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The Shortwave Ghost with Roundabout at 03:00z Sinpo 43223

I haven't heard that one for ages ... Thanks, Ghost.

WREC when I first tuned in was so strong that I thought it was a Euro - realised very quickly that it wasn't!

Sinpo 43344

Thanks for the show!

RFW - Signal just seems to get stronger every time I listen to it!

City Boy 5705 followed by shoutouts, fighting with the QRM tonight.

Sinpo 42344

Thanks for another great show!

After the lightning, which passed directly overhead, moved away ... I was rewarded with an hour or so of very pleasant listening, courtesy of COTBR

Here in the UK sinpo 34333

Thank you for the show, Chairman

Sounds like the same show as we had a couple of weeks ago - Soundgarden @ 03:09z followed by Queensryche @ 03:14z and DW talking about loosing his virginity. The important thing is that I can hear RFW much better than I did back then, so I am enjoying it even more!

Although its well into daylight here, RFW is a really stunning signal!
Sinpo 44434

Thank you for transmitting the show, Guys.

Up until about 03:20z , I was only looking at a carrier spike and listening to fragments along with static crashes - the only song I could make out was 99 red balloons at 03:05z

We're well into daylight here but TCS Relay has now come up to a listenable level "come on Eileen" "hungry like the wolf" et seq all good to listen to.

SINPO 11131

Thank you for transmitting the show ... being aware of the modest equipment often used, I get a hell of a kick when I can log TCS

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WPIG 6873.5 AM 0035 7/2/15
« on: July 02, 2015, 0043 UTC »
Piggy stuff 32233 over this side of the pond. Intrusive static crashes and qrm to the upper side band.

Cheers ... krissy

Pig stuff received in UK at 24333

RGI coming into the UK tonight at 24333  prior to CW ident at 01:13z

Thank you for playing music that I would probably never have heard otherwise.

OTR received at sinpo 22332 here in uk at 02:52z with Colgate advertisement followed by "Always true to you in my fashion" at 02:56

A great station to check trans atlantic propagation condx, and to fall back on for entertainment when there's little  other activity ... thanks for being there, Guys

it took a little while to resolve this station, but thanks to another much stronger station exactly on frequency who was making comments (and was therefore much easier to resolve) i was finally able to tune in properly.

then i had to wait for some music i could actually recognise ....

at 01:23z a clip of queen's bicycle song, 01:25 fat bottom girls and killer queen at 01:28

in my log with a sinpo 13332

thank you for the music

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950USB 02:40UTC
« on: June 13, 2015, 0317 UTC »
XLR8 is always a musical education to me!

Despite condx sinpo 23122 with Fever Tree's San Francisco Girls at 03:11z

Thank you for the show.

Despite the poor condx, I am hearing RFW well tonight - sinpo 23122 with Korn at 01:16z

Thanks for the music, Guys.

Condx are bad on this side tonight - propagation isn't that great and heavy qrn from storms over these parts.

However I am please to have logged KAOS albeit at sinpo 13121 with fragments of "all along the watchtower" and "these boots are made for walking"

Condx on this side are so much better tonight than they were last night. 6940kHz is a difficult frequency for me, but I'm having a pleasant time listening to the good music - thank you.
Sinpo only 11231  >:(

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