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1721 - Slip Away, Clarence Carter
1723 - ID (?-dropped out)
1723 - Tiny Dancer, Elton John
1731 - Queen Bitch, David Bowie

Listening online through the University of Twente

Other / What am I hearing at 26750 KHz?
« on: November 03, 2015, 1914 UTC »
Here's a question I should probably know the answer to but don't. What is the sound at 26750 kHz? Came across it while playing with Twente today. I don't spend a whole bunch of time with number stations and beacons, but it seems like this is one I've heard in a YouTube video or somewhere.

Found this while scanning on Twente.
At c. 2300 UTC thought I heard "QVC" and something about "all across Europe." It's coming in at around S6 or S7 but there's all sorts of static. It's the first pirate (if it even is a pirate) I've successfully picked up on Twente so maybe somebody else can pull it in better than me.

Thanks for the lesson. Thought that might be it, but it was so far up from the MW that I thought it might be something bleeding over from Central or South America. And couldn't figure out which local station it was.

Either way, I've lost the magic touch. There's nothing leeching through now.

Made a new wire antenna for the Grundig G3 and went to WWV to test it. Works great. Then I pick up the radio and get a crystal clear Spanish broadcast on top of the time signals. Both come in at S-9. Put the radio down and the Spanish signal completely disappears.

I'll take credit for the extra electricity but I don't speak Spanish so it isn't channeling me. And I can't find anything on the net about a Spanish broadcast anywhere near 15000 KHz.

Can somebody explain to me what's going on?

Got it here in NC Texas. Signal bounces around between S-6 & 9, but we had some nasty thunderstorms through here and there's static everywhere. But we got Margaret Whiting singing The Money Tree at 0150 followed by Elvis' version of "Money Honey" and now Chuck Berry's "No Money Down." Guess it's all about the cash tonight.
Respect to the Wolverine.

Equipment / Re: Outdoor vs. Attic Antennas
« on: July 08, 2014, 0237 UTC »
BoomboxDX, you've caught my imagination with the two metal conductors on a window idea. Do these guys use any particular type of metal (such as copper) and how much metal do you think that would that require? Big piece, small piece? No aluminum on the windows so the metal plate is a real possibility. But I'll be open-minded about it and see if I can recreate the magic of Nella's Faraday Outhouse.

Equipment / Re: Outdoor vs. Attic Antennas
« on: July 06, 2014, 1601 UTC »
This is all excellent advice. Thanks for the help and especially for your patience. Something tells me this won't be the last elementary question I'll ask.

What y'all say about the attic antenna was really what I expected. The interference would probably make it all but useless. I'm sold: make it easy and go with the longwire. There's a guy at a local ham group that uses Fansome's tree method only he uses an eyescrew in a softball instead of clay. Either way, it'll do the trick with the black walnut tree in the backyard.

And now for the follow-up. While I don't live in Nella's Faraday Outhouse, I do live in an 89-year-old house where the windows were painted shut back during the Reagan Administration. So unlike almost everybody I can't just toss a line out the window. I'm considering two options: (1) run it through the vents to the crawl space under the house, up a wall and out through an old, unused phone jack; or (2) run it through the soffit vent into the attic then down the wall to the unused jack. The extra work doesn't worry me, but I'm concerned about how that would effect the signal. The soffit seems an unlikely choice because it is metal. But will running the extra line (10-15 ft.) through another part of the house mess up the signal as well?

Equipment / Outdoor vs. Attic Antennas
« on: July 05, 2014, 1614 UTC »
I'm a very new beginner at the SWL and MW dxing hobby and in need of all sorts of info. This forum has been an excellent help (many thanks to Glimmer Twin) but there are still a few things I'm trying to figure out. Mostly about antennas. Read through some of the previous posts ("Gear required to take the next step" & "Educate me about antenna choice") but still have a question that wasn't addressed directly: attic vs. outside antennas.

I hear HF hams talking about attic antennas they use to transmit, but has anybody used one specifically for SWL dxing? Most everybody in the forums seem to have slopers, loops or simple wires, and I plan on getting a loop for MW dxing. I'm on a small lot and could get a sloper to work but it'll take some doing. An attic antenna would be more convenient to set up but would it be any good for straight-up listening? It it an option or should I concentrate on getting a sloper to fit?

Whichever one it is it'll need to work well here in Texas, in the dead center between both coasts. I'm still plotting out an overall setup and am leaning toward the Satellit 750 as a receiver to start but even that choice is still up in the air. But it's the antenna decision that's making me nuts. Any and all advice, as well as critiques, are welcome.


Heard the CW ID pretty clear at 0427 in Dallas but that's it. There's something down there - sounds like it could be good but its awash in static. No better than S3 on my little Grundig.

Wow. Finally, my first DX pirate!

Listening on a Grundig G3 in Dallas and it sounds pretty decent. Just heard Moonlight in Vermont & station ID.
Signal is a little uneven. Bouncing between S6 and S9.

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