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Sorry for the delay - I was listening at my backwoods camp (South Eastern St. Lawrence Co. NY) and just arrived home. Radio used was an Alinco DX-R8T with a quick and rough T2LT vertical dipole from a mfj tripod mast and a ~16' cane pole. Great show and glad I caught it. No wireless signal here so Shazam wasn't an option.  Link to captured video clip:


6.920 USB (S7-S9 +10 most of the time) Audio was great
SINPO - 44444

1:53 King of the Road
        YL Pop Song
        OM Annoc - "This is WTF Radio World Wide"
 1:58 60's Folk song BeeGees, pretty sure
 2:01 RHCP - "...Running to the city I love"
        Weird Al(?) Minnesota song
 2:07 Mississippi Queen
        OM Annoc - " This is WTF Radio World Wide"
 2:10 Beatles "Misery"
 2:12 "I am moving to Montana" song
 2:18 "Welcome to Nebraska" song
 2:22 Some modern pop song YL singer
    *(Signal now S4-S7 for a bit)
 2:24 OM Annoc - "Broadcasting to the world also New Hampshire"
 2:25 Sonic Youth "New Hampshire"
         OM Annoc - "And now New Jersey by request..."
 2:29  "Palisades Park"
 2:31  The Ramones "Palisades Park"
          OM Annoc - "New Mexico - you're next.."
 2:33   Billy Joel New Mexico

Thanks again for the broadcast!


Caught WDOG right after WEZL's broadcast.. Crazy strong signal into my spot in the woods in St. Lawrence Co. NY. Alinco DX-R8 with T2LT 14' up  - just like my WEZL logging  rum was flowing and I had no internet/shazam to get good song info...but hopefully this is helpful to OP

00:48 6960AM - +10 to +20db++ 555 SIO mx –Holy Cow and I thought WZEL was strong..jeeze! 50’s song “Baby do you want to Dance..”
00:50 Its the 1950’s! WDOG! Into Elvis “Blue Suede shoes”
00:52 OM ID WDOG Shortwave then into Richie Valenez “Labamba” song
00:54 “Aint that a shame” 00:56 jingle ID then into “Shout”
01:01 OM Announce then into Chuck Berry “USA”
01:03 “I’m a Wild One” -Jerry Lee Lewis
01:05 “Slow Down”
01:07 ID then “In the Jungle” *around 01:09 started to get over modulated even.
Signal now steady at +30db 01:10 “Wander” 01:11 SSTV burst briefly.
01:12 OM Announcer – dog howl sound into “Stand by me” 01:15 dog sound then into Chubby Checker “Twist”
01:17 getting strong carrier still but starting to notice a bad hum. Elvis “Hound dog” signal dropped to S9
01:20 ID “….give you a knuckle sandwich” into Chubby Checker’s “Let’s Twist Again” signal steady at S9 01:22 another 50’s song “MMMmmmm”

01:25 “Long Tall Sally” Little Richard *hum is there again and more noticeable than last song
01:26 Dog yelping sounds into next song “Kansas City Here I come….” still at S9 but more noise coming through at this point SIO=545

01:29 OM “A 1950’s night….doowop” into “Stay just a little bit longer”
01:30 WDOG is cooking with gas! Into “Barbara Ann”

01:33 next song – going to S8-S9 still great signal but some quality drop at this point.

01:35 OM – static getting in there s8 “Locomotion” 01:37 “Yes its 1950s night on W-O-D-O-Gggg” “You don’t know what you’ve been missin”

01:42 next song 01:42 OM “this one was before my time…” - “earth Angel” 01:45 next song Chuck Berry “ Jonny Be Goode”

01:47 Elvis “Be Bop a lula”signal s9 – SIO= 434

01:48 station coming back a bit harder SIO 444 01:51 CW coming through… during next song

01:52 W-D-O-G jingle..off air??? sounds like it. Off at 01:52UTC

Alright forgive me - Internet and Shazam was not at my side last night (out in the woods at camp. N. St. Lawrence Co. NY, USA) so song info sucks..and the rum was flowing. :)

*Radio used Alinco DX-R8 with a T2LT 14' up (I don't need much out here - soo quiet)

23:44 UTC 6.930 USB -  SIO= 545 MX-
23:46 OM Announce, 23:47 new song – flamethrower signal.
23:50 OM – “WEZL weasel radio” sign-off at 23:55 – Back on at 23:57 country sorta song,
00:00 Next song – country-rock thing
00:02 - OM “one of my favorite tunes”  ID & discussion on transmitter
00:04 new song audio seems not as strong...muddy.
00:08 OM – Weasel Radio 00:09 song Americana type song.
00:12 OM “This is weasel radio” OM states he was a dj in the 80’s and 90’s. 
00:13 mx 00:17 OM – “At the transmitter shack tonight and don’t have digital access” Townes Van Zant  mention– WEZL
00:18 Townes Van Zant song I assume.
00:22 next song 00:25 next song – slow country-bluesy song
00:27 next song
00:24 om “remember WWVA in W. VA!?” “in the transmitter shack….I think it was more fun 30-40 years ago than it is today” “I am going to go out with Mary McCasselin – we went to one of her concerts” – Weasel Radio we are the Easy ones”
00:35 Mary McCasselin song 00:38 next song, same singer? 00:39 next song – yet again, same singer? :)
00:43 OM “Hey don’t ya just love that.. Mary McCasselin” “Ok Mary black we are going to go out with Mary Black...new transmitter...”
00:45 Have a good weekend friends…
00:45 Mary Black song(?)….

