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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1943 Unid on 3943 with clear pop, then sudden fadin down
1947 very hard to hear, 1948 lost

(maybe QSY to 3920, but not sure about that)

1917 Unid on 5800 with music, 1919 DJ, ID no  copy, Maisonettes
QRM beating (only a few Hz away), 1923 DJ, another pop track, not clear
1932 music, 1934 DJ with much noise, can't even say in what language, 1935 off !

1905 UTC, retro music, 1906 ID, part of a song, good signal
1906 tango with singer in German, 1906 ID, Go ahead London, part of a song, singer in English

1851 UTC IDs and greetings, 1852 "Old man down the road"
1912 "Mony Mony" Tommy James & the Shondells. Fading up well
1914 accordion medley

(1941 gone)

Unid at 1723 UTC on 5780, pops, with at times DJ in Dutch
1846 DJ in Dutch, pop-rock
(1916 gone, ut on near frequency)

Unid drifting quickly between 6402 and 6403, very hard to hear
1834 same problem

Well Kay, at 1926 : nothing left around 6402

Unid 6953 USB 0106 UTC music

0111 ID as Clever name Radio, more rock
0114 IDs, into rock
0124 IDs, welcome - - - , 1, 2 (and OFF)

1907 pops and DJ, 2014 "Day tripper", W DJ
2120 M+W duo DJs, ID, talking above long long techno track,
then another track same style, still going on at 2135

2024 music, talking, 2025 ID by synthe W voice  barely heard (weak, very noisy)
2026 crowd singing "World cup", stadium noise
2032 sudden strong ID by same W voice, and @gmx.net, then crowd singing anthem, 2035 noisy
2036 ID +@gmx.net, GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL !!!, etc 

(2115 gone)

1947 synthe 80-90's music, 1953 medley, 1954 ID, 1955 music
1958 "Born to be alive"

(2116 gone)

Was on in the morning (0853 ID), but weak. Not found at 1416.

Back at 1728 with music.
1927 ID and e-mail, music. Disturbed by the dense pack of carriers around 6300
1934 same conditions

Relaying, or playing some R. Mi Amigo avatar ?
with pops, announcements, promo in Dutch for Mobile Mi Amigo Studio,
promo in English for Monitor Magazine, 1856 robot jingle : '3-3-1-1-9'
then music, but suddenly undermodulated, audio fading up a bit at 1902

(There was a station on 5780 at 1729-1732, likely R. 319 before moving here)

1732 retro music, later old jazz, (noisy channel)
1827 ID, singer in German ?, 1830 ID, jazz

1405 extra weak, with offshore jingles and anorak tunes
1445 fading up, peaks with R&R, 1450 DJ and ID, 1455 pops

(seemed off at 1726)

2221 Beatles "Eleanor Rigby", in a medley?
2225 more pop-rock from the 60's
on 6320,0+
2231 Rock Radio network, RockRadioEurope @yahoo.com
2232 AC-DC "Highway to hell", 2235 "On the border"
2246 Animals "It's my life", 2248 (unknown)

2304 Dylan "I want you"