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S7 Signal into London, Ontario this afternoon @ 2104 UTC.
Classic Rock Tunes and Cold Country Canada 6969 Shortwave IDs
Gimme Shelter by Stones @ 2109 UTC
AC/DC Back in Black @ 2113 UTC
ID as "The Weakest Station in the Nation - Cold Country Canada 6969 Shortwave".
Beatles @ 2117 UTC.
All along the Watch Tower Hendrix 2123 UTC. ID @ 2123 UTC
Into Queen…Bohemian Rhapsody 2126 UTC
Thanks for the Great Show Cold Country!! I'm in the Cold Country too!!!
Signal holding Strong at S-7 @ 2129 UTC.

XLR8 into London, Ontario with S7 Signal. Mix of Punk, Electro-Acoustic, Thrash Metal etc. IDS as XLR8 with Echo effect.
Tuned in at 0150 UTC to Music. Nice Clear IDs as XLR8.
Getting Stronger @ 0213 UTC with XLR8 ID and Electro-Dance Music.

Blasting into London, Ontario Tonight!!!
Great Program of Old songs with "Lonely" in them.
Thanks for the Great show and nice signal tonight Wolverine!!

Heard from 0105 UTC Tune In…….

I have the slightest hint of a CARRIER that started @ 1758 UTC….but certainly no Audio here on the ELAD FDM-S2!! Was hoping to hear this…but a Carrier won't be good enough…..
Thanks for the tip on the ECSS Rafman!! I tried ECSS and I now have TRACE AUDIO @ 1833 UTC, and I can see the Signal (Barely) on the Waterfall!!
I sure can't make out any of the Audio….But I can hear it vaguely and see the signal now!!
Chris…Maybe being on the East Coast is helping you a bit too?? I'm over here in the landlocked Snowbelt of S/W Ontario!!

Thanks for the ELAD Tricks on ECSS Rafman!! I just got the ELAD and still learning the ropes!! Good advice always appreciated!!

Signal on Waterfall Display and Carrier gone just after 1900 UTC!

Did I have them?? Who knows???

Blues Tune @ 0117-20 UTC
Into Old Timey Music sung by Female @ 0120-24.
More Old Timey Music @ 0124-
Signal about S8 with Fading into SW Ontario tonight.
Wolverine Radio ID by Male DJ @ 0125 UTC.
Into more Old Timey Music by Female Singer @ 0125-28. "Long Time Ago"??
Into more Music @ 0128-30  "Stop look and Listen".
"I Can't Stop Loving You" @ 0130-33.
Wolverine Radio ID @ 0133 UTC.
Into "Stop in the Name of Love" @ 0133-36.
Into "Bus Stop, Bus Stop" @ 0136-

Rock Music @ 0055-58 UTC.
DJ Dickweed gave ID as Radio Free Whatever @ 0058.
Listed songs played…Pursuit of Happiness and Lords of the New Church mentioned.
Gave some shoutouts to the guys on HF Underground @ 0059.
Another RFW ID @ 0103.
Into more Music @ 0103-
Band very Noisy here tonight.
Signal about S8 but lots of QRN.
RFW ID @ 0113 UTC.
More shoutouts to HFU @ 0114-15 UTC.
More Music @ 0115 UTC.

Heard Sign On @ 0013 UTC and noted Music shortly after. However….very Weak tonight, barely above the noise level.
Usually TCS is very strong here, but tonight must be a different Tx Location than the past few Broadcasts???
Bits of  Music breaking through @ 0022 UTC, but not much to work with here tonight!!
Thanks for the Show TCS…Maybe things will pick up signal wise…..
Gotta give you a Minus 1 on the Richter Scale so far tonight John…….
Couple of Peaks in signal with Music from 0030-0038 UTC…but still can't make much out here….
I tried, but no cigar here tonight!

Tuned in @ 2333 UTC . Great Signal…S9 Tonight!! Lots of Lightning /Static Crashes though.
Along Comes Mary 2333-36.
8 Miles High @ 2336-39.
Journey to the centre of your mind? @ 2339-43.
ID as "The Crystal Ship on the TCS Relay Network, Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out". The Flower Power Show.
Into White Rabbit by Jeff Airplane @ 2344-46.
Too Much to Dream last Night @ 2346-48.
Incense and Peppermints @ 2348-52.
Venus @ 2352-

Where's my Headband and Suede Vest with the Dingle Balls?

Thanks for the Great 60's Show John!!

