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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1904 jazz, oldie talk in English, retro singer, 1905 ID, more retro

1959 jazz, QRM traffic 5141USB
2128 jazz, vibraphone ?

1838 music, talk (no copy)
1844 Everly Brothers "Bye bye love", "All I have to do is dream"
1852 California dreaming, more 60's, 1855 "Let's dance"
1900 "H. California"

2002 "What'd I say"

2050 Beach boys "Sloop John B.",more pops
2211 Beatles "Hey Jude", very weak now
2217 "Jailhouse rock",peaking and fading deep, completely lost

2112 typical talk,music
2202 typical comments, 2204 synthe music

2231 gone

Sorry Kay, if you already had  a thread. There was so much activity tonight...

Hum, I'm never quite sure between Bogusman and The Ghoul, and thta can change more than once within the same transmission. And they do promos for both the names... So it would be better to group them Under their e-mail nickname : Different Radio.

2105 music, ID Radio..., 2108 singer in Spanish
2122 talking in English, etc, 2138 ID
2141 pop 'Jesus Christu" (Brasilian ?) 2145

2209 talking, 2210 music, going to fade out here

2021 just QSYed ?, music,DJ,
2056 ID
2058 off

2013 music, "Osaka" ?, 2015 ID, music, very weak, squeezed, 2018
2019 ID from Radio Goofy ??, maybe a special RIP programme

1934 instrum C&W / movie theme (strong)
1936 blow in the mike, 1937 "Telstar" tune, 1939 blow, guitar, 1942 same pattern

1927 music: electro hip-hop
1929 ID, not sure I heard it well,
more electro
1934 QRM strong on 6300
1938 has QSYed to 6309,9
1954 ..... Radio International, music
2000 Central R. Int'l

Unid at 1720 UTC, instrum. music, good signal
1724 ID, "Barbra-Ann" and op above
1727 ID, into "Satisfaction"

1615 carrier (at least), much much atmo crashes
1617 music fading up. (No ID, just guessed from frequency), 1621
1628 probable IDs, but too much noise

1641 ID from reply on this forum. Hello Kostas, thanks for the reply.
Halas, I can't enjoy the music, because of the thunder storms. Maybe later...
1646 music (hard to hear)

1842 Ventures. Still much atmo crashes, but the signal has faded up somewhat.
1850 "Return to sender"

1000 was beating with Merlin, same offset, only a few Hz away
1052 ' - -Radio', then accordion, 1055 talking in Dutch
1201 talking in Dutch or with Dutch accent, music
1213 a few word, Dutch-like song, 1217 schlager

unid extra-weak station, (already a trace yesterday), het from 6260.0 approx.
0850 hard to hear,music, too much bass tones
0856 pop in English
edit :
1045 music on 6260,80 AM, very weak

heard day long, with short blanks, some deep fades.
1855 pop from early 60's, weak, much crashes from thunder storm
ID confirmed par e-mail : Bluemoon Radio, testing with music only, from Ireland

0817 pop, typical offset of Merlin
0819 "Back on the chain gang", 0821 maybe an ID above (by W voice, no copy)
0823 more music
edit :
1000 beatings, QRM ?
1052 '.... Radio' then accordion, sounds like a Dutch station
1055 yes, talking in Dutch

0744 Unid, pops with DJ, muffled sound, but I'm struggling with local noise
0753 ID from R. Caroline (which one ? from when ?)
0755 ad for Caroline Roadshow, more pops

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