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00:58  High Five - Abby Sage -    Sounding fantastic into SE VA tonight comrade! Usual superbly modulated 4 KHz wide signal.
Thanks again for turning my old ass on to music beyond the classic rock I love!

Sounding good tonight. Thanks for the show Outhouse!

01:24  MOS 6581 by Carbon Based Lifeforms - S7 signal with great audio into SE VA. Thanks for the show!
01:44 Crosseyed and Painless - Talking Heads (Live?)
01:47 Ocean - Velvet Underground
01:53 WENO ID

03:01  Shout out to Redhat - Hope you're doing ok bud -  Thanks for the show DDJ!

02:54 - Jack & Coke ID - LOL -  About S6-7 signal here in SE VA. Loved the Marvin Gaye mix. Thanks for the show tonight bud!

So much better here on 4030!  Love the space theme tonight. Happy New Year Wolvie and thanks for all the great shows od 2022!

Zeeky has an echo background tonight - cool!

00:41   Merry Christmas wishes from Voice of Laryngitis.  About S5 here with deep fades.

23:35  Thick as a Brick - S5-6 signal here with good audio but unfortunate local noise. Love the play list, thank you so much for the show!
23:55 Solstice Bells - How appropriate!  Jack in the Green would be nice too, with Winter upon us!
00:10 Thunder Chicken Radio ID

01:09 Male announcer, sounds like shout outs? About S5 here in SE VA with lots of noise tonight.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 4185 USB 00 UTC 17 DEC 2022
« on: December 17, 2022, 0030 UTC »
00:29  Naughty Angeline - Art Lund - S5-6 signal with good audio into SE VA tonight.
Some nasty wideband UTE just below this station. 4190 would be much less noisey here.
00:33 Marshmallow World
00:35 Christmas Roses - Frankie Laine

0:13  Frankenstein - Edgar Winter -  Very wide S7 signal into SE VA. Thanks for the show!

Playing Rush - The Spirit of Radio - About S6 here with 10KHz wide, good audio. Lot of QRN though and deep fades.
0:06 signal gone

23:43  Mix Radio International ID

Nice wide S7-S9 signal tonight with great audio. Thanks for the show!

23:45 Signal gone.

Weak but readable in noise here.

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