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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1900 blank, 1902 music, strong signal.
1906 "Don't bring me down", beat box remix

1911 IDs
2003 music

(2053 gone)

1847 pop, then 1 min. blank
1849 songs in unknown langage (from N. Europe ??). Maybe BBR - JT ?
1855 retro song(waltz)

(1915 gone, now the usual pack of carriers)

1823 rock non stop
1838 "Rawhide" and ID, replay from Good Friday ?
1840 another track, other station underneath (must be Coast FM)

Kris, no more Radio AC-DC here,only Coast FM, but audio strangely low at times
(please reply in the right subject)

In fact was on day long.

1555 music, IDs, 1621 "Hanging on the telephone", etc
1823 music (rock, not typical from Coast FM) so from Unid?? and hum
the rock show is non stop so far, and seems on a slightly different offset, 1835
1838 ID from R. AC-DC, see that other subject
1845 Coast fading up a bit, with ID, battle with R. AC-DC

1900 news, 1902 ID, no more audio from R. AC-DC, but some other problem
1913 ID, QRM from 6280

1920 good level now,1924 local ads, level very variable, 1925 music, side QRM again...

1944 propagation playing up and down tonight !

2100 IDs, FM frequencies, news (Irish border vs Brexit, etc...), 2102 ID, now 20 min. commercial free

1647 Unid on 6220 with "Purple rain", under strong Stanag jamming
1653 DJ giving the ID (heard with Rx in USB mode with careful passband offset)
1655 pop-rock, 1705 same situation (I unplug because of local thunderstorm)

1822 can't hear any audio or carrier under stanag,
1825 audio back, talking, heard only when using USB mode with fine tuning

1937 music, but it's tricky to get it out of the stanag !

2140 going on
(had been on day long : pops, DJ, adverts, IDs)

Signal here just fair at the moment, don't know if it will skip or be good again.
2145 ad for 'British Cornershop', ID, music

BTW, LHH was heard on 6205 at 1649 to 2003 UTC, but was off at 2027 UTC.

Unid at 1917 with extra weak signal on 6315,8 Khz.
Some music, barely heard, and barely fading up. 1935
2042 very weak, music
fading down after 2100, still on at 2120 (very hard). (2129 gone)

Could be OZNRH (just guessed from the frequency, the music was not as usual)

Unid at 1903 on 6294,95 with "Crocodile rock" then KISS "I was made...", 1908 pop
1911 talking, ID ? (no copy..), "Moonlight shadow"
1945 Abba "Money money money", 1947 Joe Dassin "Champs Elysées"
2035, 2037 IDs no copy Radio ...., closing down, more music (club)
2041 off

1815 typical retro programme,1816 ID. (QRM : French fishers on 5140USB)
1843 "Lili Marlene" (can't say which version), signal fading up well

Already a trace at 1708. At 1745 it seems with music, but still under the noise level.
Occ. traffic QRM. 1748 same situation.
1806 "Pour un flirt" (guessed)

1858 still very weak, music and talking (no copy...), music

(2029 gone)

blank carrier at 1647 and at 1700
1714 "Eloise", 1716 parts of music, 1718 rock
Not typical playlist, but could be R. Harmony testing repairs after big breakdown.

Then fading up and down into the thunderstorm noise. The rock program looks more like that of Focus (but Focus is seldom on the air after a successful weekend). 1743 rock again, 1754 rock  again, 1800 gone.
Many carriers around 6300 here, is it general in Europe ?

2236 Unid on 6275, music, very weak, noisy, atmo crashes
same record in a loop for 10 minutes ? 2251 off

2150 Unid, pop in AM
2152 jingle, seems to be R. Northern Star, but unusual in AM
2159 rock-boogie, 2200 jingle, it's well R. Northern Star, (so not in the right file on HF Underground)
2202 W folk singer
2203 very weak, ID, maybe anthem (at noise level), 2205 music
(2213 gone).

R. N.Star was not often  on the air for  8 or 10 days. When in USB mode, they used to make breaks at each hour for a fe minutes.

Unid at 2057, music, pop-rock, good level, short blanks between records, 2100 C&W
2108 strong, C&W, voice of BBR-JT , new ID not copied, C&W
2111 ID asRadio Abu Dhabi tonight
2132 ID, also as Johnny Tobacco, greetings to me and ID as Radio Chante (Abas?), music
2135 closing down soon, gd night, "My way", 2140 off

Unid on 6245,35 at 2036 with music, QRM traffic 6245 USB at first
2040 talking,more music
2047 ID approx E-M Radio, @gmx.net, music, new name ?
2055 same ID+gmx by W and M,music
2106 same ID+gmx by M and W, music
(2115 gone)

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