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Topics - Ray Lalleu

on 5065,0
1531 joking, W +2M, US accent, 1535 'jingle bells' fancy, 1536 adverts
1558 same joking team, about weird news, 1603 rock guitarist, 1605 "You really got me"
1607 ID : KSAN spelled, 1608 rock

on 6289,95 weak
1417 blank, 1418+ suddenly rock music, more..., becomes very weak
1428 schlager and drum, 1431 pop singer, 1432 This is radio Fox 48 (could have been clearer)
then music and talking at times, hard to hear here (PLC pest here!), 1441
1459 electro-pop, ut.hum , 1503 pop, etc... non stop music, non stop ut.hum, 1526
1545 fading out, 1616 back with "Anything you want",but faded again,
then only a trace, still a faint one at 1702

on 5780,0
(already at 0913, rock, IDs every 15 min. or so)
1406 rock, 1412 canned ID, rock

on 6375,0-    hets roving around for a while
1321 rap, then nonstop pops, 1333 ID +@...dot nl, QRM underneath, music, 1334
1336 het on 6374,5 but not sure if this is the carrier for the other audio, 1338
1352 music, (the other station is gone)
1401 music
1555 disturbed by stanag on 6377, but LSB OK, 1630 same problem
1653 now extra weak

on 6230,0
1251 single speaker about events in the 20th century till the recent years, about international finance and trade and politics, with the effects of the global telecoms, the fall of the communism, the remnants of marxism in some media (eg BBC...), all in disorder, then against the nazis, then against other forms of nationalism, (Well, so far I don't guess where he is going...), 1316
1355 same guy, repeat from previous hour, part of Abba "Rich man's world", 1358 off

on 6280,2
0918 phone call about Caroline and Ross Revenge, O922 music
0925 ID, back to the phone call, 0928 fading down
0929 music, 0930 lost !

1955-2045 trace, barely a trace of music at rare instants
2259 good signal, jazz, English singers, 2303 ID, retro W singer, 2306 more retro, etc..
2335 strong peaks...

The propagation of that station is quite puzzling....

1637 music, ID, "Mr Tambourineman", etc, 1644

(1713 barely a trace)

on 5065,0
1629 rock, 1631 duo/trio DJ with US accent, 1636 commercial
1652 ads, 1655 fading down, 1700 trace

on 5780,0
heard day long (from downstairs..)
1600 ID, more pop-rock, still heard at 1650

(1710 only a faint trace)

on 6305,1-
1514 known voice, pop, talking about former offshore stations, ..here at Radio Merlin.., etc,1519
Much more about Mi Amigo, about the ross revenge, also many IDs from Merlin, 1545 going on
1614 sudden fading down to very weak here, then to a mere trace, 1617

on 6324,0  extra weak
1934 music, barely heard
1939 was fading out,
then I checked : only a trace, still at 2028.
Now at 2140: nothing

Shortwave Broadcast / Unid 6405 AM 1639 utc 18 nov 2018
« on: November 18, 2018, 1641 UTC »
on 6405,0  disturbed by noisy ut; on the U-side
1639 modern oriental music
1643 W voice, sounds like news in some oriental language, 1645

on 6264,1-
1619 bpm trance, hammering machine, 1622

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