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CW into ID by female voice into SSTV with Radio Nova text.  Image a bit fuzzy.
Gone at 0115.

OK signal tonight.
0044  Steely Dan. - Ricki, Don't Lose That Number
More songs about "Loss "  from Tom Petty, R.E.M., and Sting.
S/off at 0806 with SSTV straight into broadcast of WDDR  - Drunken DJ Radio.
WDDR on right after Wolverine Radio.
Music by Stephen Stills, Santana, R.E.M, and more.
"Playing some of the hits, some of the time."
For whatever reason, sounding much better than Wolverine Radio.

Bob Seeger at 0135 with Night Moves into Against The Wind.
Fair signal but local storms hampering copy.
0144. Moody Blues -  Your Wildest Dreams
0149  Natalie and Nat King Cole - Unforgetable
0153 Elton John - Crocodile  Rock
0157 Neil Diamond - September Morn
0201 Paul Davis - '65 Love Affair
0205 Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Songs by Phil Collins and Sarah McLaughlin  but losing signal in static at 0218.
Thanks for the show, Blue Smacker Radio. (Guessing the theme dealt with "Memories.")

Weak signal into Great Plains.  Hoping for improvement  after local sunset.
Signal never got better; hoping for better results next time. :-\

Fair signal.  Asking for requests at 0007.
0007  Tom Petty
0014. Hottie and The Blowfish with improving signal.
0018 The Animala - House of the Rising Sun
0036 Beach Boys - I Get Around
0046 Eddie  Cochran. - Nervous Breakdown
0048 Off

Faint signal.  Can hear some talking, possibly a woman, but really difficult copy.
Audio a little distorted because I can't get a solid  lock on frequency.
I can hear music but simply too faint at the moment to make out any definite details.

Song Ain't That A Kick In The Head. followed By That's Life.
Good signal.
Music by Blondie and Jim Croce.
0213 SSTV station ID as Evil Penguin Radio.
0215 -  Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln
0225  - STV featuring pirate penguin with head scarf and wearing an eye patch.
S/off 0238.
Thanks for the show.

SSTV  with picture of dog saying "Woof, Woof" with station name of KDOG.
Crimson and Clover played after SSTV.
0128 Another SSTV  featuring dog's head with KDOG logo into songs (96 Tears.
0133;  I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
0135-0139:  4 SSTV images each featuring a flaming stylized letter of station name K-D-O-G.
Agree with MKD2, these are garage band classics.
Off at 0145.

Barking dog ID  at 0047 into rock music.
Local storms playing havoc with reception.
ID  at 0050 into Kate Bush.
0056:  Led Zeppelin
Huge boost of signal at 0109 into Aerosmith "Sick As A Dog."
0150 Alanis Morisett- You Learn
0154 Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

ID at 2334 into music.  Local storms hampering reception.
Lost signal  at 0013.

Checked out 3955 at 2125 and  detected something from Omaha.
No legible copy and needed ŮSB to even have a chance.  Otherwise, may have overlooked it altogether.

Song Sugar, Sugar @ 2245.
Faint signal , lots of noise.
Couple SSTVs around 2250; too much noise at the moment to get clean capture.
Guessing Damn Skippy.
Female vocalist at 2354, song Sweet Dreams?
2358. The Wiggles - Hot Potato

Nothing heard ar 1945  on the Great Plains.

At 1914 hearing guitar music interrupted by SSTV  at 1917, then back to same guitar piece.
Multiple SSTV images featuring the benefits of being a dog.
Fooling Yourself by Styx.
Only getting a fair signal but strong enough to decode some of the many SSTVs with fair legibility.
Lost Skippy by 1945.

At 0235 SSTV image of cat or kitten followed by man talking.but could not quite understand.
Went back to music but signal pretty deep in noise floor.
0308  SSTV but signal too weak and static levels too high to capture image.

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