI!  :)

2227 UTC Unid reggae song ending, followed by YL with "New Ska ?", into unid reggae song
(I have an S9 signal, but the modulation is low...also some peskie QRM)
2232 UTC YL again with ID, into "Rock and Roll Star"-reggae tune-OM singer
2235 UTC "It's Not Unusual"-Tom Jones reggae version
2238 UTC YL with ID then OM with nu.ska.radio@proton.me and OFF

Thanks for the tunes Nu-Ska Radio! A new one for me!  8)

1932 UTC Unid psychedelic indie tune-OM singer (S8 peaks with light fading and noise)
1935 UTC Unid indie tune-YL singer
1941 UTC OM with WHIZ ID
2003 UTC OFF

Thanks for the pleasant tunes this afternoon!

2252 UTC "Born To Be Wild"-Steppenwolf (S8 peaks with light fading and noise)
2256 UTC Silence

2244 UTC OM speaking (Signal heard directly across the pond, but just barely above the noise)
2246 UTC Weekend Music Radio ID, followed by an unid song
2250 UTC OM DJ speaking
2308 UTC "Lawyers In Love"-Jackson Browne
2312 UTC OM DJ speaking, gave ID of last song (Signal up to S5 and partial copy of the talk)
2313 UTC "Hurts So Good"-John Mellencamp
2316 UTC OM DJ chat
2320 UTC "Rhiannon"-Fleetwood Mac
2324 UTC OM DJ chat...mention of QSL card?
2326 UTC "Lady Marmalade"-Patti Labelle
2329 UTC OM DJ chat
2348 UTC "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth"-Meatloaf
2358 UTC "All Those Years Ago"-George Harrison
0002 UTC "Tumbling Dice"-YL singer
0032 UTC OFF

I have the email address as info@wmrscotland.com

Thanks once again for the relay and the eQSL! It is appreciated!  :)

0257 UTC "Penny Lane"-Beatles (S8 peaks...moderate fading and noise)
0300 UTC "Here Comes the Sun"-George Harrison live
(We love you Beatles, oh yes we do!)  8)
0303 UTC "Evil Woman"-ELO
0307 UTC "Fly Like An Eagle" mix version
0312 UTC "Abracadabra"-Steve Miller version
0316 UTC "Jet Airliner"-Steve Miller Band
0320 UTC "Let It Ride"-Bachman-Turner Overdrive (Static crashes have gotten really bad now)
0325 UTC Unid rock instrumental (Signal back above the noise)
0327 UTC "Purple Haze"-Jimi Hendrix segue into "Penny Lane"-Beatles
0333 UTC "Here Comes the Sun"-George Harrison live

Here's my recording from 0257-0332 UTC:

0247 UTC Came up after Ballsmacker QRT;d with that Da Da Da song...switched to USB
0250 UTC OFF

Ballsmacker confirmed in an email that this was not them.

QSLs Received / Ballsmacker Radio "Beautiful" eQSL 17 JUN 2023
« on: June 17, 2023, 0213 UTC »
Thanks for the show and the always appreciated eQSL! It's....beautiful!  :)

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Static eQSL 16 JUN 2023
« on: June 17, 2023, 0138 UTC »
I got one too! It ended up in my Spam box...LOL! Thanks Radio Static! You had a good signal here this evening!  ;D

0058 UTC "Wildfire" Interval Signal (S9+ here with light fades and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
0104 UTC "It's a Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
0107 UTC "Beautiful Day"-U2
0111 UTC "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World"-Charlie Rich
0113 UTC "Beautiful Boy"-John Lennon
0117 UTC "You Are So Beautiful"-Joe Cocker
0121 UTC "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"-? (From the Musical "Oklahoma")
0127 UTC "She's A Beauty"-Tubes
0131 UTC "You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and Your Mine"-Ringo Starr
0134 UTC "When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman"-Dr Hook & Medicine Show
0144 UTC "Hey Good Lookin"-Hank Williams
0151 UTC "Beautiful Sunday"-Daniel Boone (Oh...my...gawd...I'm going to have a horrible earworm attack)
0154 UTC "Beautiful Stranger"-Madonna (One of her best songs)
0204 UTC "Beautiful Loser"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0212 UTC "Everything Is Beautiful"-Ray Stevens
0216 UTC "Beautiful Girls"-Van Halen
0234 UTC "Beautiful People"-Melanie
0241 UTC "America the Beautiful"-Ray Charles
(Ooops...forgot to turn on the SSTV app)

Thanks for a beautiful show!

0000 UTC Hearing music at threshold level here...same show presumed as earlier on 6905 USB
(Signal is barely moving the S-meter with some solid peaks above the low noise on this band)
0012 UTC Signal dropped down below threshold level
(Propagation deities are not in the mood this evening for this band!)
0016 UTC Faded up to just above the noise
0021 UTC "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"-Andrews Sisters (Fading slowly in and out of the noise)
0024 UTC I'm hearing some OTH Radar QRM now
Oh well...the signal must be going somewhere!

Here's my recording from 0000-0012 UTC:

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