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Finally picked up around 0140.  Difficult copy because of static.
Around 0148 man singing about "brave new world."
Man talking between music but unable to understand what is being said.
Lost station in the muck at 0205.

Finally picked up Radio Nova at 0140.  Signal is weak and a bit difficult to copy.
Possible station ID at 0142.

Song "Jump " @  2314 with good signal despite high static levels.
Possible ID at 2315 followed by man repeating " Trick or Treat ' several times.

Tuned in at 1753  hearing strong signal with long guitar solo.
Shazam ID'd piece as Fourneau Cosmique by Buckethead.
SSTV  at 1804 but was not set up to copy.
Another SSTV at 1813 back into more music; sounds like same artist.
1823 SSTV with station ID as Damn Skippy.
More sSTV  images at 1829 and 1832.
Enjoying the music this afternoon.  Good signal and audio.
(Still haven't  figured out how to post these images in a timely manner.)
After SSTV  at 1840, music more ethereal  with brief comments by man talking about voter fraud  in this election.
1920 s/off.

Hearing Elton John with weak signal and somewhat legible copy.
Unable to make out next song.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6920 USB 0040 utc 19 Sep 2020
« on: September 19, 2020, 0047 UTC »
Hearing Stevie Wonder singing Superstition at 0040 woth good signal.
Some QRM from Spanish Ops underneath.
Gone after Stevie Wonder or overwhelmed by ops on LSB.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6960 USB Sep 19 @ 0037
« on: September 19, 2020, 0039 UTC »
Faint signal deep in the static with occasional  bits of music/voices.

No luck here at the moment (0015) in eastern Nebraska.  Only hearing a wall of static.

Can hear  music  playing but station deep in the noise floor.

Decent signal tonight while listening on my Tecsun  PL-660.
Station ID at 0034 UTC.

Signal getting through some difficult reception conditions but doing OK in AM mode.
Music by Denise Williiams and The Cure.
Station ID  and contact info at 0118.

Strong signal but having some tech problems.
Tutti Frutti  at 0117.  Problem solved?

Strong signal into Nebraska but op having a few tech problems.
Nice selection of music this evening.
Sudden loss of signal at 0154.
Thanks for the show tonight!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Radio 48 6880 USB 0037 12 SEP 2020
« on: September 12, 2020, 0049 UTC »
Strong signal into eastern Nebraska at 0045 UTC.
ID at 0048 as Radio 48.
Music by Dr John and Curtis Mayfield.
Relay by Mix Radio International?
Thanks for the show.
Good signal and audio and great playlist.

Song at 0103 but do not recognize song.
Fair signal rising in and out of noise: rough copy.
At 0106  hearing Buddy Miles with "Them  Changes"  per Shazam.
AC/DC at 0109.
Station ID at 01 16  All Right Now by Free.
01 28 The Clash: Should I Stay Or  Should I Go

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