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Got it here in DC...BB King Songs...S5 Signal but fading
Tribute to BB King and the Blues (Lotta guitar blues)
Otber artists
01:37 S-3
Lost signal 01:57 off the air
SINPO 42222
Then 22222
But the signal was getting in to theNation's Capitol
Thanks for the tribute

Just turned on S-2 Signal in the noise
Sounds like phone calls with laugh track
Or maybe a game show???

Buried Treasure Show featuring Tom Petty
S-3 Signal with Tom Petty song..some fading
Tom Petty Gunslingers song
Higher Place Tom Petty
Crystal Ship ID on the Network
Finding out -TP
Kings Highway
01:30 Donners Pass Diner advertisment
Signal reduced on my end into the noise level
01:51 Signal back up S-4

Thanks for the show!

S5 Signal...
Blusey tune
Another jazz tune with guitar jazz
Another jazz tune 01:31
Another tune OM with lots of Saxophone
 Right Bros You Lost that Loving Feeling
Wolverine Radio ID
I Feel Good James Brown 01:46
Arethra Franklin Natural Woman 01:47
S-9 Signal on USB
I Feel Free The Cream 01:49
Wolverwine ID
Sounded great DW S-9 then dropped at end to S4
Joe Cocker Song?
Unidentified song..Maybe The Who
I feel the Earth move 02:00
Back to S-9

Feeling Theme for the show
Thanks for the show Wolverine Radio

S-9 Signal with Spacey music Nice signal Close Incounters Theme
Dick Weed RFW
Talking about amp troubles
Signal did drop
Dickweed throws in the towel Have a great weekend
And off at 01:12

Sounded great DW S-9 then dropped at end to S4

Trumpet Song ID S-7 Signal into Virginia
Spanish Song
Radio Cinco de Mayo
another spanish trumpet song
OM Spanish speaking announcer
Another spanish song with yelping (my spanish no to good)
Another ID and radiocincodemayo@gmail.com ID
Another spanish song S9 sig
Cincodemayo said at least 3x
Another spanish song
Another ID music
 and gmail address given again
Beautiful Signal
Another song with flute in it
Total fade out 00:21...may be off?

Mucho Gracias es show! Something different!

Big Boobs Radio at 02:31
American Woman Song
Male announcer with ID
David Bowie Queen song Under Pressure??
Tough copy tonight S-3 with static
Disco song Ring My Bell
Play that Funky Music Wild Cherry
ID Jingle at 03:07

Thanks for the show..wish conditions were better here!

Shortwave The Ghost just at noise level here in Virginia
Music 01:08

Utility / Inquiry FSK signal on or around 6948
« on: May 15, 2015, 0043 UTC »
Can someone tell me what I am hearing..It seems to be thier alot. Especially when the free radio stations come up. FSK very fast? Can anyone decode it? Just wondering

XLR8 with punk music S-3 up to S-4 at 22
Circle Jerks
Space sounding song??
Another song with heavy vibrophone or electronic drum beats metal sounding
More hard driving beat music..great stuff I have never heard...a little Techno beat this present song
ID again at 02:44
Another guitar heavy punk tune
Amazing how ssb distorts the sound a bit??
Is it 1977 again??? Farout!
 Pogo!! Slam dance!
punk song or male with high voice?
Another pu k sounding song
ID before next sone starting with drum beat or bongo beat

thanks for the retro show! Love it!

Ive got him with music...male announcer..Utility station hammering over top
Signal picked up a bit rock music 6950 Ute not an issue now
Sounded like punk rock maybe The Tubes?
Shortwave ghost ids and hard driving rock
Jimi Hendrix...did get a pulsing QRM a couple times
Jerry Garcia tune The Dead
Stones tune
Tom Petty Song
Another ID Jingle

Thanks for the show Shortwave Ghost, but tough copy

Twilight Zone theme...loud Sig..then dropped for a minute..came back for moment and disappeared...Short snippets
Back in 7 with song, Lone Ranger theme Capt Morgan ID Shortwave then Lime In The Coconut song
Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry
Jumpin Jack Flash, Only R & R The Stones
Lets Dance Bowie Clip
 Supertition Stevie Wonder Clip
Magic Carpet Ride SW
Three Dog Night Never Been to Spain
Kodacrome Paul Simon
Doobie Bros..Listen to the music
Never been to Spain TDN again
Jet Airliner Steve Miller Band
Twilight Zone Theme William Tell
ID Then Off 02:08

Thanks for Broadcast Captian!

Do have a carrier, but cant pull it out of the noise. Music is playing but nothing here in VA this time around..Somebody tried to tune up

Booming signal S-9 DJ Dick Weed Radio Free Whatever
Then disappeared...announced down to 2 watts..stand by
Back on with technical difficulties
Maybe a Thermal event?
Show dedicated to Milfs
Playing pissed off chick songs
Honey Blood with Super Rat
Play you Son of Bitch!!! per Weed
Great Show Big Show DJ Dick Weed Jingle
2 more songs
DickWeed says he is an idiot lol Talk about his soft and hardware
Bell and Sebastion sp Song
Nobodies Empire S9 Signal again into Virginia
DJ Dickweed ID
Radio Free Whatever ID
Back to songs
Florence and the Machine with What Kind of man
Dickweed with dedication to all MILFs for Mothers Day
Gang Way by Guster
Jenny Lewis Just One of the guys
DJ Dickweed email address given dickweeddj@gmail.com
Request played for a listener
Sun Cisco song
Another requested song for Oly 1959 guy in MN
Aeroplane RHCP
Some fading here..S-7
Dickweed peeing in jar..realizes he had another thermal event..signal dropped but back up to S-9
Dedication to Milfs who brought us into world
Funny Dickweed meltdown about technology
wondering to end show
one more tune Gemini
End of show 01:55
Will get amplifier fixed for next show
Great MILF Spectacular Show!

Thanks for great show DickWeed

I picked this up also at 22:44 But qrm from what sounds like a net..possibly Mars on LSB

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