S9 into London, Ontario tonight  with the "Beat goes on" 60's show!!
Listening tonight on my NEW ELAD FDM-S2 SDR Receiver….and you're sounding Great!!
Thanks for the cool show John…I'm a child of the 60's eh!!!
Easybeats @ 2333 UTC Tune In.
Thank the Lord for the nighttime @ 2336-39 UTC
TCS ID with "The Beat goes on" Show. @ 2339 UTC.
Henry the 8th by Hermans Hermits @ 2340-42 UTC.
The Game of Love @ 2342-43 UTC
Love Potion # 9 @ 2343-45 UTC
Little Red Ridinghood @ 2345-48 UTC.
Boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra @ 2348-50 UTC.
She's Not there @ 2350-53 UTC
It ain't not me Babe by Turtles 2353-55 UTC.
Beat of a different drum @ 2355-57 UTC.
Yosemite Sam and FCC spot @ 2357-58 UTC.
ID @ 2359 UTC.
The Letter by the Boxtops @ 2359-0001 UTC.
CCR- Fortunate Son @ 0001-
Great Tunes John……..I'm lookin' for my Bell Bottoms…I think they'll still fit??!! HAHAHHAA…..

Thanks for the Email Tip John Poet!!
TCS with an ART ROCK Show @ 2348 UTC Tune In.
Inagoddadivida by Iron Butterfly
 Echo ID as "TCS Shortwave Relay Network @ 2349 UTC.
 Talk about Art Rock and the Beatles Sgt. Pepper LP.
More Art Rock Music and Talk between songs.
Thanks for the Artsy Show John!!
Signal only FAIR @ Tune In but building nicely now @ 0004 UTC with "It's Magic" ELO.

Had a few Snippets of Piano Music about 10 Minutes ago…but this is REAL WEAK here in London, Ontario.
Sorry Choppy, but no Cigar here in London, Ontario CANADA tonight!!

Song by Springsteen @ 0018-22 UTC Tune In.
Male DJ with ID and Talk about War @ 0022 UTC.
Moody Blues Song @ 00222-0027 UTC.
More Music 0027-29 UTC.
Right into more Mellow Rock music 0029-0034 UTC.  Wildest Dreams??
Lots of QSB here in London, Ontario, but strong Signal Peaks!
ID by Male @ 0034 UTC as "War is not the Answer…You are listening to The Crystal Ship".
Audio and Signal improving now!!
Thanks for the Anti-War Show Mr. Poet!!! I should call the World's Leader's and have them tune in!!
More Rock Music Anti War @ 0035-0039 UTC.
Male talk about what to do if there's a Nuclear Attack @ 0039 UTC.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WEAK Radio 6925 USB 00:34 UTC
« on: February 16, 2015, 0102 UTC »
Just Tuned in @ 0058 UTC to PUNK Music til 0100 UTC.
SIGNAL about an S-7!!
Female DJ gave ID as "W-E-A-K Radio" @ 0100 UTC.
Into PUNK Music @ 0100-0103 UTC.
Male with "W-E-A-K  Weak Radio" ID @ 0100 UTC.
Into more PUNK Music @ 0103-05.
WEAK Radio ID and Slogan @ 0105 UTC.
Funny Ad @ 0106 UTC.
More Punk Music @ 0106-
Thanks for the Great PUNK Show WEAK!!!

Bombing In Tonight @ 2325 UTC Tune In!!
"Feeling Alright" @ 2325-29 UTC.
"WMID" ID by Male DJ @ 2329 UTC.
"John T. Arthur's ? 2nd Favourite Station"
Into more Music @ 2329-2332 UTC.
"Down at the Function Junction"
WMID ID again @ 2332 UTC.
"Shot Gun" @ 2332-35.
ID as WMID again @ 2335 UTC.
Instrumental Surf Music @ 2335-
Signal 10 OVER S-9 Now!! Great Signal!!
Instrumental SURF MUsic @ 2335-38 UTC.
WMID ID @ 2338 and a SLOGAN…Couldn't make it out though…..
More Music @ 2338-2342 UTC      "Look to the Left, Look to the Right"
Thanks for the GREAT Oldies Show WMID!!
James Brown "I Feel Good" @ 2342-2345 UTC.
ID as WMID - All Music and IDs all the time" @ 2345 UTC.
"Where have all the Good Times Gone" @ 2345- 2347 UTC
WMID ID @ 2347 UTC. Faded for a bit but back strong as ever!!

Hearing you in London, Ontario with a FAIR SIGNAL (S-3) with some Noise and QSB @ 2243 UTC with "Groovin'" til 2247 UTC.
Into "Come On People Now" @ 2247-2250 UTC.
Great to hear some 1960's Tune that I recognize!!
Male Announcer spoke @ 2250 UTC.
More Music @ 2251- Lots of QSB Now!!
Into MUNGO JERRY with "In the Summertime" @ 2257-2300
Male DJ spoke @ 2304 UTC.
"On a Lazy Afternoon @ 2304-2307 UTC.
Otis Redding "Dock of the Bay" @ 2307 UTC-
Great Music Selection tonight Channel Z!!  Thanks for the Oldies Show!!

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