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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1850 blank carrier on 6271,95
1853 music begins, pop-rock, good signal at first, then some fading
1903 "Have you ever seen the rain", various pops/R&R/Japan?/Fever-like
1919 "Wind of change", 1922

(1932 gone)

Unid on 6389,95 very weak at 1833 with Dutch instrum. music,
1839 couple of words, pop, Dutch music,pop again, 1846 Radio ...., DJ in Dutch, music, 1847

very weak, noisy, 1924 music, 1926 Beach Boys?, peaking, then deep fade
1937 "Walk on the wild side", very weak

(ID from Ronald_Mullis, see below)

1823 60's rock guitar, 'allo', ID, 1826 S.Davis Group "Keep on running",
cut, whistles, record again, cut again, 1831 s/off

0825 Edith Piaf ? in French, very weak and noisy on the SW this morning
1011 slogan ID, slow down drifting, typical play list, 1019

0733 music, then often only a trace, a few weak peaks
0952 short ID, pops

(0735 was on 6280,25 : music, known voice)
0910 trace
0930 music, 0931 ID, pops, etc.. very weak
0948 ID
0958 "Bette Davis eyes", talking, music, 1020 trace

1602 pop, known DJ voice, Blondie
1721 pop, up and down into the noise

0738 ID at once, very noisy this morning
0910 "J'ai demandé à la lune"
0940 ID, then C&W, very weak, no drift

(Was already a trace on 7 Jul at 2041 UTC, some music at 2108, trace 2123)

0237 trace, 0239 music, sometimes a few words (no copy)
0248 a song maybe in Russian or similar,
0252 other song (more in italian trad. style), 0258 hard to hear
0300 dong ! then talking (in what language?) for a few minutes
0305 fading down, trace

2356 Unid on 6270,25 with some reggae track
0001 another track, 0002'50" sudden off

2127 good signal on 6272,0- : Teresa Werner
2130 "Marylou", JT talking above

2048 Unid on 6910,0 extra-weak, music on a peak, 2051

2043 Unid, extra-weak, music, then down under noise level, trace, 2047

2036 ID, and pandoraradio @hotmail. com, rock
2038 promo Cool AM Radio Productions, into more rock

2137 music, 2138 ID, 2139 blank (end)

Kay, maybe your watch is 3 minutes in advance ?

1953 pops on 6285,0- with ID at 1954 (back after a few days off)

1449 Unid very weak on 6260,65 with music, 1453 DJ talking above the music, more music

1515 music, on 6260,60 very weak, ut.noise, 1527 going on

1958 pops, "Comeon Eileen", het on 6262.65 then fax, 2003 Sweet silver Annie
2006 next track, 2008 the scratching fax, and traffic QRM, station lost