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Topics - Ray Lalleu

on 6965,2 at first
1656 under noise, with slow pops, 1700 givin nr in English
1702 fading up a bit, and now in 'energy' style
(last Sunday on this fqy it was a relay of Charity R.)
1708 undermod? drifting to 6965,4

1812 talking, but barely at noise level, carrier on 6956,43
1817 just the same situation

1837 not sure about any audio..., but the carrier is adjusted back and forth around 6965,3

1652 ID in short loop (used as IS)

2029 typicalprogramme, 2030 ID, said 'Hollywood', but next song in German

2249 ID, more music from the early years of broadcasting

1559 typical music, later bits of ID, hard to hear under local noise (pesty switching PSU)
1644 jazz (using all tricks to clear it), then singer, 1650 maybe an ID, music

2245 retro jazz song, etc  (local noise is permanent)

1625 : pop, DJ, 1630 mentionning Mike Andrews, ID Laser Hot Hits Int'l, more pop
1634 DJ, ID?, pop

1536 pops \loc.noise; 1542 on 6299,9 non stop pops
1608 switch off at end of song

1528 promo DrTimNews, 1530 IDs

Maybe closed down soon after

2237 Unid on 6300 USB with Italian pop
2239 talking, sounds like an Italian doppel of JT, 2240 off

2226 Unid with music, ID just guessed from yesterday, 2230
2233 'Bogusman is here', chatting about the Bogusman studio, 2235

2241 music.   (2245 gone)

(carrier heard sooner, amidst ut. carriers)
2040 music, between jazz and modern instrum. music
no ID yet, but typical sound and frequency, 2048 non stop

2104 hard to hear too, but a peak from time to time
2105 talking ?  or just QRM ?  ---     I don't expect a clear ID

2120 barely heard.               (2143 gone - or under the ut. ?)

Progzilla Radio (UK), via Test 3975 (Germany). Music, DJ chatting, music again

2003 "Bad case of loving you", etc, 2006 talking in English above the music
2008 off

1957 some hymn ?, 1959 ID, @gmx.net, more music, noisy channel
2013 tune of "Lacs du Connemara" other lyrics (for foot fans?), 2015 ID, gmx

2037 ID +gmx, music.

(2055 gone)

1708 typical music from the 1920's, noisy but fading up well.
Still no idea about the TX location, and the music selection is mainly from GB-US-Germany, not often from elsewhere.
1714 sounds of the gangs war (Chicago?), more music.
1718 ID, then short talking about S.S. Titanic, music

1852 OK KaySeeks, no audio, carrier only (or quite undermodulated??)
1922 audio is back, ID and music again

1555 typical music (but local noise here), 1600 long ID with spelled name and e-mail address.
1635 crooner
1856 "Fever". Promo buying airtime, full ID. "Padam padam"
Ok KaySeeks, maybe somewhere in Northern Europe?
So it's a long way from Tiperrary to Roma...

1926 gone, no signal on 5775
1945 back on the air, 1946 ID

1602 extra-weak Unid on 5830 with barely heard music and DJ.
(much weaker than WMR on 5840). 1628 same level.
1648 fading up slowly, mx, DJ. 1700 '3-1-9' (in English, as ever), music, 1702 talking, music

Maybe off the air at 1726 ? (There was a carrier on 5833 approx.), but I had to go.
1812 and later : found again, but weaker than at 1700 ?
1843 relaying a station in English, probably Caroline.co.uk ?

1934 "Walking on sunshine", 1943 lost, 1951 bit of a signal again?
There is a strange cloud up there...