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Cant pick out tonight...conditions really bad

May be the TCS relay...but cant pull them out tonight...too noisy.
Looks like propogation favorable to the south, but cant pull it out here in VA.
Did here a carrier @ 00:45.
Thanks JP for heads up on the show

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6850 AM 0210- 08/25/15
« on: August 25, 2015, 0218 UTC »
S-3 signal OM with commentary

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925.1 AM 0130 8/25/15
« on: August 25, 2015, 0143 UTC »
Some audio, but way down in the noise

I have them now S5 into Virginia Commentry OM.
Round table and current wx for Montreal.
:15 International radio ID and CKUT.
Interview with a SWL about conditions and stations.
:20 Long wave conditions...sounds destorted on the voice at times.
:22 Talking with a Country collector.
:28 around the table again.
Internation Radio Report and off at :30 from Montreal.

Thanks for the show S-5 with some static activity

S-4 Signal Music.
Hard driving rock or punk.
:04 Anphetamine radio ID on 6925 OM,  then into metal music.
S-9 over now.
Morse code then SSTV image into :10 Crazy Train Ozzie
SSTV came to fast and wasnt able to copy...got partial..looks like someones head??
:15 AR ID and email address anphetamineradio@gmail.com
:15 another metal song.
:28 SSTV image and back to metal music
:26 AR ID
:34 AR montage and then Hendrix - All along the Watch Tower
:40 Pink Floyd Pings from Echoes and the Pink Floyd song.
:43 Marijuana Parody.
:46 AR ID gmail address for QSL and SSTV images.
:46 Music with flute.
:49 fragments of different songs and sounds
Unid sounds and voice?
Spacey sound bytes.
SSTV images and back to music :01
The Weight -The Band.
SSTV image but jammed by another digital signal. Motercycle Rider Dennis Hopper Easy Rider
Music :08
:15 Bad Boys - Cops theme.
HF Underground Shoutouts.
SSTV image..pretty girl.
Cult of Personality Song.
AR ID and qsl addy Then SSTV.
:29 National anthem.
:30 off.
Note: some yelled out Goodbye Anthony radio we will miss you ....twice

Thanks for the show!!!

I have them now S-3.
:14 Bad to the Bone George Thurogood.
Back in Black ACDC.
:21 ID OM Cold Country Canada
:21 All Along the Watch Tower - Hendrix
:25 Bohemian Rapsody - Queen.
:36 Ozzie Song Sabbath
:39 Pirate Radio Cafe mention.
:39 off

BBC relay here also.
OM moderator...now YL moderator.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6950.7 AM 0150z 8/9/15
« on: August 09, 2015, 0158 UTC »
Carrier but nothing else

Liquid Radio just above the noise..Sounds like OMs in an interview? Sounded like qrm from a SSTV transmission..then gone

I have em now above the noise level.
Blues music S-3.
Thanks for the show Captain!

Weak here too, but hear music
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
:03 Alright Alright Rave On Radio Garcia by OM.
Celebrating Jerry Garcia's Birthday.
Signal up now S-5.
:21 Rave On Radio ID.
I dont know my Garcia songs like I should...My bad.
But nice show and tribute to the late Jerry Garcia.
Thanks for the show.
:40 Rave On radio ending the show...gave out qsl info...broadcasting from ??
:042 off

Catching the signal, but weak and static crashes.
Cant pull it out tonight...to much noise.

Thanks Ghost

S-9 signal into Northern VA.
01:28 Love Potion Number 9
:30 Little Red Riding Hood
:32 These Boots - Nancy Sinatra
:35 The Zombies - Shes not There
:39 Linda Ronstadt - Beat of a Different Drum
:42 TCS Shortwave.com 2 x.
:43 Donner Pass parody.
:43 The Beat Goes on and TCS ID.
The Letter Box Tops
:46 CCR Then big cut off.........
:48 Rolling Stones - Mothers Little Helper.
:50 Johnny Cash - A Boy named Sue
:54 TCS ID Pirate Radio....female
:54 Wild Thing - The Troggs
:56 Farm animal parady Dating Website  (funny)
:58 Whats new Pussy Cat- Tom Jones
02:04 Mamas and Papas - California Dreaming
:12 TCS The Beat Goes On ID.
:12 The 5th Dimension - Up Up and Away (My beautiful balloon)
:18 LuLu - To Sir with Love
:20 The Association - Never My Love.
:23 Get Together - Youngbloods with drop out for 5 seconds and sounded like a power drop for a moment....maybe static crashes..getting frequent now
:28 off

Thanks JP and TCS

Picking up light CW.
To low in the noise for me to copy

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