Got it here slamming at S6 in UPNY - 6925 USB - G5RV Alinco DX-R8
1:38:  DJ music "Turn it Up...Turn it UP!... etc"
1:46: New EDM track
1:51: KFC Commercial "Now announcing a portable dinner" <jingle>
1:52: EDM DJ says something and back to a new track
1:54: Axel F-ish cover/ riff

Even though their signal was fantastic the canned woman announcer made it difficult for me to copy their email address. Can someone private message me their email address please? radio48 at pro <someshit>is about all I could understand.


QTH: Baldwinsville, NY
Radio: Alinco DX-R8 / G5RV
SIO: 555 S9+

Banging signal!

00:02 Rez Band "Beyond The Gun"
00:04 radio48 ID
00:05 Flyleaf "All Around Me"
00:08 P.O.D. "Youth of The Nation"
00:12 Radio 48 ID
00:12 Skillet "Monster"
00:15 Radio 48 ID
00:15 Barry McGuire "Eve of Destruction"
00:25 Radio 48 ID
00:26 Bayless "No More Suffering"

QTH: Baldwinsville, NY
Radio: Alinco DX-R8 / Antenna: got crazy and decided to use my 11m A99 Antenna for reception
SIO: 444

Great signal

22:32 YL singer - folk song "Look what they have done to my song" ?
22:35 OM Announcer - "We hope you're hunkered down.. and you are stocked up on... TP discussion"
22:36 Comedy sketch clip
22:39 Astrix "Acid Rocker" -had to use Shazam for that one :)
23:42 Astrix "Type 1"
23:47 OM "Yeah I like that tune.." "I am getting on a trip out here" -station ID - "Protecting the world with better music" :)
23:48 Start of EDM song then cut off - another que'd up..
23:48 Tangerine Dream "Love on a Real Train"
23:51 OM and ID - "Virus 19 radio of radio here with you to protect you..." *comment on Tangerine Dream (I like them too OM)
23:52 OM mentioned pleased with xmitter today
23:53 Alan Parsons Project "Sirius"
23:59 Peter Gabriel "Games without Frontiers" portion
00:00 OM - "We are taking a trip... YEAH DUDE... Virus 19 Radio"
00:00 Pink Floyd

00:17 OM "Take care out there - Live long and prosper" <signal quality drop significantly S3 SIO: 233>
00:18 The Who

QTH: Baldwinsville, NY
Radio: Alinco DX-R8
SIO: 555 +9

Absolutely blasting my rig this evening.

23:23 Gene Vincent "Be Bop A Lula"
23:26 live recording of a horn player
23:28 "Rock n Roll Dance party brought to you by Camel!"
23:30  artificial YL voice - ending the program - gave email address for eqsl
23:31 The Yellow Rose of Texas

I have been trying to play around and dial in the audio just enough to pull it in better but having a tough time.. just in the noise floor honestly in Upstate, NY.

At 0:53/0:54 I had OM announcer with what sounded like an ID ____ Radio.
00:54: MX - sounds 70's AOR

@Pigmeat Elvin Bishop! Thank you :)

SIO: 323
Radio: Alinco DX=R8T / G5RV
QTH: Baldwinsville, NY

002: Hard Days Night
005: OM "Ok ok that song has potential! This is WDOG in the studio with The Beatles!"
005: Saw her standing there
006: OM "This is WDOG broadcasting live from the studio with the beatles! ... "Hey Jude" ok that is nice"
006: Hey Jude
011: OM WDOG Shortwave ID
011: All you Need is Love

SIO : 132
Radio: Alinco DX-R8 / G5RV
QTH: Baldwinsville, NY

This one is just squeaking in for me this evening. Lots of static crashes.

2217: OM
2218: OM with mx in background/fade in
2219: Rock mx

SIO: 232
Radio: Alinco DX-R8T / G5RV
QTH: Baldwinsville, NY

2231: The Band "The Weight"
2234: Coldplay nonsense :)
<grabbed a drink>
2242: Train "Drops of Jupiter" - yikes... Please no Nickelback next.. :)

Hopefully conditions will improve on my end - will continue to monitor. Thanks! '73s

**EDIT** SIO 333
2335: Signal much stronger now. YL mx "Angel of the morning..."
2338: "You lost that loving feeling"
2340: OM - "Lets do some rhythm and blues music"
2344: Elvin xxx? "Fooled around and fell in love"
2347: Orleans "Still The One"
2350: OM
2352: "I believe in miracles"
2354: Chi-Lites "Have you seen her"

SIO : 132
Radio: Alinco DX-R8 / G5RV
QTH: Baldwinsville, NY

This one is just squeaking in for me this evening. Lots of static crashes.

2217: OM
2218: OM with mx in background/fade in
2219: Rock mx

Radio: Alinco DX-R8T w/ G5RV
QTH: Baldwinsville, NY
SIO: 354

2254: Classical mx - Good lord Audio is awesome
2300: YL - "By Request"
2300: classical mx
2312: Seemingly Celtic-ish classical (heavy violin) mx

73's Enjoying this broadcast! All the best!

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