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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1727 Petula Clark

on 5140.0   fair
1722 old jazz

on 6265.45   started as Unid
1640 trace
1704 music, Verdi ?, 1707 talking (in It?), Morse, blank
1708 more music from Verdi?, 1711 talking, off

Thinking to Radio Voyager ?

edit : no no, Radio Tango Italia, before moving to 6285.4

on 6205.0
1655 "Beat it", with psiou's above, 1657 Laser Hot Hits Int., DJ
1902 badly disturbed by spur from relay of KBS in French on 6145 kHz

on 6205.0
1821 pop.     1842 'Laser' ID by DJ.   1857 DJ about Michael Jackson, music
2040 music, 2040 DJ, ID as Laser Hot Hits Int., more music, 2044

on 5780.0
0923 typical music choice, 0926 jazz (big band), 0940 "Take five", more jazz
1224 blues, jazz, etc...
1847 ID with promo TX time lease
2035 jazz, 2037 ID, singer (late 50's ?)

on 6240.0-
maybe the station previously on 6240.0 (or maybe not), but alone on the channel
very weak, much atmos today
1822 music from war movie, 1824 more music, hard to hear, 1831
1859 some D-like music.     1943 very weak, T-storm atmos, non-stop music, 1957
non stop music, very hard
2030 talking at last, but no copy at all, 2032 off ?

on 5895.0     much atmos (T-storm)
1805 Rolling Stones "Ruby Tuesday", 1807 jingle ID, next song, 1811

on 5815.0       much atmos (T-storm)
1756 music, advert?, then Jethro Tull ?, 1800 rock, 1804 jingle: 'When I do it for you', DJ in D
1811 pop in D, 1814 a deluxe version of "I say a little prayer for you", 1818 R. Veronica long ID,
next: pop-rock.  (So it's a recording of offshore Radio Veronica), 1820

(1846 gone)

on 6240.0
1531 carrier
1536 music, D song "Tina Tina"(?title)
1540 AC-DC, beating with another carrier about 2 Hz away, also an het on U-side
1544 next: C&W (the het seems to be on 6240.2 tentative R. Cuckoo)
1548 next, 1551 talking (or QRM ?), by M and W (no copy), could be QRM from Tashkent
(playing AC-DC was probably not from the religious programme via Tashkent)
1559 talking, 1600 SSB traffic too...
then extra weak signals, sometimes carrier on 6240.2 heard
1603 music is back, and Sync AM is fooled between the two carriers..., 1606
1650 both stations going on, 1655 no winner, both are losing

on 6295.05
1459 M+W talking, Bible programme, (usual on Sundays, unusual on weekdays), 1504
(1527 gone)

1608 preachers back on the air
1623 ID, contacts in USA, frequencies... 1625
(1659 gone)

Interesting replies about the story of SW pirates in Ireland in the 80's and 90's. Jock Wilson telling how his Radio Stella station was relayed in Ireland from the same site that relayed Reflections Europe, and there was up to 7 TX in the same site. Long story via a link. Also photos, and comments about the transmitters.

He adds that now, he does not know from where Reflections Europe is transmitted, not even if it's from Ireland.

All that moved to the forum 'Pirate radio history' on this site.

on 6305.1-   fair signal \T-stormy
1424 anorak music, multilingual ID, 1425 music, 1428 DJ, into "Lazy Sunday"
1436 Tremeloes "Silence is golden", DJ, ID, Lovin' Spoonful "Daydream",
etc... still on at 1625
(1659 gone)

QSLs Received / e-QSL Recycle Radio (first one to Europe)
« on: April 24, 2019, 1345 UTC »
Trying to post a QSL from Recycle Radio, barely heard direct in Europe for first time.

Does not work, don't know what is wrong,
and lost my image once again in imgur, with no way to find it again.

on 6318.0-
0640 very weak, R&R, 0645 pop-rock
0855 fair \noisy; "Spirit in the sky"
0912 music, 0914 jingle (not OK), rock, 0917 W pop singer \always noisy on one side or the other
1155 jingle (not better), 1204 music
(1220 no signal)
1316 on again, with music, very weak, stormy, etc....
1700 Rolling Stones ? (very weak and noisy)

1833 back from deep fade, very weak, music, 1837 next, etc...
2150 non stop music, fair signal, 2211 jingle :'Solid gold Radio Sovereign', more music, fading down

on 6240.2+  very weak, noisy
0858 carrier, 0904 suddenly music (Irish music), 0906 pop, 0912
(0920 gone)
1321 on again, weak and stormy, Irish music, then some pop at noise level, 1323
lost soon after 1340    1443 heard again, weak and very noisy and stormy, music (hard to hear!)
1504 a bit stronger, music, 1514  (1529 gone)   (1531 another carrier, on 6240.0 : see other topic)
1550 maybe 'coucou! coucou!' (under the QRM) ?
1615 at least a carrier on 6240.2+,    1638 pop, slight het on 6240.0   1641..and RTTY on 6242a
1644 no carrier on 6240.2  1646 carrier again..  1650 both stations are on   1655 both are losing