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I always appreciate stations that are near to the noise floor who play easily recognisable tunes...

So I was pleased that when I tuned in to 6930U at 0046z I could make out The Yellow Rose of Texas followed directly by Jonny Comes Marching Home.

The signal was barely a tadge above the noise theshold here and had to battle with static crashes and the regular occupants of 6933L.

Sinpo here at my location in the uk was at best 11221. For me this was a new station and I am very pleased to have logged Hard Tack Radio ... krissy

id'd tonight at 0013z according to one of the scraps of paper here ... and they did so many times in different languages - sadly europirates just aint my thang..

UNID 6205.4 kHz ... very addictive listening - Radio Tango Italia ( libertango58(at)libero.it )

Heard twice here in the uk - once at 0200z and again at 0203z
very weak but definitely yodelling ... krissy

Station ID close encounters music and CD at 0215z
sinpo 22332 here in uk


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