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Heard with fairly good signal and lightning? crashes 6945 USB 0036-0052 UTC
0036:00 Talk by male announcer, ID Radio Free Whatever, wrapping things up, just a few more songs, shoutout to listeners on HF Underground, An anonymous donor to GoFundMe for $20.
0039:00-Song - Your Face by Wisp
0042:00-A spot with the Station ID as Radio Free Whatever in to song - The Picture by Elbow
0046:00-Song - Give It Up for Love by Gossip
0049:00-Song - Root of All Evil by Danny Warhol
SDR Play Uno
30-meter long wire
Bill Harms
Walworth, New York

Heard 0012 UTC with 6935 AM with fairly good signal and some lightning crashes 33443
Songs heard:
0012:00-Toccto Pachhape by David Lewiston
0014:00-Flute Solo by David Lewiston
0017:30-ID by male XEROX Radio Replicado
0018:00-Yawlina by David Lewiston
0019:30-String of IDs as XEROX and music - I and I Survive by Burning Spear
0023:00-Reggae Music

Bill Harms
Walworth, NY
SDR Play Uno

As the Human League said in their song "I'm only human."

My mistake with the frequency.

Heard with fair signal and apparent lightning crash static SINPO 34342 0024-0054 UTC

0024:00 - These Eyes by The Guess Who
0028:00 - You Wear it Well by Rod Stewart
0033:30 - Listen to the Music by Doobie Brothers
0037:00 - I Won't Hold You Back by Toto
0042:00 - Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
0046:00 - Hold Me Tight by Johnny Nash.
0049:00 - Boogie on Reggae Woman by Johnny Nash
0052:00 - Don't Know What Love is by Touch

No ID heard as of 0052 UTC

Bill Harms
Walworth, NY

oops, I read the waterfall incorrectly initially, it was 6915 and not 6925

30 March 2022
6935 AM
0214 UTC
SINPO 44443
Playing a countdown of oldies.
Man of the World by Fleetwood Mac
Man with British Accent
#13 Oh Happy Days by Edwin Hawkins
Heard "World Service" ID
Love Me Tonight by Tom Jones
Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson

Bill Harms
Walworth, NY
SDR Play Uno

Booming in here near Rochester, NY 3/30 6960 0147-0206
Gave email for eQSL, need the common theme for verification.

Bill Harms

2345-0007 UTC
6955 kHz
SINPO 44454
SDR Play Uno
30-meter longwire

Songs all by the Who

I Can't Explain
Young Man Blues
Singing Jingle ID
Happy Jack
A Quick One While he's Out
DJ talk,"WDOG" ID and mentioned rock opera "Tommy"
QSL please
Western New York near Rochester
Bill Harms

Here is my full detailed report.

Please QSL to qslbill@gmail.com if you have one available.

Thanks for the show.
Bill Harms


30 May 2022
6285 kHz
SINPO - 34233
Reception location - Walworth, New York
Receiver - SDRplay RSPdx
Antenna - 50 meter long wire

0515:00-Male announcer spoke - War of attrition, listener named Steven Olson requested AC/DC, talk about upcoming song.
0517:00-Song - "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC
0521:00-Identification - "... on your dial ... X-FM". This was followed by the song "Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)" by Neon Trees Featuring Kaskade
0525:00-Identification - "Broadcasting from the United States to the world, this is X-FM (shortwave) ... (Music to the) power of X."
0525:15-Song - "Useless (Remix)" by Despeche Mode.
0530:30-Song - "Why I'm Here" by Oleander.
0534:00-Announcer spoke - promise of easy music, but sometimes you have to kick butt, animosity, hello to a listener in New Zealand, and ID as "Music to the Power of X."
0535:00-Song - "Angels Son" by Seven Dust
0538:00-Song - "The Sound of Fire" by the Fixx
0541:30-Song - "Popular" by Nada Surf.
0545:00-End of report. I continued to listen.

Hearing X-FM here in Walworth New York.  Have a recording going for a reception report later. Too sleepy right now to write a decent detailed report.
0530-0541z 6285 kHz
Music with DJ patter in between songs.

Bill Harms

Hearing X-FM here in Walworth New York.  Have a recording going for a reception report later. Too sleepy right now to write a decent detailed report.
0530-0541z 6285 kHz
Music with DJ patter in between songs.

Bill Harms

2256:00-Southside Blues by Archie Fisher
2259:00-Silver Coin by Archie Fisher
2300:30-ID as "Chill Radio CHIL" - Song - Sky's the Limit by Fleetwod Mac
2304:00-Love is Dangerous by Fleetwod Mac
2308:00-In the Back of My Mind by Fleetwod Mac.

Heard in Walworth, NY with good signal on my RF Space SDR-IQ

Please send an eQSL to qslbill@philcobill.com
Bill Harms

Okay, the signal started out in the mud, and fluttery.  Once in a while it would fade up with intelligible audio.  It got progressively better as time went by.  at 0420z it was good enough that I could tell what was going on.  The signal was not fluttery, even though it was not strong.

6940 kHz
4 May 2014

0309z instrumental song
0318z talk
0319z sounded like talk over music

0325z Male announcer spoke about African Stations on 90 and 60 meters. nothing else intelligible.
0326z Male singing, African music
0330z Male announcer speaking
0331:30z Song
0333z Man talking.  Thought I heard a mention of shortwave
0334z song -

0335z Continued to monitor frequency hoping that the signal will fade up.  I hear talk and African Music.

0359z Male announcer spoke. I heard something about meter band.
0400z music Shazam says the song is Petroskoi by Mylitant.
0402z male announcer spoke, and then a new song
0404:30z Talk.  I heard "Artem's World of Music" at 0405:30z
0406:00z Song - Shazam says it is SomosCubanos - Los Van Van
0410z announcer spoke. Web address?  email address?
0411:30-Song that sounded Scottish or Irish.  Lots of white noise mixing.
0415:00-Closing - ID Artem's World of Music and email address
0416:00-Went live with ID and "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes.
0419:00- "Hotel California" by Eagles
0425:00- DJ talk I could pick up every other word.  Heard Email as radiotruenorth@gmail.com and ID
0426:45-song - Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mack.

Heard on an RF Space SDR-IQ

QSL at Bill Harms philcobill@verizon.net

Great Signal here in Maryland 6925U SIO 444 S9+20  Great Audio

0252z Story about Robots making themselves
0253z Contact email undercoverradio@gmail.com
0254z "Fly Like an Eagle" Steve Miller Band
0257z call out to Skipmuck, Philcobill (Me!) and others. Looking at email. Listener in Ireland. Likes audio clips. Talk about side band audio. 16 T-shirts. Doctor Benway. Good conditions. SDR receiver in Holland. SDR stuff. Steve checking in. Sam broadcaster. Audio reports. Winterfest. Black T-Shirts
0305:30z ID Don't let them see us.  Don't tell them what we are doing.
0306z "Hold Your Head Up" by Argent

Bill Harms
Elkridge, MD
QSL at philcobill@verizon.net


Great Signal here in Maryland! S9+

0108z "Weightless" Nada Surf
0111z DJ talk and ID
0112z "Whatever" Oasis
0118z "Cannibal" Silversun Pickups
0121:30z "Eyes be Closed" Washed out
Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland

QSL appreciated at philcobill@verizon.net

Heard here in Maryland
0036z "What a Little Moonlight Can Do" Billie Holiday
0038:30z "Sweet Sue" Artie Shaw

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland
QSL appreciated philcobill@verizon.net

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