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    Nice signal 444 in S. NH  (using just the RTL-SDR and 40 meter cobra ant)
   'Riders on the Storm"--Doors
    DJ talking.  MIght be mistaken on ID...
    Yep....sound like WRUV.  "Playing music from the Vietnam era"
     22:50---"La Grange"--ZZ top  (was this during 'Nam??)
   22:52--"Hello I Love You"--Doors  (now this was during 'Nam!)
   22:55--"Gimme Shelter"--Rolling Stones
   22:59--"Surfin' Bird"--The Trashmen  (What a silly song....always hated it!)
   23:04 Off with "Hurts so Good"--John Mellencamp.  thanks for the show!!  Fine signal now!

  Fair signal...333 with static.  Suspect this is Zeke...has used this freq before.
  "We gotta Get Outa this Place"--animals

  Excellent signal here!! 5555... Sounds great at 6khz bandwidth.  Nice smooth Jazz.
   thanks and congrats on wonderful audio.

  In and out of the noise here.  Odd music....heavily synthesized, bassy and spacey.  Hope sigs improve with sunset..

   Music in the noise in Southern NH
   22:22 signal improving...lots of QSB.  'Total Eclipse of the Heart"--Bonnie Tyler
   22:26--now S9 with fades.  "Brandy"--Looking Glass
   22:29--very nice signal now--'Life During Wartime"--Talking Heads
   22:33--losing the signal now....really up and down. Bands have been funky all day.

  signal improving as sun gets lower.  Now above noise with S7 signal

  10db over S9 into S. NH.
   Easy listening music.

  23:28--S9+ into S. NH with good audio folk music.
  23:39--ID  "KIND-- Radio with a heart"

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 2302z 6 May 2020
« on: May 06, 2020, 2302 UTC »
  Picking up some music in the noise.  May improve as the sun sets.

    TS-430s with 40 meter cobra ant in Southern NH

   23:14--Just tuned in---ID 'Dead City Radio'
        S9 +10db signal into S. NH.--Excellent signal  Good Audio
      Instrumental Rock.
  23:22--"Surf Noureau"--Aqua Velvets

22:50  CW--"Pee Wee is gay"
                    Pee Wee is scuff
    also:        Pee Wee sux
            Seems some love lost here.....???
       SSTV:  "Weak Radio"  sign

   Solid signal into S.NH


   2239  Solid S9 in S. New Hampshire
   Audio from 1st 'Twilight Zone"
    Missed ID in static.

   S7 in Soutern NH with QSB and noise. 
  "Give Me All Your Lovin'--ZZ Top
   "She's Got Legs"--ZZ Top
    DJ ID
   2236--signal much improved--now S9->+10db
  "Flirting with Disaster"--Thin Lizzy?? ( Darn---guess I need to use Shazam...)

  FT-450 with 40 mtr Cobra ant.

  S9+ in Southern NH.  Nice Audio and great selection of music.
    Thanks for being there!!

   Ft-450 plus lots of other junk
     40 meter cobra ant+ATU

  Solid S9+ signal in Southern NH
 "I Gotta Let you Go"--DJ Tonka & Stefan Rio
 "+1"- Martin Solveig

Kenwood TS-430 and 40 meter Cobra ant. 
Lots of other junk...

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