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Oldie music
probably 1920s 30s
SIO 444
Old Man Moes
Technical problems
Will come back
Back On with old music
Wolverine Radio ID

Piano Music
Dogs and wolves howling
Omnious Music
Mechanical DJ
Action or Thought
Brief radio program
Make the show my own
Male voice speaking

Booming signal
SIO 444
Story of sometype Old Radio
The Strangler
Ceasar Romero Quote
Contest voting talent contest
Radio Bunny Commander bunny
Bladder Control Commercial parody
Some type of Anthem
Old Woman laughing and talking
no turning back now
A production of Bunny News Network

Deadman speaking with address
Beethoven 5th
This is great! I was an undertaker!
first time hearing dead people on the air!
SSTV and Proton Mail addy given
Happy DXing from DJ
fift of Beethoven again
All dead radio featuring Sam Kinison from beyond the grave
The Dead Guy DJ with Song
The Dead Guy with address into Will rogers commentary
Break On H.Thru
Riders on the Storm The Doors

Just popped on with Music..Country Maybe?
SIO 333
AM for me
Rockus Instrumental Jam

Wildfire Interval
Good Evening Ham Samiches
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:01 Like a Prayer Madonna
Things I like to Say
Never Knew Life Like This Before Disco Gurls  DISCO SUCKS!
01:13 I like to Teach the World The New Seekers Coca Cola got the rights to use in their advertisements
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:15 Cuts Like a Knife Bryan Adams

How about Like a Virgin Madonna?
I feel like a Bullet Elton John?
You Make Me Feel Like Brand New The Stylistics?
I Like The Nightlife Alisha Keys

Don't Do Me Like That Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers
Protonmail.com addy given for reception report
01:24 Ride Like the Wind Christopher  Cross
01:27 You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman Aretha Franklin
Ballsmacker ID
01:30 Waiting For A girl Like You Foreigner
01:35 Treat Her Like A Lady Cornealious Bros and Sister Rose
Ballsmacker App ID
01:38 Some Like It Hot The Power Station
01:43 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Leo Sayer
01:45 Fly Like An Eagle The Steve Miller Band from San Francisco
01:50 Thats The Way KC and The Sunshine Band from Miami, Fla
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:54 I Don't Want To go On With You Like That Elton John
01:58 Aint No Woman Like The One I got The Four Tops
02:01 A Girl Like You Smithereens
02:05 Like A Virgin Madonna
02:08 Like A Rolling Stone Robert Zimmerman when Dylan went Electric...The Folkies went nuts

She Doesn't use Jelly The Flaming Lips
SIO 333

Talking but tough Copy

Sahara Joe Satriani
The Elephants of Mars Joe Satriani
SIO 333
22:13 Faceless Joe Satriani
22:20 Blue Foot Groovy Joe Satriani
Digital Signal into SSTV Image
22:28 Tension and Release Joe Satriani
Sailing the Seas of Ganymede Joe Satriani
22:39 Doors of Perception Joe Satriani
E 104th Street NYC 1973 Joe Satriani
Digital Signal into SSTV Image
Sahara again Joe Santriani
Starting Over per DJ


10/11 meters / Re: 3/27/23 ALIEN SSTV on 27.7000 18:00 UTC USB
« on: April 06, 2023, 2305 UTC »
Blanket Party time!

10/11 meters / Re: 3/27/23 ALIEN SSTV on 27.7000 18:00 UTC USB
« on: April 02, 2023, 1526 UTC »
Pigmeat...send me your email or go to HFU facebook page to receive your EQSL...Thanks

Wildfire Interval
Ballsmacker Radio
01:00 Black Cow Steely Dan
01:04 Bread and Butter The Newbeats
Ballsmacker.net ID
01:07 Under the Milky Way The Church
01:12 Momma Dont let your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys Waylon Jennings
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:14 Where Have All the Cowboys Gone
Paula Cole

How about anything from Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Album The Cow
Roy Rogers Elton John?
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Elton John?
I feel like a Bullet in the gun of Robert Ford Elton John?
Take The Money and Run Steve Miller?
Dont Shoot Me Im the Piano Player Elton John?
Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi?
Buttermilk Skies Hoagie Carmichael?

01:18 Cowboys to Girls The Intruders
Ppoton Mail addy given for reception Reports
01:21 Grazing in the Grass Hugh Maskela
Loss of Signal???????
Total loss......Back to 4.030
Backwater Meat Puppets
01:31 Punk Rock Girl The Dead Milkmen
01:34 Justified and Ancient
01:37 Strange Brew The Cream
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:40 Rinestone Cowboy Glenn Campbell
01:43 Cheeseburger in Paradise Jimmy Buffett
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:46 Space Cowboy The Steve Miller Band 1971 with Boz Scaggs joing the band
01:51 Greener Pastures The Osbourne Bros
Ballsmacker Radio ID
01:54 Grazin in the Grass is a Gas Friends of Destinction
01:57 Save a Horse..Ride a Cowboy Big and Rich
Proton.com addy given
02:00 The Lonely Bull Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
02:02 No Milk Today The Herman Hermits

10/11 meters / 3/27/23 ALIEN SSTV on 27.7000 18:00 UTC USB
« on: March 27, 2023, 1613 UTC »
ALIEN SSTV on 27.7000 18:00 UTC USB
please respond for EQSL

Gaga...Did u get the one from wdx3SWL Sent the other day???

Gaga..you got the Eqsl I sent the other day? Wdx3Swl?

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