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Listening here in the uk, signal is weak, but stronger than XLR8 on 6955 atm.

Thank goodness he's transmitting slightly hf of 6925 cos otherwise that would cause big problems resoving against the qrm on his lsb.

No signal drop out here at 02:20z -weak but consistent signal strength.

Sinpo 11232 gone in the log at 02:35z

Thanks for the broadcast ... krissy

Yes, that's the best signal I've heard from RFW, over here in the UK.

Really enjoyed the show, thank you.

Best sinpo at beginning of show, before thermal malfunction 34333

XLR8 heard in the UK too ...

2 short video clips which I'll leave up for a week or so at


password is 6925USB

Sounded much better through headphones!

Thank you XLR8 - I enjoyed last night's musical mix.

Perseus + T2FD

This station would be the one responsible for the rap music that I heard on 6940usb as I was getting ready to go to work yesterday morning, then. Listened for a couple of minutes, returning a 42333 - very strong signal in the uk ... krissy ♂

I tuned in for the last half hour of the programme, even though daylight here, signal was holding nicely at a repectable 34233 ... krissy ♂

This is probably not a report from the direction you were hoping for, sorry.

It was an exciting night LF of your freq, perhaps when the SDR's are checked, you'll get some worthwhile reports come in- hopefully the details here will inspire that!

Multiple station id's and your email address just before CD at ~0106z 

sinpo 33223 with a programme including some of the best British music ever aired!

Its hardly across the pond on 1watt AM - now that was impressive, OM ... krissy

Big signal here in the uk tonight - sinpo 41323 and kicking the s meter up to a 9 at times.

Unfortunately LSB QRM on 6925 kept on knocking RFW sidewards  >:(

Thanks for the quality programme ... krissy

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6925 AM 0252z
« on: August 01, 2014, 0633 UTC »
Details as Rafman above.

As I listened, I wondered about conspiracies, too tired, too deep and anyway its all well over my head!

sinpo 31323 went into the log for this xmission ... krissy

Logged on this frequency at sinpo 34222 - considerably weaker signal than on 6925AM earlier (comparison possible as I tend to listen in ssb anyway) ... krissy

Dick Weed and Stefan broadening my musical horizons and supplying my fix of old favourites (in this case Led Zep)
This programme heard at sinpo 22222 here in the uk.

Rx Perseus Ant Wideband Terminated Folded Dipole in an inverted V

Thanks for the show ... krissy

I also heard devour the day "good man" as I turned off the radio to go off to work this morning, here in the uk.

I did not catch the station id but think that it might have been announced over the song.

I would love to know who they call themselves, as the current log entry is unid

sinpo was marginally better than XLR8 who was on earlier 22222

Thanks ... krissy ♂

Getting ready for work here - caught the last song "Love is what I got" by Sublime, thought I was listening to opm (which is a band that I enjoy) It made me wish that i had gotten up a little bit earlier to see what else had been played...unfortunately I'm not in a position to record yet at this qth.

Anyways it was real tough copy here in the uk. Best sinpo 12221.

Thank you ... krissy

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6925 AM 0200z 7/21/14
« on: July 21, 2014, 0353 UTC »
I managed to catch the station sign on at 0200z with the Soviet national anthem, followed by the dulcet tones of dj Dick Weed ...opening my eyes to music I'd not heard before - lots of station id's throughout the show.
Here in the uk, not as strong as of late - sinpo 13221
Thank you...krissy

I tuned in at 0142z to catch "Big Old Jet Airliner"
Received in uk at sinpo 13332
Thank you, Captain,for the show ... krissy

I tuned in at 0046z to catch Jimmy Stewart's weather report - "stick your head out of the window"
...followed at 0049z by two versions of "Hey Brother, Pour the Wine"

Received here in the uk at sinpo 13131 ... krissy

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