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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1656 weak, atmos, playing "Gimme gimme gimme" by Abba
1915 W DJ
1948 IDs by M DJ, ann' also 1494 MW,
2150 jingles, ID, music

1656 IS (ID in a very short loop)
1731 retro music, 1854 jazz, ID
1931 ID, music, 1933 break or move ?
(1934 unid carrier on 5150, 1936 off)

2010 back on the air (on 5140)
2143 old song in Dutch "Julia"

Unid extra-weak on 5825,7+ at 1606 with music, and much T-storm crashes
1622 "Hit me....."
1630 ending "Message in a bottle" then "Maggie May"

1647 now on 5825,7- with pop

0917 usual mellow music, ID every 10 min. or less.
0934 "Blueberry Hill", 1005 going on

Heard several times later, last one at 2245 (humorist).
R. Harmony is on the air 24h a day, whenever possible.
The frequency drifting is now slow and very limited.

Someone testing in USB on 6251,1 approx.,
with music and shouts, but I can't get it clear
0911 off
1028 back on, can't find how to clarify it
1032 fading down and up, 1035 deep fade

1915 strange signal on 6480 approx.
very distorted music, also some talking at 1921
heard with CW LSB and USB mode, not with AM, not with SAM
1924 lost

1845 music, rock, "Black night", hello hello
1856 ID as Mustang R. (not the usual voice, rather said Musteng R. ?),
lso 'M.I.T.C. on Must(a)ng Radio'
then pops (cut at 2 min.)
1908 off 

1606 non stop music
1626 talking above "Layla", ID quite unsure
1629 Have a nice day, off

Was strong at 0611, then fading down regularly,
to only a trace at 1600, and never got an ID.

1612 Beatles "Things we said today", 1614 talking, IDs, pops, 1617

0610 ID at once, on 6285,0- strong, 0738 good,
then fading down to very weak at 1322

(not heard at 1527, not at 1601)

Back on the air
1154 was talking, into "I can see for miles"
1159 DJ, into "Lady Madona"
1202 typical talking, announcing Susan Vega
1207 talking, ..Bogusman.. , 1208 music
1329 "Bad case of loving you" (hard to hear), etc, on 6325,10
1319 ..Bogusman.. 1321 music

(1530 gone)

Unid, on 6259,95 and very weak at first
0834 "Simply the best", 0837 talking above (and ID=?)..
0840 "Kids in America", fading up, 0843 "Heart of glass", fading
0926 here too : "Wake me up before you go go"
0929 "The final countdown", 0934 Koto ?

(0943 gone)

0616 music, 0617 ID, on 5775,0 this morning
0823 music, almost fair, 0826 E. Moricone by whistler, 0828 ID, music

1016 Harmony QRZ @gmail.com, ID, then jazz

1533-1600 best heard pirate this afternoon

On 6240,0- : Unid at first
0701 music, W talking in English, then C&W (prob. relaying some US stream), 0714
0808 "Angie", "I'm bad", op in English, Rueil address, music, 0818, 0820 IDs,
then various songs in French, 0945 Joe Dassin "Champs-Elysées",
then becoming extra-weak, 1253 trace

(1526 gone)

Unid on 6275,0 very weak at best moments
0628 "What a night" (in a medley ?)
0658 music (Dutch? music)
0758 trace up to very weak music, 0808
0914 still on, music (barely heard), 0918 another carrier drifting around
0922 "Wake me up before you go go"

(0940 gone)