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Faint music playing into NH...Whitney Houston? hmmm S8-9

0053z Laughing with a beat on loop...

Blazing into New Hampshire at S9+... ch ch ch chatter

because meth...

Booming into New Hampshire tonight with some Blondie at S9 and 3k wide on the spectrum...Good show.

Coming into New Hampshire at S9+10... SINPO 54344

I don't know the songs, but hey, thanks for the show.

Faint music playing...big carrier into NH S9+10

2129z Sounds like 70's easy listening... Michael McDonald...

2135z Lots of Michael McDonald...

Latin American Pirate / UNID 6934.90 AM 0037 UTC 22 Mar 2022
« on: March 22, 2022, 0038 UTC »
Faint music here in New Hampshire at S7~

0109z Off

Massive +20 signal into NH

Beautiful and big signal coming into New Hampshire at +20 peaks... The words of FDR ring true just as much today as ever!

Fairly decent signal coming into New Hampshire, USA at S8-9+

Thank you for the show!

Beaming into New Hampshire at about S8-9+ on a rainy day with some Sting singing about rain...Big F'n Nuts? Big F'n Joke. Rcv'd with RSPDx and ALA1530LNA/100' sky hook at 100' high.

Heard on the seacoast of New Hampshire at S7-8+ using 100' sky hook wire antenna at 100' high...
1516z some kind of old rock radio music, can't tell who the band is due to static
Heard something about changing frequency to [unk]

1525z U2 In the name of love

1532z QSY to 13.900 and no longer heard by this station

Howdy Ballsmack Radio! Sounding pretty OK here in New Hampshit @ S9+10/20 on the RSPDx & 100' wire @100' high and the ALA1530LNA loop.

Ham sammiches @ 0059z
Station ID @ 0100z
Jefferson Airplane @0100z
Pink Floyd @ 0102z

Thanks fer coming out to play!

WHIZ radio! @0011z
Coming in at around 6db over the noise here in New Hampshit...

Thanks for the show on this lonesome Friday night!

...aaaaand off...0020z

Very nice signal into New Hampshire by the southern coast using an RSPDx and a 100' wire at 100' high...
0037z generic sounding alternative music... S9+10
0051z just hear WHIZ a few minutes ago...segway into more cheesy alternative elevator music...

FDR speech...Big signal into NH tonight...2305z S9+
2313z Assassination of leader of Romania by Hitler... Beautiful signal here...
2341z WFDR Goodnight

Thanks for the show! Excellent signal into NH!

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