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Topics - Ray Lalleu

0949 Unid on 6235, only talking, some political speech sermon in English,
but too weak, too noisy to understand exactly about what
(could be about refugies ?)

2026 typical time travel before WWII, 'Go ahead London'
2116 ID, etc

*1624 beginning of the SW relay, but almost killed by T-storm
1724 ID, less noise, music, frequent IDs
2040 announcing SW-MW-FM, 2107 again, etc

1545 typical music programme, 1556 ID,much T-storm noise, 5774,9 bit fo drift
Later, much better S/N, 2025 ID, 2102 singer in French

2006 music, talking, typical chatting, 2013 : ..Bogusman.., 2014 pop
2110 Different radio @yahoo.co.uk, into "Venus" (the real one)

Unid wobbling on 6926 at 1900, music heard in AM-mode (SSB fails).
Weak, also T-storm crashes, 1915 still no detail. (See on June 30th)
1921 natural W voice, 1923 M talking in English (no copy), 1926 music

2055 re(p)laying Bogusman ? but too much crashes

2237 better, LSB and USB give results, much talking, still noisy

0150 trace

1601 musoc under atmos, 1613 fading up, ID, "Love shack", and fading down
1619 weak, ID+e-mail, etc.. 1737 again

1728 Unid with music, on 6275,0 hard to hear (continuous roll of T-storm crashes)
1733 going on, pop

Unid at 1947 very weak on 6259,9 with music, T-storm crashes
2000 Tubeway army, DJ, music, 2005 Radio - - @ ...com, music
2016 You're listening ........., into Joe Cocker "With a little help from my friends"
2021 lost after an het came on 6259,2

Heard at 1845 on 6325,1 kHz, weak, noisy, T-storm crashes.
Music and talking (about Radio - -, about Channel 4, etc...)
1855 about 2 min. by W voice, then music
1901 talking, self naming ? (not really OK), music
1908 talking again, but very weak now

1920 typical programme, and it's a replay from Saturday/Sunday, 1922 "Lady Madona"
1928 talking about R.Luxembourg,
1944 Bogusman is here, .. Different Radio...
1952 ..the Ghoul.., Flash & the Pan, 1957 Different Radio

2222 still on the air, around 6325,05, talking ..I'm the Bogusman..
2225 music

(2304 gone ?)

1653 already on with old jazz and retro songs. No IDs so far, but no doubt. 1658

Hi Ray, today I listened to station called Radio Cuckoo on the same frequency:

https://youtu.be/M8xFlwKlJMc - talk at 1:45 with ID and contact details. Played two more songs afterwards, last one by The Specials - Ghost town.

The signal was very strong via random wire, copied on slag heap 10 km from Linlithgow, Scotland at 1735 UTC.

Hi Ronald, I'm using your message and video to the best I can do.
As you said 'today' on July the  2nd, the date will be 02 Jul 2018, with time 1735 UTC.
The station is not Unid, but well IDed, with an e-mail address. So :

1735 UTC, playing "Bette Davis eyes", then ID and radiocuckoo@yahoo.com
then coucou/cuckoo singing twice, then rock, then the Specials "Ghost town",
good-strong signal in Scotland

1656 weak, atmos, playing "Gimme gimme gimme" by Abba
1915 W DJ
1948 IDs by M DJ, ann' also 1494 MW,
2150 jingles, ID, music

1656 IS (ID in a very short loop)
1731 retro music, 1854 jazz, ID
1931 ID, music, 1933 break or move ?
(1934 unid carrier on 5150, 1936 off)

2010 back on the air (on 5140)
2143 old song in Dutch "Julia"

Unid extra-weak on 5825,7+ at 1606 with music, and much T-storm crashes
1622 "Hit me....."
1630 ending "Message in a bottle" then "Maggie May"

1647 now on 5825,7- with pop