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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1406 "Wooly Bully", then "Ave Maria"
1438 ID, crooner
1615 ID + e-mail, 1646 jazz "Petite fleur"

1356 music, 1359 ID, DJ,music
1424 switch off or QSY to 6279,8 (music at 1425, soon lost)

1509 back on the air, on 6300,1 kHz, very weak, non stop music ?
1623 ID +e-mail

Again on the air all along the day. Regular IDs
Music from the 50's or alike.
At times, jazz by Louis Armstrong.

Once again would be the first heard in N.America (before LHH on 6205)

1939 carrier on 6300, good
1940 C&W, 1946 pop girl

1950 "Hurricane"

2005 QSY to 6302, then 2008 QSY to 6299, then 2010 QSY to 6298

2022 "Camouflage" with ID at 2023

2027 "Sukiyaki", etc, 2041 Teresa Werner ?? 
2045 ID, closing down, greetings to "silent listeners", more music
off at 2048 approx.

Unid, weak, much atmo crashes, pops,
1925 "The letter", 1927 "Give peace a chance"

1931 talking ?? (under noise)

1932 jazz (New orleans style), 1933 off

Listen to tropical Denmark !
Was already on at 1830 UTC
Most of the music is from tropical Americas.
Regular IDs in various languages, as WMR-World Music Radio

I will split this if anyone wants to add something… (all are Unid, all are gone)

6265,5  1622-1902 UTC music, rock, 1841 "Whiter shade of pale"

6300,1  1643 UTC, (squeezed between local noises here) could be Merlin

edit : splitting 6290 into two dfferent tips :

6290,0  1740-1748  extra-weak, music (1807 gone)

6290,0  1903-1909* now clearer, with retro singers, sudden off

Much thunderstorms over Europe, may explain the lack of activity. Hum, maybe also too much football: even if the ops are not football fans, there are times when they won't take any chance to disturb TV sets in the neighbourhood !

Laser Hot Hits was on the air all the afternoon, with the usual format, including news by FSN at random times (repeats from recent shows).
1851 full ID and contacts

2127 FSN again, quickly back toDJ and music

2133 fading down, skip soon ?

Once again day long on the air
1910 Edith Piaf "Je ne regrette rien"
2059 ID, more mellow music
Good-strong signal, chances to cross the pond…
2106 This.. is Harmony,

Usual format, music from the 1920-1930's
1816 'Go ahead London'
2016 maybe FDR ? just one sentence about war
more music
2041 off

R. Harmony is the last station still heard on 48m at that late time.
Mellow music, 2318 'beautiful music on Harmony'.
Again day long today, again signal good enough to jump over the ocean.

Very weak, music, 2226 oriental music,
2232 M+W duo talking,music, talk
2237 oriental music, 2244  W voice, other oriental track (Greek ??),
2245 W voice again, can't copy anything, oriental song again, also M talking...
then rather fading down till 2307 (2308 lost,  off ?)

Very weak, some splash from Merlin
2024 music, etc.. 2052
2117 very weak, ID Radio - - ka ?? several times, 2118 song
2122 Radio - - - @gmx.net, music
2125 Radio Kayousky???????????? in a fade

2140 heard again, but splash, 2142 ID no copy

via Dr Tim, it was Radio Toyota (see also on 27th of May, 6275.75)

2032 rock, ID, pop, 2037 IDs, "Every shalalala"

After blank time, strong, but with fading, long unid
1936 C&W, 1940 long blank, then C&W with long blanks after each track,
2000, now going faster, C&W, 2003 W singer (unknown language), 2005 horns
2012 "Only crying", 2015 Teresa Werner ?, in Polish??, 2019 tiki sound, 2022 "Home of the blues"
2024 "Kampiernieren"~~, 2028 "Habitude"??, in Dutch

2103 ID as Radio Argentinia, voice of BBR, pop
2106 off

2107 blank carrier, then C&W, more fading, maybe another station,
2110 "Welcome to my world", 2114 Kakalin, 2115 "Je ne regrette rien"

2128 retro duo, 2130 electro (Koto??)

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