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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1703 typical retro music
1843 ID
2250 ID, C&W

1643 music, announcing 6205, 98FM and MW1476
1853 ID, 2033 ID, "I want to break free"
2245 Abba "Mamma mia", W DJ with M aside, phone nr, 2250 pop

0000 (July 7th) very weak now. Sorry for the typo on the date !

2101 some hip-hop, 2106 another, on 6270,0-
2109 non stop, etc

2143 talking in D (or strong Dutch accent), more music

2035 not typical, deep fade, 2041 back, still not typical,
2043 saying : 5W..etc..100W, 135W, 175 W, 200W, then audio patchwork
2045 talking a la Bogus/Ghoul, 2051 long fade, 2058 a glimpse of humorist
2118 music, DJ, 2125 peaking with Bogusman apologizes for late QSL replies,
Different Radio@yahoo.co.uk, 2128 music

2004 DJ, pop-rock, 2012 said "music from the 1970's"
2019 DJ about Golden Earring
2027 ID (not too clear), 2029 off

1353 music on 5774,65 AM
1400 times pips above the music, 1401 ID, more music.
To Alinton : around 1400 UTC, Harmony is weak to very weak.
My S+N meter can read anything, depending on IF gain setting, but the best is for S+N=4
(I have no S meter, only a S+N meter !)
1412 music

Latin American Pirate / Unid 6934.8 AM 0024 UTC 06 Jul 2018
« on: July 06, 2018, 0033 UTC »
0024 carrier
0030 some audio in the mud

1842 lots of IDs, with parts of tracks,
1843 that synthe W voice added a long announcement, mixed with music : no copy at all !
2030 usual living in the 78rpm past times
2110 ID, music

Heatwave on the TX ? Such a drift was not seen since the breakdown.
Typical play list, 2030 ID, 2100 ID, etc

On 5774,95 at 1403 : not the usual programme.
Instead, talking, and several versions of "Happy birthday to you",
1413 This is ..... (it was not Harmony)
1414 humorist with music
1440 now seems to be R. Harmony, 1450 Edith Piaf (but no ID)

On 6926 approx., wobbling signal (more or less, variable).
Music, M and W voices (probably adverts), IDs with 'Classic' clear, then mangled.
// stream, but at 1902 strong stanag almost killing the signal.

2025 carrier on 6926.2  (also at 2050)

0949 Unid on 6235, only talking, some political speech sermon in English,
but too weak, too noisy to understand exactly about what
(could be about refugies ?)

2026 typical time travel before WWII, 'Go ahead London'
2116 ID, etc

*1624 beginning of the SW relay, but almost killed by T-storm
1724 ID, less noise, music, frequent IDs
2040 announcing SW-MW-FM, 2107 again, etc

1545 typical music programme, 1556 ID,much T-storm noise, 5774,9 bit fo drift
Later, much better S/N, 2025 ID, 2102 singer in French

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