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About S5-7 here too but keep missing ID because of lightning crashes  :(

2339 - S7 here with some background static but audio punching through just fine. Thanks for the show DJDW!
2344 - Signal seems to be coming up here now S7-9. Sounding good here in SE VA tonight!

Utility / Re: Unid Mil? 6990 LSB 2350 utc 11 May 2022
« on: May 12, 2022, 0034 UTC »

Over modulated (here) OM/YL giving phonetic terms (Oscar, Foxtrot) for stretches of time.  Pauses and starts again.  Can not decipher most of words spoken.
That was a USB signal from a USN station on 6988.0 with a exercise EAM.

Are these typical USN EAM frequencies? I'm not familiar with them.

Utility / Re: Unid Mil? 6990 LSB 2350 utc 11 May 2022
« on: May 12, 2022, 0019 UTC »
Heard tail end of what sounded like an EAM on 6833 USB about  0:15 UTC.  Maybe a USAF HF comm exercise?

0027 - ID and talking about "makeshift equipment" S2-3 signal is not strong here but good sounding audio.
0028 - Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart (maybe Sycko singing along?)- signal seems to be improving a bit. Thanks for the show Sycko!

0014 I know a Place - Petula Clark
0019 - ID and thanks for shoutout to me and others! S7 signal tonight and sounding good despite all the lightning crashes.

01:55 Superwoman - Stevie Wonder - Sounding great tonight WDDR!
02:02 Out in the Woods - Leon Russell
Seems like your voice/mike audio  is missing low end though ?. Thanks for great show tonight!
Music sounds wonderful.

Music with S6-7 signal
Fantastic Voyage - David Bowie
23:44 Move On - Bowie
23:45 Yassassin - Bowie - Signal S7-8 now with good audio, minor fades. Thanks for the Show!
00:07 WTF  ID

6275 much better. Thanks for the show Redhat! Static, but sounding great anyway.

0113 - Playing some B.B. King tonight and sounding great! Thanks for the show!

2335 UTC - Playing "Mirage of Reality" - Tangerine Dream - instrumental music.  S8-9 signal here, little noise and nice 4KHz wide signal with great audio.
2337 UTC "You are tuned to Chil Radio International World Service in the 31 Meter band. Please enjoy the show." YL ID

2356 - Be Near Me - ABC   S8-9+ tonight with a huuuge 16KHz wide AM signal sounding great, thanks for the show!
2359 - When Smokey Sings - ABC

S5-6 into SE VA tonight. Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / X-FM? 4185 AM 0221 UTC 26 Feb
« on: February 26, 2022, 0222 UTC »
Sounds likeRedhat talking but haven't heard ID yet. S6-8 here with OM talking.

S8 to S9+10 here in SE Virginia tonight with great sounding audio. 4185 looks good on you DJ Dickweed! Thanks for great show tonight.

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