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Always nice to copy -  sinpo 42223 at the moment. Receiving on a vertical dipole for 14MHz. Thanks for being there with the music, Guys ... krissy

Listening here on the 40m nvis dipole and returning a sinpo of 54324 ... never dropping below the s9 on the needle (with noise running at an s3) ... enjoying music that i wouldn't usually listen to! Thank you .. krissy

Heard Sum41 and SOAD (at least that's who it sounded like to me) at good strength over here coming up to the hour ... 01:00z
Sinpo 44324
Thanks for the music ... and at such a pleasant listening level too :-)

Cheers ... krissy

Been listening to some different music and quite enjoying it ...
Sinpo 24222 whether listening on the nvis 40m dipole or Wellbrook loop the signal is about the same.
Thanks for the show, Guys ... krissy

When i tuned in at 02:45z i was receiving with a sinpo of 45344 but all of a sudden i'm down to a 25233 Hey-ho ... its a great selection of music though!
Big shame that i missed the Jethro Tull, i would've loved to have heard that.
Thanks for being on my radio tonight Drunken DJ.

Returning a sinpo of 23222 here in Eastern England at 22:57z with "Taxman"
Antenna is 40m "nvis" dipole at 10ft, so you guys are doing great again tonight!
Thanks ... krissy

Just tuned in moments before CD ... sinpo 33222 Thanks Guys ... krissy

WHYP heard here on the scabby old Wellbrook loop with station id and email at 23:24z. SINPO 23222.

Cheers ... krissy

Have been trying to copy this station for the last few nights but unsuccessfully. Tonight it's a different story -copying some good music right now Sinpo 23333

Thank you ... krissy

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 0136 UTC 14Sep16
« on: September 14, 2016, 0209 UTC »
Have been listening over here from 01:50 and have found the music pleasant to my ears ... It'd be a very respectable signal too, if the QRM wasn't knocking hell out of it! Unfortunately only a sinpo of 21121 going in the log. Thanks for the music ... krissy

All the fours - sinpo 44444 over on this side of the pond, on the scabby old Wellbrook.
Thank you, Drunken DJ .... krissy

Returning a sinpo of 23122 over on this side of the "pond" on the scabby old Wellbrook loop.

Enjoying the refreshing music at a quality bandwidth!

Thank you ... krissy

Despite using a Wellbrook loop, suffering high noise levels tonight, but pleased to report that Green Day made it over the noise!

Thanks for the music, BID Guys ... krissy

Receiving on the 1m loop here in the UK at sinpo 22132

Cheers ... krissy

Hearing you quite well now in USB, above the noise of the rain hammering on my trailer roof here in the county of Norfolk UK.
Returning a sinpo of 22132 on the 1m loop. Nope signal has just jumped sinpo 32133
Thanks Comrade Brothers ... krissy

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