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Hey Skippy, you're S7 tonight and sounding good. Keep it up.  8)

Very good signal. 110B data cutting right across the station on 6961.1 usb intermittently. Signal is S6 and sounding good. Nice techno tunes. Radio 48 ID over and over by female. Thanks for the broadcast.

Very good sounding station with signal at S7. Good music. OM and YL are the deejays and they are easy to hear. Thanks for the show.

Very nice music that is coming in strong. Station is showing S7 all the time. I have local t-storm activity that is hurting reception. Still, a very good broadcast. Thanks.

Good signal as usual. Audio sounds great and so does the music. Thanks for the show.

Good signal with rock tunes coming in at S7. Audio sounds good. Thanks for the show.

Unknown instrumental tune.

Good show- good signal. Unusual sounding and unusual play list. Signal is S6 to S7 and is clear. Thanks for the broadcast.

Good signal of station playing rock tunes. Station strength is S7. Thanks for the broadcast.

Very good signal here at S9+10. Lynyrd Skynyrd (whatever) with Freebird. Really strong station. Thanks for the show.

Hi Captain Morgan. Great to hear your show tonight. Signal is sitting steady on S9. Lots of unknown blues artists and sounding great. Thanks for the Sunday nite show!

Guitar solo, unknown artist. Signal is S7 and sounds good here. Conditions are clear and only sliight static. Thanks for the broadcast.

Show about the Monkey Virus and other infections. Very good signal that is S9+10. Thanks for the strong broadcast.

Good signal posting S7 for a good signal. Rock tune at the  moment. Nice show. Thanks for the broadcast.

Very good signal and good audio. Blue Suede Shoes playing at the moment. Station is a steady S7 at the moment. Thanks for the broadcast.

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