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Topics - Ray Lalleu

2031 Dreadlock holiday, etc
2103 Don't bring me down, 2105 greetings, Radio Victoria, "Tina Tina"

(2206 gone)

Don't be cruel, rock, Red red wine
2103 quick ID, 2119 ID and e-mail, pop, 2125 ID+e-mail, off

Unid at 2006,music
Good signal,  BBR / JT ?

2017 Dutch(?) song, 2020 tango,
2027 cows and horses, then schlager, 2029 "San Francisco"
2032 accordion, 2035 J.Cash
2042 "My way", 2045 off

Only blank carriers, one on 6309,7 V on daytime, another on 6310,0 since 17UTC  (both heard at same time at 1707). Now only the 6310,0 (that was the het yesterday).

Maybe Harmony looking for a new channel? But not found so far.

1713 extra weak, slowly fading up to very weak, much atmos crashes, occ. 'helico' ut.
music and DJ (no copy), could be one of the usual relays or recordings of R. Caroline.
1747 still much weaker than WMR on 5840 AM

1836 not better. (1919 gone)

2056 extra-weak, under the crashes, on 6480.8 kHz

then fading up very very slowly, while also drifting up,

2251 on 6481.2 with maybe greek music (not for tourists), 2257 same,
2307 as I type this : gone

(was already on the air at 1557)
2121 pops, frequents IDs-jingle IDs
2130 full ID with contacts, mentionning MW too (1611 kHz).

Low power, but could make jump from Norway to N. America

1826 music, 1829 IDs (under crashes), very hard to hear for an hour or so.
1933 improving, music, talking in English, 1939 ID as R. Caroline (which avatar?),music
1945 DJ, more music, but ut. like an helicopter

1905 retro music, talking by man: no copy because of high level of crashes
1907 ID by W voice (OK), more music from before WWII, 1910 same ID again
music with typical odlish sounding

2136 going on, 2137 ID, music.
2310 still on the air

Nous les auditeurs français, nous nous attendons à tout moment à entendre un présentateur au débit saccadé et zozotant….

1624 sudden switch on within a show with music and DJ
weak, much atmo crashes, making hard to understand the DJ
1657 ID and e-mail, 1702 ID, very short news, 1703 pop

(Already on at 0730, ID + gmail)

1520 music, usual format, 1609 "Trains and boats and planes"
1638 music, weak het on 6310,0 approx.
1648 same situation

2257 strong here, het seems gone, 2259 ID, music

0320 carrier, spot on 6270.0, maybe with audio
0328 still the same signal
0330 same, but ut. QRM on 6273
0340 having tried everything, no audio for sure
0347 music ? 0352 if not an artefact, then from which side of the world ?
0356 now talking ?, 0400 music, back to talking.. if not an artefact
0406 audio on both sidebands, sounds latino-american?

0420 rather an early morning programme with news, Africa ??
(I tune off)

(Was already on the air at 1436)
1841 music, ID, bpm

Unid, very weak music, blimp ut., hum from Asia ?

Already a trace (and hum) at 1634 (on 6249,8)

1838 talking, and music

(From Irish Paul, it was Blue Moon Radio)

(6250 seems to be clear here in the mornings, not in the afternoons.)

Was on the air all daytime. Usual playlist
1829 singer from before WWII

2230 mellow songs

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