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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Zeke 6925 USB 2206 UTC 4 SEP 2022
« on: September 04, 2022, 2353 UTC »
sIo 333
Never shuts the f off

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6960 USB 0100 UTC 04 Sep 2022
« on: September 04, 2022, 0108 UTC »
Gordon Lightfoot
SIO 333

Old Timey Music
SIO 444
Sweet Georgia Brown
Mini The Moocher

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6940 USB 0235 UTC 3 SEP 2022
« on: September 03, 2022, 0241 UTC »
SIO 444

Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley
Georgia on My Mind The late Ray Charles
01:59 Always Something Naked Eyes
02:02 Your Song Elton John One of Elton's earliest hits from 1970
Ballsmacker Radio ID
02:06 If I Could Read Your Mine Canadian Born Gordon Lightfoot
Carolina in my Mind sweet Baby James Taylor
Proton Mail Addy for Reception report and Theme
02:14 When The Heart Rules The Mind GTR


02:18 Didn't I Blow Your Mind The Delfonics
Ballsmacker ID
02:22 Mind Games The late John Lennon tragically killed in New York City by a gunman Formerly with the Beatles

How about Linda on My Mind Conway Twitty?

Ohhhhhhhh Lord! Mindless Music!
Ballsmacker ID
02:30 A Criminal Mind Gowan
02:35 Holy Geeeeze Playgroun in My Mind Clint Holmes
Where is my Mind The Pixies
I Got My Mind Set On you George Harrison
SSTV Image of Pins and Duckpin Ball???
Proton Addy
Widfire Interval
Off the Air

Broadcast Announcements / Test 23:00 UTC 6950 USB SSTV
« on: August 30, 2022, 2243 UTC »
Low Power test SSTV

The la la la Song
SIO 333

The la la la la Song
SIO 333

SIO 333

Wildfire Interval Long one tonight
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:00 Enter Sandman Metallica
01:07 My Own Worse Enemy Lit
01:09 Brain Stew Green Day
100 Watts Somewhere in the Northeast ID
01:13 No Sleep Until Brooklyn The Beastie Boys
01:17 Where Did You Sleep Nirvana

How about Sleepwalk Santo and Johnny?
Let Me Sleep Beside You David Bowie?
Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline?
Dreamweaver Gary Wright?
Dreams The Fleetwood Mac?

Proton Addy Given for Theme! Protonmail.com
01:22 Daysleeper R.E.M.
01:26 How Do You Sleep Sam Smith
01:29 Talking in your Sleep The Romantics
01:32 Sweet Dreams Eurythmics featuring Annie Lennox on vocals
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:38 Dreams The Fleetwood Mac featuring Stevie Nicks on vocal 1977

MISSY Sounding good tonight!
Hot Hot Hot! lol

01:41 Tired of Being Alone Al Greene
01:45 In Dreams Roy Orbison
01:47 Dream The Brothers Everly
01:49 Mr. Sandman The Chordettes This song used in Rob Zombies Halloween soundtrack
Ballsmacker Radio ID
Ballsmacker.net ID
01:52 Dream Lover The late Bobby Darin
01:54 The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens
01:57 I Could Have Danced All night Long
Marnie Nixon Soundtrack to My Fair Lady
Ok...Ballsmacker...you did it! Ugggghhhh
Just plunge the knife in deeper......
02:01 I Dreamed A Dream...Anne Hathaway..The blood is almost spilled out
I am ready for the DEEP SLEEP...you did it! You killed me!
02:06 Don't leave Harris/Krauss From the Oh Brother Soundtrack
02:07 Lulabye Goodnight Billy Joel from Brooklyn, NY
Zeldas Lulabye
02:13 FireFlies Owl City
02:17 Ghostbusters????? Ray Parker Jr.
A Remix??? Cant say I have heard this?
But I am still reviving from my stab wounds
A different ending for sure Abrupt off the air 02:23

SIO 333

Light My Fire Jose Felisiano
SIO 333
HFU Callouts
Look of Love

SIO 333
Truckin The Greatful Dead

SIO 333

SIO 333

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