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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WAZU 6954.1 AM 1925z 09-Jan-16
« on: January 09, 2016, 1936 UTC »
Lots of QRM over audio. Got Cyndi Lauper's "Money changes everything" followed by OM but to much static to get much from announcements. Into more music @ 1933. Signal is fair S5/6.

Positive WMID announcement. Signal is open and down here. Peaking w/clear audio then down below noise levels. Seems to be more consistent over the last 4-5 minutes ( 2122 utc)

S5 here w/Dire Straits "Sultans of Swing " 2224.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6956.90 USB UNID Pirate Radio
« on: December 14, 2015, 0053 UTC »
Pretty weak signal here in Southeast Massachusetts. Continuous techno music, seems to be one long song. Fades up to near fair levels at peaks. Slight static . In LSB

Big signal into SE Mass. Some slight fades but putting in a solid S9 in USB @ 0059 . "Eve of Destruction". ID's then operator chat regarding temp.problems but back up now asking everyone to enjoy the music, and I will.

Weak signal here in Massachusetts at 0040 in usb. Heard several ID's and plenty of music but couldn't really determine what was being played. Modulation seems a bit off.

 Strong signal into Cape Cod tonight. Moderate static levels slight audio distortion. Wonderful 1940's Big Band era music. "Stormy Weather"
Great show for this day.

 Goog signal @ tune-in 2129 w/ techno music followed by Apparent parody of Glenn Hausers opening to World of Radio. Yl w/ multiple ID's along w/E-mail contact info. Poor audio and significant signal degradation after 2137. Barely audible now 2141.

Still going good @ 0210. Om anncr. saying he was going to close down soon and talking about other pirate operators. Music continues past 0215. Id's

  Good signal at peaks but also some deep fades. S7 to S4.
  Tune in at 0023 to Scorpions "Rock you like a Hurricane', Aerosmith "sweet Emotion"
  Good ID @ 0031 into Zepplin " Kashmir". Signal went out at 0033 but returned at 0035. Another ID @ 0040 then Stones " Gimme Shelter"

Solid S9 signal here on Cape Cod tonight. I had tried  to listen live on line this morning but the internet feed kept dropping out.
Thanks Sheldon.

Fair signal in SouthEastern Massachusetts. Great historical program.

 Announced as Boombox radio show. Sounds like professional syndicated show being rebroadcast, announcer said it was Saturday night. Signal is very good at peaks but suffers from major fade outs where it disappears under the static. Music is hip-hop.

Poor/Fair signal here in Massachusetts. ID by Bart Sambo w/e-mail & Belfast P.O Box. Into music. Heavy QRM from fisherman on LSB slightly on the high side of station. Signal Rising in strength now but so is QRM.

The Crystal Ship ID at 2348. S8 signal here on Cape cod, Massachusetts.
Art Rock program.

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