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 Tune in @ 0222 to very weak signal here playing big band/30's-40's movie music. High static levels and severe fade outs along with distorted audio made for difficult listening. Announcement by deep voiced OM heard but couldn't get anything. Music continuing past 0240. Did hear Sinatra's " Come fly with me" .

Big signal in usb @ 2210 utc. ID's and address for reports in NY. Bathroom humor

Caught brief portion of Van Morrison song then abruptly off at 2131 but back at 2133. Signal is fair but noisy .

strong signal coming in here on Cape Cod. Commenting on CNN report about Kanye/Trump meeting this week. Hysteria on all sides about this very insignificant event. Not my idea of good listening but to each his own.

Hearing something here @ 0001 etc , 12 June. OM dj w/ accented ee announcements into Duran Duran. Tough copy w/ heavy static crashes. Can only assume that this is them as audio is just to distorted to make out anything positive.

Solid signal here w/ s-off announcements by DJ Dickweed @ 0035 acknolwedging listeners logs from HF Underground

European Pirates and Private Stations / Laser Hot Hits 6205
« on: June 04, 2018, 0026 UTC »
 Fair signal @0018 w/ Steve Miller's ' Jungle Love" followed by unknown song then into DJ in accented english w/ extended talk. ID caught at end of talk then into more music. Heavy QRM causing audio distortion , Difficult to follow program.

Solid S7. Good , clean audio. Nice Muddy Waters tune.

Seven Trees radio here with techno version of "Satisfaction".  ID's. Signal improving from t/in @0140 when static level was overriding audio. Now signal is above noise .

Solid S9 + signal into SE Mass.

6950 - very good signal w/multiple Id's following computer generated  music then into old style blues/rock

 very weak signal under band noise. I can hear bits of music and an om in accented english but not much else. Signal only at S3/4 level . Static level just to high right now to get much of anything .

Tune in to end of John Lennon song.Then announcer,om, saying he was going to sign off to let others use the frequency and might be back in a month or two.Playing brief excerpts from Tracy Chapman, Sinhead O'Connor then Rod Stewart's "Maggie May". Solid signal, very pleasant listening

"Oldies Anonymous" ? computer generated announcements @ 0226. Not really sure if this was an ID or a comment on pirate programming.  Off  the air now 0228

ID as Renegade Radio. Reading HF Underground messages

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