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0319 UTC Electronica with Sycko Radio ID's over the music..."Radio Madness" (S7 with light fading and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
0325 UTC OM speaking over sound effects and Sycko Radio ID followed by a BPM beat
0330 UTC OM with "You're tuned to Sycko Radio"...One Two, One Two...
0332 UTC Mr Sycko with shoutouts to the posters...THANKS!
0341 UTC Electronica music with OM saying "Outer Limits"
0347 UTC Mr Sycko with ID and frequency
0349 UTC Mr Sycko wondering if he can drop down to 4185 (6915 is a strong signal here)
0352 UTC QSY to 4185 (Signal is right at the noise floor now) Unid rock tune
0355 UTC "We Will Rock You"-Queen looped (Signal up to S5 peaks and above the noise)
0402 UTC Music has gotten mellow!
0404 UTC Signal has dropped down to the noise floor or just above
0406 UTC Sounded like a man giving a speech
0411 UTC Sound effects and people talking...rough copy
0412 UTC Choral singing
0413 UTC OFF? Nope...still there with sound effects

Time to call it a night here...thank you for the mind numbing madness Mr Sycko!  8)
Here's my recording of the show:

0209 UTC "Do You Believe In Magic"-Lovin' Spoonful (S8 here with light fading...Million Dollar Weekend!)
0210 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone with shoutouts to Paul65 and Dr. Strangelove, followed by "California Girls"-Beach Boys
0213 UTC "Make Me Your Baby"-Barbara Lewis
0216 UTC Yeah Man on the microphone (Thanks for the shoutout YM!)
0217 UTC "You've Lost That Loving Feelin"-Righteous Brothers
0221 UTC YM chatting, followed by "Tracks of My Tears"-Smokey Robinson
0224 UTC "Million Dollar Weekend" jingle, followed by "This Diamond Ring"-Gary Lewis & Playboys
0227 UTC "You've Got Your Troubles"-Fortunes
0231 UTC "I'll Never Find Another You"-Seekers
0233 UTC "You're The One"-Vogues
0236 UTC "Goldfinger"-Shirley Bass
0239 UTC "The In Crowd"-Ramsey Lewis Trio

Thanks for the blast from the mid-60's Yeah Man!

0123 UTC Unid pop song (Solid S8 and sounding good!)
0125 UTC OM with ID...didn't quite catch it...WAIT? Or maybe WHAT? Followed by an unid funky pop tune-YL singer
0130 UTC Pop tune-OM singer
0133 UTC Pop tune-YL singer
0137 UTC Rock tune-OM singer
0139 UTC OM with WART ID over "In the Evening"-Led Zeppelin, segue into unid rock tune
(I remember a WART just above the AM band back in the 1980's...cool!)
0143 UTC Pop tune-YL singer
0154 UTC OM with "WART The Wart", followed by a cover of Neil Young's "Old Man"
0157 UTC OM with "nighty night", followed by an unid pop tune
0200 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tunes WART! Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 1700 QSL 01 MAR 2024
« on: March 03, 2024, 0103 UTC »
Also received the same "Mighty Mellow" eQSL here...Thank you Radio 1700 and CSR!  :)

2335 UTC Unid live rock tune-OM singer (S7 peaks with light fading and noise)
2337 UTC Martin 1 SSTV, followed by OM saying something, then some live Pink Floyd

0003 UTC "Breath"-Cover of the PF tune
0005 UTC Martin 1 SSTV, followed by more PF cover music

0014 UTC OM with ID...You're tuned to Thunder Chicken Radio, then OFF

Thanks for the tunes TCR!

2303 UTC Theme from the Monkees TV program (Solid S9 and sounding great!)
2304 UTC Unid TV theme with OM over the top with "HF Underrground"
2305 UTC Looney Tunes cartoon theme music?
2308 UTC "A Passage to Bangkok"-Rush (OM mentioned HF Underground..."thanks for the reports from France, HF Underground), back to the song
2311 UTC OM with "Attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control", followed by music (OM with "Thanks to Germany")...more live Rush
2323 UTC OM with shoutout to Rain Brandy, followed by "Attention all planets...."
2324 UTC OFF

Thank you for the cool program! Here's my recording:

2009 UTC Unid pop song, then OM in German followed by industrial electronica
(S8 peaks with moderate fading and light noise...audio seems a bit muted except on peaks)
2018 UTC OM and YL with ID and email address
2019 UTC Anthem
2023 UTC OFF

Thank you for the esoteric tunes!

0314 UTC Electronica music (S9+ here and clear copy!)
0315 UTC Marching Band techno
0319 UTC OM and YL speaking, followed by industrial electronica
0354 UTC OM and YL speaking in German
0356 UTC Unid Anthem
0358 UTC Synth voiced OM...we will never surrender, followed by another short anthem, then OFF

2353 UTC Unid jazzy big band instrumental (S9 peaks with light fading and noise)
2355 UTC Different jazzy instrumental
2356 UTC OM with "Radio 1700" ID and email address of radio1700@myyahoo.com
2357 UTC Unid jazzy instrumental version of "Summertime"?
0001 UTC Jazzy instrumental with a Caribbean percussion beat
0003 UTC OM with "Coming to you from Cloudsplitter Radio, the Mighty Mellow, Radio 1700"
0018 UTC OM with ID and "73s and Good Evening" and OFF

Thanks for the easy listening music on this cold, blustery New England evening! Here's my recording:

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6960 USB 0113 UTC 29 FEB 2024
« on: February 29, 2024, 0114 UTC »
0113 UTC Rap song at S9 peaks with light fading and noise...excellent audio
0117 UTC Rap song

0012 UTC Tuned in to "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys mix in progress

2344 UTC Tuned in to "Runaway Train"-Soul Asylum in progress (S7 peaks with moderate fading and noise...audio at peaks is excellent)
2348 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer
2352 UTC "Everything She Wants"-WHAM
2357 UTC "Do It Again"-Steely Dan
0001 UTC A 60's motown song I forgot the name of...
0004 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Sunday evening mix of tunes! Here's my recording of the show:

2218 UTC "Private Eyes"-Hall & Oates (S8 peaks with light fading and light noise...sounds good!)

2128 UTC I'm hearing music fading in and out of the noise floor directly across the pond. Do not recognize the song...
2134 UTC An OM DJ chatting now but no luck on the copy
2149 UTC OM DJ chatting

Thank you for the ID Mike Radio! I have not heard this station before!  8)

0105 UTC Unid tune-YL singer (S9+20 and sounding great!)
0106 UTC Unid 30's/40's tune-OM singer
0115 UTC So far no luck IDing the tunes! Signal is still S9+20 and sounding really good using the 6 khz filter!
0119 UTC "Telling Lies"-Fats Domino
0122 UTC "Tell Him"-The Exciters
0124 UTC "You Never Can Tell"-Chuck Berry
0127 UTC "Tell Her No"-Zombies
0129 UTC "I Want to Tell You"-Beatles
0132 UTC "Tell Me Why"-Neil Young
0135 UTC "Go Tell It On the Mountain"-unid singer
0138 UTC "Any Major Dude Will Tell You"-Steely Dan
0141 UTC "You Tell Me"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers

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