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Topics - Ray Lalleu

2232 tentative, no real ID so far (but 'stylish' voice bridges)
Same frequency, time and music ason Friday and Saturday
2243 going on

2133 Parisian song (in English version), 2137 light music
No ID so far, but the frequency is almost an ID, 2141 humorist, 2147 more music, that programme sounds like those of Harmony. 2200 stealth IDs??

(Sorry for the typo on the date)

2007 mailbag, reception reports sent to Bogusman, 2014 going on
disturbed by that multi-carrier OHR

An ID not relly needed....
1853 old jazz, talking in English, more music from the 1920's

1929 singer in German,
1932 ID, then talking about the Andrea Doria, and about celebrities before WWII
1934 singer in English

1917 Unid with non-stop Dutch/German music (schlager, accordion...) 1927 going on
1942 brass music, 1959 accordion,
2020 talking in English, but hard to cancel the local noise, W singer

(LHH was not on 6205 this morning)
1459 music, ID, announcing also 1494, promo FSN
1830 "Living by numbers"
(2001 gone)
2210 on the air again, modern jazz

6285 was on day long, heard a lot of times without ID (or not well heard).
Even at 1831-1843, the programme sounded like another FM from Tenerife, but I could not catch te name in the Internet address.

1901 music, DJ, regular IDs, 1909 going on

1728 Unid, some synthe? music
1816 strange effect (from ut.QRM ?)
1845 beatbox

1911 the DJ has a mike, then trapped at 180 bpm

2015 beatbox and keyboard?, QRM by carrier from ut.

(2116 gone)

music, 1820 jingle ID, Madness "One step beyond", Beatles "Obladi oblada"
Badly disturbed by the multi carrier OHR, 1826

(1844 gone ?)

1634 pops from 60/70's, Rock your baby, Sugar baby love, some hum
1643 ID, hotmail, next pop, 1647 Tiger feet

1701 Gigi l'amoroso, 1726 Dutch music

(1830 gone)

Unid at 1551 with Dutch song, then Tom Jones??, then "Not your stepping stone"
1603 more pops and Dutch music, 1607 going on

1619-1632 non sop Dutch pops, fax QRM at times

(1727 gone)

1519 extra-weak station, squeezed between Merlin and a local noise here.
Barely heard music, 1526, 1542
1547 lost under ut.QRM

(was on with ID at 0903, but gone soon)
1508 music, DJ, IDs, 1518 going on, etc 1633 on

(1730 gone)

Unid on 6260 very weak, 1047 Shadows, Twist again, Jailhouse rock,
1052 Hello Marylou

Latin American Pirate / Unid 6934.8 AM 2350 UTC 23 Jun 2018
« on: June 23, 2018, 2354 UTC »
2250 2350 Unid, mx on 6934.8 (not sure if from S. Am.), pop from N. Am.?
then fading down, 0007 trace with some mod.

Sorry, it was at 2350 ( not at 2250)

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