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I haven't heard the ID yet, but the signal is coming through pretty good. Not extremely loud, but it's there and doing pretty good. Thanks for the broadcast!

A little weak at times, but mostly is a good signal. The Ballsmacker Radio ID came across very loud and clear. Thanks for the show!!!

Led Zep tune. Great signal showing S7 strength. Next is The Animals- House of the Rising Sun. Thanks for the show.

5th Dimension- "Up, Up, and Away" sounding clear and signal is S7. Thanks for the broadcast!

"Look What They've Done to my Song", by Melanie. Excellent audio with signal hitting S8. Long break before next song. Thanks for the show.

"Falling in and Out of Love-Amie" by Pure Prairie League

Unknown song heard after a female came on to say something. Signal is getting stronger and currently is S7. Thanks for the show!

Just tuned in to rock heard. Station is showing S8 strength, but afternoon noise takes out a lot of the signal. Thanks for the show!

Nice blues song at the moment. Signal is showing S8. Thanks for the mellow blues. Love the song that's on now. Thanks for the show.

Nice blues coming through with a S7 signal. Great stuff that is sounding better than it should with all the rain around. Thanks for the broadcast.

Good signal showing S9+10. Some fading at the moment. Thanks for the show.

"Only the Good Die Young"  2345 utc

Signal is S7 with good quality. Vocals are mostly understood, but the station is not very loud. The music is clear and easily heard. Thanks for the broadcast.

S9 signal and sounding really fine. Thanks for the clean signal and thanks for the show.

Loud signal coming in at S8. Popular rock tunes played.Thanks for the late afternoon show.

Good signal right next to the nightly Link-11 net. Great tunes tonight and they sound good. Signal is showing S9. Thanks for the broadcast, Ballsmacker Radio.

Good spot for tonight and is sounding loud. Very clean signal at S9 and holding that steady. Great blues tune at the moment. Thanks for the Friday night show.

Good to hear Two Dog Radio up again. Thanks for the broadcast and good tunes. Fleetwood Mac on at the moment. Signal is S7 but sounding louder.

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